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June 29, 2014

Great to here from you guys again. I always look forwards to hearing
about new things happening and whats been going on. I have to say that
I am a bit jealous of Stuart and Dad going to Scout Camp in
Switzerland... I think that I mentioned that last time as well. I look
forwards to hearing about their trip. And thats great Mom with the
swim lessons, school

Well I 'd have to say that this week has been a pretty good one this
week. Or maybe the best? I dunno every week in the mission field is
great. Always learning and improving. So we have gotten 2 people set
for baptizm. When we set people we ask them directly if they "will be
baptized by someone holding the Priesthood Authority of God to follow
the example of the Savior." When we do this as missionaries we give
them a baptismal date to work toward to and have a goal in mind.

Fa we set this week for the 28th of July, we are hoping that he can
come to church a bit more often though. From our understanding he has
only been once. It is work that holds him back. He has asked if he can
have Sundays off however things are a bit tough, and tight and the
moment to get much leeway with that. The Tuah'ho family are wonderful
fellowships for him. They really are a wonderful example of how the
gospel has blessed families. They encourage Fa to come to church, and
encourage him to read and pray all the time. It really helps us
missionaries out when members are there to be friends with
investigators and help them understand what is being taught on a more
personal level. Certainly though Fa will be baptized. He is loving the
Book of Mormon. The Tuah'ho family even went to the NZ Temple to grab
a Book of Mormon in Samoan so he could understand it a bit better. We
had a leson with him this week though and taught him the Plan of
Salvation. That was a wonderful lesson as well. Fa's girlfriend was
there with him learning just as much as him. The family enjoys the
lessons to because there is nothing like going back to the basics with
gospel and relearning them and gaining a better understanding of the
Principles are built on in the Gospel. We had another kneeling prayer
with Fa and the Family. Fa has never really prayed all that much. His
parents go to a Samoan Church, and he has never really gone himself.
His parents are happy for him to join any church though so that has
been a blessing as well. He is loving it. Fa is learning who his
Father in Heaven is and building that relationship with him. We should
be meeting up with him this week for another fantastic lesson!

Our second set this week was Kylee. she lives with her friend
Patricia. We where actually originally looking into teaching Patricia,
however Kylee in the background during our visits at the door was
there telling us how she had questions to ask us as well. We showed up
on Tuesday and taught her the Restoration, and answered all her
questions concerning the Book of Mormon to give here a better
understanding of it. They where not the questions trying to disprove
it or tear it down. They where the questions concerning the desire to
understand the Book of Mormon. We visited again and sat down with
Kylee again the next day. I was with Elder Lloyd (our District Leader,
we where on a 24 hour trade off to day that I really enjoyed). During
that visit we invited her to be baptized on the 28th as well and she
accepted! Now it is up to her to come to church and read the Book of
Mormon. Kylee is 30 years old, has a bit of religious back ground in
the Anglican Church, or Church of England. However that was when she
was very young. We are looking forwards to see her progress and
change. It will be the first time with Fa and Kylee that I have seen
it form start to finish. We certainly try to teach Patricia as well.

Brother Matthew Tia has been happy to have us missionaries come over
on Mondays to see him and share with im and his family a bit about the
Book of Mormon. We have had some fun activities like quizzes, and a
few games to go along with them. So we have been able to give him some
good background on many of the stories and wisdom contained in the
Book of Mormon. For this week we assigned him to read 3 Nephi 11,
which raised his eye brow a bit when we told him what it was about. He
didn't actually realize that there was an actual visitation of Chirst
in the Americas. We had a chance to speak with his partner this
yesterday and she said that he had a few questions for us now. It
should be good though because we will be able to help him out with his
understanding. It should be a good visit with him and his family this

Veronica we are still trying to get a solid appointment with her this
week. But we are looking forwards to teaching her as well. Lot's has
happened lot's to look forwards to.

We where really blessed this week. We got a few new investigators, and
we have many opportunities to teach people on the streets. We have
lots of work ahead of us and we are certainly praying for the strength
and the spirit to guide us in what we do!

Oh we have anew Mission President today. President Balli should be
great. haven't met him yet but I do look forwards to it for sure! I
will be missing President and Sister Lekias for sure. They have reall
got my mission off to a good pace. I will certainly always remember

Well I am personally doing fine. My testimony is growing each day. I
think I have become a Book of Mormon expert by now. Someone can quote
a scripture form it now and I just about find it in no time. When you
know it inside and out you can teach to address just about any concern
someone has for you from it. It truly is a Book of Scripture. Now I am
looking forwards to a deeper study of the New Testament and D&C. My
companion and might start getting up a bit early to get more study
time. We will have to see. Sleeping time is quite precious as a
missionary! There are some wonderful members to learn from here.

All is well here, thanks for all that you guys have done for me! Oh
this is the pic with a pigeon on my head I though I sen t it however I
don't think it wen't through!

Love you all,
Elder Ward

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