Sunday, July 27, 2014

July 20, 2014

The weeks in the mission are going by quick I must say. Certainly
trying to make the best them. This week was a bit tough. Many of our
investigators such as Denny, Veronica, and Kylee have kind of faded a
little bit.

I remember telling you guys about Denny. He is very Keen to learn
however he isn't consistent with his appointments and with coming to
church. We call, we text, he doesn't seem to respond. Veronica still
seems interested. She has asked us to come back at the beginning of
August... Not to sure how to take that but apparently she is very busy
and the family that is currently staying with them will be gone by
then. I don't know if I will be around by then because transfers are
not coming this week, but next, and you never know where the Lord is
going to send you. I am kind of hoping I get to go up North.
Apparently there is more scenery, I have spent my whole mission so far
in the suburbs that are close to the City. However going up North
means less people, and then I will probably want to go back to the
city where there are lots of people to talk to. We will continue to
try and teach her. Kylee still seems interested in learning, I think
we are going to ease off on the visits a bit, to make them a bit more
appreciated, even when she isn't home and we bump into family and
friends at the door, and that can be a bit repetitive at times. None
the less we will be getting her to church some time soon! Howard has
been difficult to communicate with. We came Sunday morning to invite
him to church, only got to spoke with his mother who is a less active,
or inactive I guess you could say. She didn't seem interested, and
wasn't to keen on talking with us. So none the less what I like to say
is "you haven't seen them until you finally talk to them."

We did make contact with Lee. I think I mentioned her in one of the
first e-mails I sent home when I came on my mission. She has been
difficult to keep in touch with her. We finally saw her and she still
is keen on learning more. The difficultly has been communication with
her. She can only text, and we didn't have cell phones so we couldn't
do that. but now it is very easy to keep in touch and we have a lesson
planned out for tomorrow. Should be awesome! So there is a miracle
their for sure!

Fa came to church this Sunday! Very exciting he is doing great and he
is the most motivated person I have seen, and taught. He was able to
have a co-worker fill in for him Sunday so he could come to church
without having to pull a sickie. He enjoyed it for sure, and stayed
for all 3 hours. We taught him a lesson on fasting because it is
something that he could use to help him fix the Wow issue. The Chinese
Elders where there as well translating what we taught to a home stay
that the members invited and brought to church. So that was a bit
different but yet cool. Fa is doing so well because of that fellowship
he has from the Tuah'ho family. They care for him, and pretty much do
most of the work for us! They are always bearing their testimonies,
and encouraging him to stay strong. Wish that I could send pictures of
all the people that we taught so it could be a bit more than just
words, but certainly will take a picture of the Baptism. The only
concern there is that Fa doesn't live in our designated Proselyting
area. So the Zone Leaders explained that he may need to get baptized
in his area or talk with the missionaries there. So we will have to
see what happens. But when he attends church for the 3rd time and
makes that commitment to attend church as often as he can, and aligns
himself with the word of wisdom, he will be ready to make that first
promise. We are excited for Fa. Truly a privilege to teach him and be
there to support him.

Went on a trade off this week. I was with Elder Loffahagen form the
UK. We had an Opportunity to serve a Croatian Catholic Senior man. We
where walking on the side walk and saw him messing with and engine
lift jack. We asked if we could help with anything, and it turns out
he need help lifting his TV on top of a taller stand so he would have
to put so many pillows under his head. He was going to take apart the
jack so he could take it up stairs and use it because he could not
lift up there himself. He was very grateful, he praised Jesus a little
bit, continued to talk up a storm about us helping him. We couldn't
share much but we did leave him with a Book of Mormon, probably not to
keen however there may be miracles down the line! He was a real cool
guy. had been living in New Zealand for 40 years. Has been a mechanic,
and some really cool things in his garage, like a fully auto-matic
home built go cart. I snapped a quick pic, and we then had to go. Real
great guy.

So in the meeting with President and Sister Balli while interviews
where happening we got some news about the purpose of a missionary
changing a little bit. There are 5 Lessons that we teach our
investigators. Before the change we taught the first 4 lessons, The
Restoration, The Plan of Salvation, The Gospel of Christ, and the
Commandments. After Baptism we teach Lesson 5, Laws and Ordinances.
That talks about the Temples, Church Organization, Eternal Marriage,
Missionary Work, and also teaching in the Church. We now teach lesson
5 before baptism so that way the investigators have a vision of what
is to come in the future with being a member of the Church. I think
that it is a fantastic change and that it will certainly help out with
convert retention. We are now working out how we will teach these
things in the First 4 lessons. For example what could we include in
the Restoration. Or maybe the Plan of Salvation we could talk a bit
about the temples and how they work into it. Also generally after
missionaries teach the investigators, they then hand them over to the
Ward to take care of them and continue to teach. Missionaries now have
a stronger focus on bringing Less Actives back and also retaining the
recent converts. Anyways all very cool and exciting. This is a change
for all missionaries in the World. Now we just got to find people to
teach. Because if I am honest, I have not taught very many keen people
on my mission, all though New Zealand is very religious, the adversary
does have a strong grip on them. They are often quite stuck in their
ways and aren't to keen on learning. Nothing Happens in Missionary
work until you find someone to teach!

So personally I am doing fine. All of my physical needs are well taken
care of. Elder Rogers and I have had KFC this week 2 times this
week.... They really do love their KFC here, however since getting the
car I have tried to mindful about not stuffing my self with food, and
drinking more water and less juice. It rains heaps here. Just about
every day. you certainly learn the meaning of "good" and "bad weather"
here in New Zealand. None the less I do still like the rain. I am
starting to study other things in the scriptures. Like sotries from
the Old Testament, and New of Course. I am reading through D&C and NT.
I have tried waking up early however that doesn't work to well. You
are often tired the rest of the day, and also your companion needs to
wake up as well. rulz. But my studies are going good. Scriptures are
great to know inside and out. Oh, and Stuart needs to be reading the
BoM, because that is very important! He is preparing to go and I don't
want him to leave with out getting some good advice and understanding,
and that is one of the best things that he can do. All right so I hope
things go well with the Eagle Project of Course. Work hard and get it
done! Hope you guys are doing well and I appreciate your letters!

-Love Elder Ward

July 13, 2014

Well it is great to hear from you guys and everyone back at home. Glad
to hear a bit about Stuarts trip and..... of course the one to
Switzerland. My goodness, my jaw dropped and man was I jealous....
That must have been a beautiful experience and a blast... Especially
those little coasters. Great to hear that the Eagle Project is
rolling, hope that gets taken care of because it's important. Also
Stuart remember to read the BoM. Seriously it is the best thing you
can do for your mission is getting familiar with it, give a good
study, before you know it the Book will be easy to read and
understand, and you will WANT to read it. Your testimony will grow
immensely as well. Also PMG is important as well make sure you go over
that to.

This week was as is every week in the mission field. We have had some
good things happen and some bad things of course. Starting with Kylee,
she unfortunately is no longer set. She seems to have lost her
motivation to learn as much as she wanted to last time and also with
coming to church. We had talked with some members and all ready
arranged a ride for her with us tagging along as well. We popped by
before church and she explained to us that she didn't feel like going.
Partly because she was very busy with family obligations and what not
but still she is lacking that motivation. We will still try next week
for sure. But that will mean about 3 weeks of trying to get her to
come to church. Her motivation with learning has kind of slackened was
well. Elder Rogers and I aren't to sure whats up. We think that it
could be the lack of felling the spirit in the lessons. Minding that
we haven't been able to sit down with her and have a member with us
since we first set her for baptism. We will be continuing to work with
her on that this week.

Fa is doing amazing. He has lots of member support so of course he is
doing fantastic. He was suppose to come to church this week. He
actually had a co-worker come up to and offer to take his place on
Sundays, however he chickened out at the last minute so Fa had to go
to work. He called us during our study time and apologized and
everything, we just reassured him that it is all ok and that things do
happen. Next week for sure. We met up with the Tuah'ho family that
evening and his girl friend explained to us how sad and disappointed
he was, Elder Rogers and I could certainly hear it on the phone. We
will be having another lesson with him this coming Thursday so it
should be awesome. The only other thing that could be challenging him
is the Word of Wisdom, he is trying hard with cutting the smokes,
coffee, and what not. We always encourage him to pray for strength and
look for things to keep him busy so he doesn't fall for the
temptation. I hope I get to see him baptized. There could be a chance
that I may get moved out before he is finally able to. Fa is doing
well though for sure.

Elder Rogers and I have found a few new people this week that have
invited us to come visit them. We have got to be careful, because
sometimes people don't really want to learn and simply invited us over
to get to know us, learn where we are from and don't real express an
honest desire to learn. There are only 2 things that we can do in a
situation like that. Either no longer visit them, or try to build
their desire. There is only so much you can do to build peoples
desires to learn about the gospel. Ultimately it comes down to them
planting that seed of faith and looking to see if it is a good seed.
They have to use there agency, we can't force them. If they can't do
that for us then they don't progress :/ Oh on an interesting note we
met someone who was a follower of John the Baptist :S I never seen
that, but will be likely returning to see how they feel about the BoM,
we just got to know them for a short time.

We have a few other people that we are trying to get progressing. If
you guys remember Howard form last week, well he didn't come to church
this week. So that was a bit of a bummer. We try to visit him at times
however working 16 hour shifts can make it very difficult to see
people. We tried popping in to see him before church but he
unfortunately wasn't home. We will keep trying, miracles do happen
just as they have happened in the past, and the adversary will try to
combat you! The best thing to do is keep a positive attitude no matter
what happens. That is a major key to missionary work.

Oh I got to meet President Balli this week! He is fantastic and a
wonderful president. We got to have interviews with him and also get
know a bit about them and their family. They are from Colorado in the
US. I think they may need to figure out the controls, but once they do
it will be full steam ahead! Nothing has really changed much other
than having a cell phone now. It has been a wonderful tool for
communicating with members, investigators and leaders.

I don't got much time, P-days are really just to short. But none the
less they are great! Glad to see that every one is doing ok back at
home. It is very cool having all my friends leaving on their missions,
I can't imagine what it will be like to come back and get together
again! The puppet show must have been fun! The sword fights are
intense even in a puppet show haha. We better have some good things
planned to go see as a family when I get back, I think you guys might
be having to much fun. haha it is all good though. Sorry for no picks
this week, my usb gots a virus so I am still trying to work that out.

Love you all take care,
-Elder Ward

July 6, 2014

Hello! It's great to hear form you guys once again. I'd have to say
that this week once again has been fantastic!

Well I think that I will start off with those that we have set for baptism.

Kylee is still going good. However it has been a bit of a struggle to
meet with her and teach her again, She is continuing to read the
scriptures that we give her to read it's just that her Sister Patricia
often dumps the kids on her and then leaves with her partner to do
things. That bit of unpredictability can make it a bit tough. This
providing the reason as to why Kylee was unable to make it to church
this week. So we have talked with her a bit and we are going to
arrange to have someone form the ward come to pick her up next Sunday.
But we are going to be having a lesson with her this coming Tuesday.

Fa is also going good. We had another really awesome lesson with him
on the Gospel of Christ. We had it at the Tuaho Family's home once
again. He is very willing to learn and loves what we teach him. Elder
Rogers and I also tagged in the Word of Wisdom with the lesson, which
is a bit of a concern. We talked about why, and of course the
blessings that come form it. We committed him to stop coffee, which I
felt wasn't really a strong enough commitment for him. My only real
concern though with Fa was that he is just doing it for his Girl
Friend, however we often pop by the Tuaho Family's home to see how
things are going with Fa. We spoke with there daughter who is in the
relationship and she told us that he has all ready cut the coffee
completely, also his alcohol, and his smoking has dropped quite a bit.
I think that fixes the concern as to whether he is being sincere, but
still though there is always to consider is motive in what he is
doing, and that motive,(and this should be everyone's in the church)
should be for the love that we have for our Savior and what he has
done for us. Still though I think Fa will be great. The Tuaho family
are fantastic fellowships for him and really encourage him to do all
he can. While we where talking she as explained to us that he is
making arrangements to get out of work on Sunday so he can come to
Church. We where elated to hear about that. People here in New Zealand
have some pretty rigorous work schedules. They often have very little
time off and have little to themselves. That is why it is often
difficult to meet up with people despite missionaries having some of
the most flexible schedules out of anyone in New Zealand. Having Fa
come to church will rally help him in his progress.

We had few miracles happen this week as well. We caught up with one of
our former investigators Denny. I was backing up Elder Rogers into a
parking space when I looked up at the apartments and saw him standing
there outside. I had to of course say hello, he didn't quite recognize
us because we had the car, and was use to us being on bikes. He was
very happy to see us. His father was involved in the church, however
when Denny was young his father was not active. It was almost
considered Taboo to talk about it as well. So now he is really looking
into the Book of Mormon as to what is and what his Father was involved
with. When we explained to him as why Christ was baptized. He asked us
why, and we smiled and said, "It's in 2 Nephi 31" and then invited him
to read it and find out. He was more than happy to. He has already
read a bit of first Nephi so he is real keen on learning more.

So despite not having any of our investigators coming to church we did
have one. It was certainly a miracle. His name is Howard. Half Moari,
half Samoan. We met him back on the 23 of June after we had had our
P-day. We didn't really have anyone to see that evening, however Elder
Rogers and I where walking back to the car when I heard some dishes
being taken care of in a near by house. It was a bit strange, But here
in the mission field missionaries are always looking for doors that
are left open. The saying goes"An open door means an open heart"
That's what kind of ran through my head. I turned and looked at the
house and just felt like we needed to go knock. I asked Elder Rogers
if we should go see and he said that he was all good with it. We then
knocked and met Howard and Lomz. We got chatting with them a bit,
and invited them to a tour of the local chapel. They said they would
come and have a look. From that point on we never had any contact with
them. Called, knocked, just couldn't see them. Yesterday on Sunday
morning we where driving by there house and we saw a Lady sitting on
there door step having a cigarette. We decided that we go have a chat
with her and see if we can get to know how Howard was doing. She was
actually Howard's partner, and went and got him from inside of the
house. He came out was happy to see us and asked us how we where
doing. We explained to him that we where going to church in just a
bit. We then invited him to come, and he decided that he would because
he had never been and didn't really have anything else to do. His
partner was actually less active (just like everyone else here in New
Zealand), and Howard actually wanted her to come with him to go check
it out. So we then went to the chapel about an hour later for church,
and sure enough Howard came! We where able to see all 3 hours. He
really enjoyed it, and wants to come back, so we got a new
investigator there! Unfortunately lessons in the middle of the week
are a bit tough because he works 16 hour shifts.... so we may teach
him on Sundays. But he actually had lots of friends at the church,
lots of people welcomed him and he had one of his good buds from
school stick with him throughout church.

Veronica, I think I mentioned her before we are meeting with today.
Hopefully all goes well, it should be awesome, hopefully she is still
keen, as she was when we first met her. Our ward mission leader
Brother Martin our Ward Mission Leader should be coming to with us to
the lesson as well.

We have also with having some miracles with finding some new Potential
investigators on the streets as well, hopefully we can get them to
become progressing investigators. Elder Rogers and I have been working
hard in our studies with teaching simpler and catered towards what the
people need in there lives at that moment.

So all the missionaries here in The New Zealand Auckland Mission now
have cell phones. It has been real nice being able to call people
while we are on the fly. Texting as well makes it easy to communicate.
I believe we didn't have phones with President Lekias was due
Missionaries abusing them, but there are some things that are going to
be changing form what we hear. Not to sure what though. WE have
interviews with President this Friday so that's when I will get to
meet him. From what hear form the Chinese Elders, he is awesome.

P-days have been pretty fun lately. Often times they are a bit busier
than normal days. We have been playing Basket Ball. I have to say I
have gotten a bit better even with only playing for and hour and a
half once a week. E-mails usually take us about 2 hours, and then we
go shopping for groceries, then we clean the flat a bit and go to
sports. We return to the flat by 5 eat food, get dressed and then go
out to proselyte. Very busy.

I don't got any pictures this week... unfortunately the e-mail shop is
having some bugs in the computers and handling files and what not is a
bit of a pain now. not only that I think that it has messed with my
camera memory. there still their its just it's a bit inconvenient now.
Maybe they'll get it fixed.

It's great to hear form you guys, Stuarts e-mail was pretty funny with
the messed up z and y key board. The composite material merit badge...
I think I would have enjoyed doing that one for sure. Hope Eric feels
a bit better that must have been a nasty fall but yet must have been a
really great trip. And the trains on the boat must have been really

OH! I got a letter from you guys. it was dated like the 26th I think.
It was sent just after mom had left for the funeral. But I really
enjoyed even though it took half a year to get here. I was touched
quite a bit. I don't know where the system broke down, (probably at
the mission office) but half a year isn't looking to good for mail...
However the package did come. Then again the one I sent took forever
as well. Soooooo yup that was an awesome surprise. I do like letters
though, they are just a bit different than e-mailing. A bit more
sincere I guess you could say? Anyways thanks for the letter I really
loved in Dad. I didn't have one from you Mom and I was a bit puzzled,
but then I remembered the time it was sent and, when what was going

Anyways love you all hope everything goes all good in the coming weeks.

Take Care -Love Elder Ward

June 29, 2014

Great to here from you guys again. I always look forwards to hearing
about new things happening and whats been going on. I have to say that
I am a bit jealous of Stuart and Dad going to Scout Camp in
Switzerland... I think that I mentioned that last time as well. I look
forwards to hearing about their trip. And thats great Mom with the
swim lessons, school

Well I 'd have to say that this week has been a pretty good one this
week. Or maybe the best? I dunno every week in the mission field is
great. Always learning and improving. So we have gotten 2 people set
for baptizm. When we set people we ask them directly if they "will be
baptized by someone holding the Priesthood Authority of God to follow
the example of the Savior." When we do this as missionaries we give
them a baptismal date to work toward to and have a goal in mind.

Fa we set this week for the 28th of July, we are hoping that he can
come to church a bit more often though. From our understanding he has
only been once. It is work that holds him back. He has asked if he can
have Sundays off however things are a bit tough, and tight and the
moment to get much leeway with that. The Tuah'ho family are wonderful
fellowships for him. They really are a wonderful example of how the
gospel has blessed families. They encourage Fa to come to church, and
encourage him to read and pray all the time. It really helps us
missionaries out when members are there to be friends with
investigators and help them understand what is being taught on a more
personal level. Certainly though Fa will be baptized. He is loving the
Book of Mormon. The Tuah'ho family even went to the NZ Temple to grab
a Book of Mormon in Samoan so he could understand it a bit better. We
had a leson with him this week though and taught him the Plan of
Salvation. That was a wonderful lesson as well. Fa's girlfriend was
there with him learning just as much as him. The family enjoys the
lessons to because there is nothing like going back to the basics with
gospel and relearning them and gaining a better understanding of the
Principles are built on in the Gospel. We had another kneeling prayer
with Fa and the Family. Fa has never really prayed all that much. His
parents go to a Samoan Church, and he has never really gone himself.
His parents are happy for him to join any church though so that has
been a blessing as well. He is loving it. Fa is learning who his
Father in Heaven is and building that relationship with him. We should
be meeting up with him this week for another fantastic lesson!

Our second set this week was Kylee. she lives with her friend
Patricia. We where actually originally looking into teaching Patricia,
however Kylee in the background during our visits at the door was
there telling us how she had questions to ask us as well. We showed up
on Tuesday and taught her the Restoration, and answered all her
questions concerning the Book of Mormon to give here a better
understanding of it. They where not the questions trying to disprove
it or tear it down. They where the questions concerning the desire to
understand the Book of Mormon. We visited again and sat down with
Kylee again the next day. I was with Elder Lloyd (our District Leader,
we where on a 24 hour trade off to day that I really enjoyed). During
that visit we invited her to be baptized on the 28th as well and she
accepted! Now it is up to her to come to church and read the Book of
Mormon. Kylee is 30 years old, has a bit of religious back ground in
the Anglican Church, or Church of England. However that was when she
was very young. We are looking forwards to see her progress and
change. It will be the first time with Fa and Kylee that I have seen
it form start to finish. We certainly try to teach Patricia as well.

Brother Matthew Tia has been happy to have us missionaries come over
on Mondays to see him and share with im and his family a bit about the
Book of Mormon. We have had some fun activities like quizzes, and a
few games to go along with them. So we have been able to give him some
good background on many of the stories and wisdom contained in the
Book of Mormon. For this week we assigned him to read 3 Nephi 11,
which raised his eye brow a bit when we told him what it was about. He
didn't actually realize that there was an actual visitation of Chirst
in the Americas. We had a chance to speak with his partner this
yesterday and she said that he had a few questions for us now. It
should be good though because we will be able to help him out with his
understanding. It should be a good visit with him and his family this

Veronica we are still trying to get a solid appointment with her this
week. But we are looking forwards to teaching her as well. Lot's has
happened lot's to look forwards to.

We where really blessed this week. We got a few new investigators, and
we have many opportunities to teach people on the streets. We have
lots of work ahead of us and we are certainly praying for the strength
and the spirit to guide us in what we do!

Oh we have anew Mission President today. President Balli should be
great. haven't met him yet but I do look forwards to it for sure! I
will be missing President and Sister Lekias for sure. They have reall
got my mission off to a good pace. I will certainly always remember

Well I am personally doing fine. My testimony is growing each day. I
think I have become a Book of Mormon expert by now. Someone can quote
a scripture form it now and I just about find it in no time. When you
know it inside and out you can teach to address just about any concern
someone has for you from it. It truly is a Book of Scripture. Now I am
looking forwards to a deeper study of the New Testament and D&C. My
companion and might start getting up a bit early to get more study
time. We will have to see. Sleeping time is quite precious as a
missionary! There are some wonderful members to learn from here.

All is well here, thanks for all that you guys have done for me! Oh
this is the pic with a pigeon on my head I though I sen t it however I
don't think it wen't through!

Love you all,
Elder Ward

June 22, 2014


It is great to hear from you guys again. So for this week I will be
staying in the Mt. Albert area for another 6 weeks with Elder Rogers.
It is going to be awesome. We have some good investigators planned
this week and we are looking forwards to inviting a few people to be
baptized this week.

Well for this week we had Specialized Training with President and
Sister Lekias. It was a wonderful training and I really enjoyed it.
President and Siter Lekias are going to be returning home after their
3 years of Service in the NZ Auckland Mission. I have to say that I am
a bit dissappointed. I really do like President and Sister Lekias,
They have set an awesome pace in my mission, and have gotten it off to
a good start. They give have given wonderful council to al of us. But
we have President and Sister Balli coming in. They should be awesome,
and I am looking forwards to meeting them.

This week we found a new investigator. Her name is Veronica. She is a
Samoan lady of about 30 years of age. She has some interesting back
ground. Her family are members of a very staunch Catholic Family. She
is considered a Black Sheep in a sense that she does not attend the
Catholic church. Veronica explained explained to us how she doesn't
like how the church is run. how they pray to Mary in particular. One
thing I thought was wonderful was how she told us that she prays every
where she goes, in her car, in her home, at work. It was awesome
because we shared a bit of Alma 32 and 33, which talks a lot about a
people who where denied the opportunity to pray because they where to
poor. Alma in those Chapters teaches that we should pray everywhere we
go and in all that we do. We shared this with her and she seemed to
really enjoy it. Veronica also has many Friends that are members, but
in particular has a brother that is a member who has really been able
to open her up to the church. We should be meeting with her later
today and have an awesome lesson similar to Fa's last week.

Speaking of Fa, we haven't had any contact with him other than with
his girl friends family. He seems to be doing well and we are looking
forwards to another opportunity to teach him this coming Thursday. We
are planning on inviting him to be baptized, so it should be another
awesome lesson.

Nari unfortunately we have had limited contact with. We aren't to sure
where she stands. We are going to keep on trying to contact her and
have another lesson with her.

So for this week I read a bit in Alma 42. It talks a lot about Justice
and Mercy. The Chapter paints a really good picture as to why there
must be justice, and why there must be consequences to those who do
wrong. But is also talks about mercy and how it allows us to over come
justice. I had a real good read in there. I also read through the Book
of Mormon once again. I started April 1st and finished June 20th. Now
that I have read through it again I pick out different things,
sometimes I understand things in a different way, and other times I
get a good chuckle out of my old notes that I made sometimes...

It's going good. Elder Rogers and I are working hard at talking with
people on the street and improving or conversation skills. It can be a
bit tough. Sometimes people pretend your not there and walk by...can't
really do to much about that. Other times people will listen but are
just simply say there not interested. Every so often we bump into
someone that is islamic and they will teach us about islam. So you
could say that I have a pretty good understanding of their faith...
They actually try to prove how there are scientific truths in their
"Holy Quran", and how they have now been "proven" by modern science. I
think it's there way of trying to persuade people to believe. I find
interesting how they try to prove, when we teach that we must pray to
know. Anyways we are doing good. We also have a car now! they happened
to have one on hand and they gave it to Elder Rogers and so we could
use it. Our area is a bit big, but to be honest we where managing just
fine on bikes. But we will be using it the best we can for sure.

Well I think that is about it for this week. Love you all!

-Love Elder Ward

I realized that the picture of the Bird didn't go through so we sent that.

We taught and investigator named Joana this week. She is a bit
different, a bit of a Tom Boy, has had a rough childhood, and also has
raised a pigeon since it was young. It loved flying in on the lesson,
it got a bit annoying, but it certainly liked sitting on our heads. I
was a bit grossed out though, simply because it was a pigeon.