Sunday, May 25, 2014

May 18, 2014

Well this is the First week I have been in Mt. Albert, and so far I
guess you could say it is going all right. It hasn't been easy. There
are some people that are interested in learning more about gospel , I
guess however you could ask as to whether or not they are going to be
willing to take any action. Elder Rogers is awesome, he has been in
the area for just one transfer and has shown me around a bit. I think
that I got the area down pat now. So as for investigators we don't
have to many who are super keen and ready to be baptized. Our main
investigators are Samantha, Brother Matthew, Grey Shepard, and

Samantha is a Maori lady who had a rough childhood. She actually was
adopted into an LDS family and lived with them for a while, apparently
things didn't go to well while living with them and eventually the
police got involved. Ever since because of the experience she has been
very cautious of males and a bit antsy about them. I don't blame her.
But we have had a lesson with her. We actually brought one of the
Ward Missionaries with us to help out, and so we could enter into her
home as their where no males present in the home. She did not let us
come in because she didn't feel to comfortable with having 3 people of
one faith teaching her and it just being her in the house. So the next
day we came back and it was Elder Rogers and I, students where home at
the time that live in the same house, as well as her daughter. She let
us in and we where able to begin answering some of the questions that
she had for us. We ultimately invited her to read the Book of Mormon
and taught as much as we could about it. We are planning to visit her
this week again and to teach her more about it. Something that she
actually has issues with is there being a Heavenly Father, from what I
can understand, because she never had loving Father figure in her life
growing up, she doesn't seem to think of God as a Loving Father in
Heaven. That will be an interesting concern to resolve for sure. only
through prayer can she know his love for him, and only through
understanding his plan will she really know how much he cares and why
he is there.

Brother Matthew is a partner to Sister Tritz. They have 4 children
(don't know if they are from different partners) who seem to be well
behaved. Sister Tritz is a member kind of a less active, and Brother
Matthew has built his relationship with God through the Bible while in
prison. He is a down right nice guy, but he seems to have a bit of a
temper based on what he has told us. Due to a recent incident where he
hurt a man, he is confined to his home for 10 months ( he has an ankle
tracker even) Anyways you could say that it is a good thing because we
can teach him all we want >:D, haha no but it does in a sense.
Anyways, we have been over to meet the family and teach a bit. Sister
Tritz is really reading the Book of Mormon "hard out" (as they say
here in New Zealand), and is always sharing it with Brother Matthew.
From what we can tell Brother Matthew doesn't seem to keen on the Book
of Mormon, likely because he only believes in Bible as the word of
God. We have invited him to read and he hasn't done so yet. But Sister
Tritz seems to be on the ball with sharing what she is learning from
it so that is awesome! We will be meeting with them later today to for
an awesome lesson!

Grey is a really neat guy. He has designed a really cool engine, that
as far as I can tell seems pretty legit. He has a website called, so maybe you guys could take a look and it might
give you an idea of what he is up to. Anyways he knows his Book of
revelations well. He explained all he new about it to me and really
got into the nitty gritty (nacho haha), a haven't really studied it
out myself to much, but I smiled and listened carefully. After he was
done with there wasn't much time left, so I gave quick introduction to
the Book of Mormon of course, and the reason I say I is because Elder
Rogers was in a separate conversation with his son Chris who seems to
have recently found God, and really seems keen to learn about the Book
of Mormon. But ya we will be saying hello to them later on this week
to see how things are going for them and really find out if they are
"keen"(as they say here in New Zealand) to learn more.

Benhilda is a strange name. I have written it how I would pronounce it
so have fun! Anyways she is a mother of 2, and is from Ethiopia! It's
pretty cool. She has a Christian background, and has explained to us
that she believes in anything that pertains to Jesus Christ, so we of
course have shared with her the Book of Mormon, she has a read a bit,
but she has a hard time understanding because it is a bit different
from the Bible also considering English not being her first language.
We have big hopes for her and we are looking forwards to meeting with
her later this week.

So thats it about for investigators, we have a few other people who we
try and teach but aren't going anywhere to fast. I wish that I could
have you guys right beside me so you see what it is really like here.
It is virtually impossible for me to really tell you guys all that is
going on.I will continue to do my best in describing all my mission
experiences. I wish I could take pictures of my investigators,
especially before I leave a area. l think it would be a lot more
meaningful when you sget see those that are being taught. There just
isn't enough time to go around and say good bye, cause we work up till
the end of the day before we leave!

This week we had zone conference. Elder Pearson of the 70 came and
gave us about a 4 hour long talk, although it wasn't really a talk it
was more of lecture I guess you could say. ( I think I will be able to
handle any long meeting from now on with ease, including college) He
was awesome needless to say, it was long but I was locked on him as
hard as I could. He talked a lot about becoming the missionaries that
we can become, and having faith in ourselves to do the work, and
giving all we have to work. Obedience was stressed quite hard also. I
took about 3 pages worth of notes! I think I walked out of the Zone
Conference with a stronger desire to put more effort into becoming
the missionary that I can and should be. and also utilizing the time
that we have been given to study to it's fullestahhhh I agonize at not
being able to share with you guys what I learned! Well all I can
really say was that it was a real treat to be taught by a 70, so glad
I have notes to look back on to remind myself of the things that I
should be doing as a missionary.

It has been great to be able to work with Elder Rogers, we have both
made it a goal to really improve our teaching, and as Elder Pearson
said become the missionaries that we can become. We have been doing
better with our planning, and we are making our studies as effective
as possible. I think we be able to really grow a lot this transfer.
Lot's to look forwards to.

Looks like you guys had an awesome time in London, I loved the
pictures that you sent me. I think I would have liked going to
Aeronautics museum, haha, and some really neat architecture. I feel
bad for Mom. it must be real tuff trying to drive on the other side of
the road, especially when you haven't even had a chance to get use to
it! And Glad to hear that Eric's Pinewood Derby did well, I hope that
I can help him make one when he is a Webolo! The I love the Book of
Mormon advertisement I have heard is actually a not so good spoof of
it, but none the less just as in Josephs day, anti-mormon stuff often
brought more people to curiosity than anything. The New Zealand House,
I have no idea but still cool to see! Glad that you had a good time
on that organ. I don't think that it gets much more legit than that
right there!

Well I am personally doing fine. It was great to hear form you an Dad,
so glad that things are going well at home. I hope that you guys do
well this week. I enjoy all of your e-mails and pictures. I will send
lots next week. Tell Sister Clark thanks! I do appreciate her
encouragement very much and I hope she does well in Italy. Tell Grand
Pa that I love him also.

Love You all so much,

Elder Ward

May 11, 2014

Well it was great to hear from you guys. Sounds like you are having an
awesome time time England, and that life is going all good! Elder
Walker was an awesome companion we got along quite well. He was from
the South Western part of England a place called Waymouth. He had
heaps of cool stories to tell. He said that really the only cool place
to see was London itself, If I remember correctly you guys said that
you where going to see York Town also, I didn't ask him how that was
though. Either way I bet England is a blast. It was awesome getting to
hear you guys on the phone and getting hear how things are going.

So yes I have a new companion form Bountiful Utah! His name is Elder
Rogers, and hasn't actually been out to much longer than me. We are
quite excited to work in the Mt Alberton area. I Elder Rogers has all
ready been in the area for 6 weeks, and so he is showing me around a
little bit. I haven't met to many of the investigators yet. But there
is lots of potential for sure the area. The members are very friendly
and show lots of concern for the work that we do in this area. So this
transfer I will seeking some good ways to help out, and get the
members motivated!

I certainly will be missing Onehunga. After spending 4 1/2 months
there I got to know the members well and meet some amazing recent
converts such as the Alberton Family who is now preparing to enter the
Temple next February. It was a real privilege to get to know and
continue to teach them, while also teaching Sister Albertons mother. I
don't think I will be able to see them get sealed as I just continued
to fellowship them, but I can't wait to here news from Elder Walker as
to how things are going back in Onehunga. I will try to keep you guys
updated as well.

I think I will try to send lots of pictures home this week. The one
with Elder Walker and I, also has a brother named Brother Fotualie,
and Brother Steve. Steve is a recent convert that I was able to get to
know. When I first came in he was still having issues with smoking.
This picture was taken the night before I left, and now he has gone
about 3 months solid with out smoking! So we are glad see that he is
continuing to progress in the gospel, and continue to become more
entitled to the Lords blessings. I hope he continues to stay strong.
Brother Fotualie, has fellow shipped Steve. He lives neat by and has
helped Steve with rides to church, and by simply being someone to go
see give encouragement to stay strong in keeping the word of wisdom!

I have been keeping a journal so far during my mission, I have to say
looking back it I have certainly come a long way! I really enjoy
reading some of the experiences that I have had. After the phone call
today, I went ahead and wrote in my journal all that we had talked
about so I read back on it later in the mission, for of course
remembering it, and looking to it for motivation.

Zone conference is coming up this week on Thursday, we will be having
Elder Pearson of the Area 70 coming to visit. It should be awesome, we
have to write kind of a written report answering the question "what am
I doing to become a more effective servant of the Lord?" I have
already got most of it written out, now I just have to refine it and
then make 2 written copies of it. At zone Conferences we get lunch, to
and have an opportunity to speak with the other missionaries. Should
be good!

Happy Mothers Day again Mom! You have done so much for me and I am
very grateful for all that you have done for the family. I don't think
that I could really thank you enough for all that you do and have done
for me!

Elder Walker was historical, after stopped using his moon boot he put
it on his head for a celebration moment!

And then of course you have picture of Steve who is the white fello,
and brother Fotualie who is Samoan.

oh I forgot you have brother Gabriel who is in the shirt an tie who
comes out with us to help teach people! he is a recent convert him
self about 2 years. It is amazing to see how he has turned his life
around, and how strong he is in the gospel.

The one picture of the sheep is at Cornwall park, or One tree hill,
very green, the sky is a bit to bright but its real nice!

This is the city early in the morning, we went for a bike ride for our
early morning exercise, I think this is probably the coolest one yet.

I did forget to mention on experience this week I had. We met up with
a fellow named Michael. He knows his bible inside and out. We had met
him before about a week earlier and planed to come see him later on.
When we met with him and we sat down to begin teaching right off the
bat I noticed some folded printer paper underneath his chair.... Yes
it was anit-mormon material in all it's glory. Elder Walker has seen
it all before, so a lot of what he had we where able to back down
right away, however, the thing about anti-mormon material is that it
prevents people from progressing. Right there Michael had really
stopped himself from being able to progress in anyway. The material
told only half the truth and then lied the rest of the way. He was
unable to realize that the goal of anti-mormon material was to simple
put him off of learning more about the gospel as quick as possible.
For my self, being the first time I have ever encountered it, I was
fine. Much of the material it contained I have all ready heard,
however I could see what the author's true intentions to i simply
discourage anyone, and everyone from looking and investigating the
restored gospel for themselves to know if it is true, by asking God
himself. I don't think Elder Walker will continue to teach him if he
doesn't put it down, as so because he is not willing to keep
commitments, and not willing to be taught by the missionaries. He is
only willing to try and disprove. No one can progress when they do

So the first is a picture of Auckland, with One Tree Hill where I have
taken a lot of my pictures. It's a real neat photo, and the sunrise is
really neat also.

You guys probably know why I took a picture with a trampoline, a tire
swing, and 2 tree houses in it. :D

May 4, 2014

Hello Everyone!

Things have been going all right this week. The missionary work I
guess you could say has picked up a bit this week. We found 2 new
people to teach this coming week. Hopefully they will be solid
investigators and we will be able to keep them in the teaching pool.
One fella is a New Zealander Kiwi (Palangi(white)). He has a belief in
Christ and is interested in hearing about what we have to teach. I
have heard that previous missionaries have had a pretty good bash with
him all ready. All we can really do for him as missionaries is to have
him read the BoM and pray about it. However sometimes you do have to
explain a bit to really spark their interest in it so they will pick
it up with enough desire to even read. But that is exactly what the
first lesson is for. To give people the background, and also help them
understand what it can mean to them when they find that it is true.

Another fella we bumped into was recently married. He has lots of
family back in the States who are members, he being form the states
himself. He has talked with them a a lot about the church. He hasn't
ever in particular had time to talk with the missionaries, so we are
looking forwards to invite him to read the Book of Mormon. He himself
attends a church called "Life Church", a Christen church of course who
has some pretty big youth programs.

Sis Vacapora is making wonderful progress. The only problem for her is
the marriage status. It is being worked out for right now. As of Now
we have taught her all the lessons, and she all ready is keeping the
Wow, and keeping her commitment to read the BoM. She could be baptized
very soon, even within the coming week if things get worked out quick

We had an awesome moment we had was yesterday evening. We got a Rawo
Tongan (Cook Island) BoM for Sister Jone. Sister Jone her first
language being Rawo Tongan, reads best in her Native language. It has
taken a while for us to get it, but now that she finally has it she
has committed to reading it and studying it. I believe I have talked
about her in previous e-mails. But anyways when we dropped it off to
her in at her home we had the Son in Law (Brother Alberton) of Sister
Vacapora, who is a strong convert member and also a Cook Islander,
came along with us to deliver it with us. He was able to read Moroni's
promise to Siter Jone in the back in Rawo Tongan BoM for her. Without
even asking her what it meant she told us "we need to ask God himself
if it is true, and we will know by the spirit if it is" Oh boy I had
the biggest grin on my face, I didn't understand a word of what was
being said, however I knew the same scripture with same meaning and
spirit, was shared at that moment. We are very excited for Sister
Jone, we have set up a time to see her this coming Wednesday.

We also had a good lesson with Nigel this week. We had a recent
convert named Henry come out with us to see him, Nigel and Henry
clicked pretty well. We talked more about the Book of Mormon, and bore
more testimony about it. I think Nigel is really starting to get into
reading it. He is in Chapter 19 of First Nephi if I remember
correctly. We are hoping that his testimony of the Book of Mormon will
grow and make him want to take action on what he now know s to be
true. We have also taught the Plan of Salvation to him. It was a lot
to take in. It is always a lot to take in for people who are only use
to the "Heaven or Hell".

Anyways I am excited for being able to call you guys! um the phone
cars and what not I think are going to be a bit tricky. And it could
be a bit expensive if I have to call you guys on the cell. It should
be ok though. The best place to call of course would be on a land
line, however I don't think I will be able to get the number in time
for the call. I will likely be calling around 7am, 8am ish form here,
so that will be about 7pm, 8pm for you guys. I would be able to check
my e-mails that day however, that would be later around 12 or so. I
have all the numbers taken down, so I will certainly try and call on
the cells, and then if you have the flat number I can try and call
back on that. Should be all god though. If I cannot get a hold of you
guys on the cell, then I will have to wait for e-mails, so I can get
the flat number or communicate further with you guys on it. Thanks so
much though!

Also this week is transfers, I could be moving to a different area.
Considering that I have remained in my first area for so long I think
I have a pretty good chance of getting transferred. This should affect
the calling at all so things should be all right. I am kind of hoping
that I get to stay, I have enjoyed being with Elder Walker, and their
are lot's of people that I would like to continue to teach.

Take Care love you guys lots. This is the only e-mail that I am able
to send home this week.

-Love Elder Ward

April 27, 2014

Hello Family!

It's great to hear from you guys. Wow Mothers Day has come very
quickly! My goodness. Well I have sent you guys a copy of the e-mail
that I have received. I think that I will be calling on Monday rather
than Sunday. Monday for us will be Sunday for you guys, because of the
time difference. I don't have any phone numbers unfortunately. I
think that it is going to have to be either Mom or Dad's cell. But yes
I will be purchasing a phone card to call you from my flat, or where I
am staying at, So the only the things that I will need are phone
numbers and area codes so I can call from here!

Well turns that Elder Walkers ankle isn't broken! Ah so that's some
good news. When we went to do a follow up on his ankle the doctor
walked in after looking at the x-ray that had been previously taken
and stated that it was not broken. I guess the previous doctor that
first looked at it was a bit inaccurate (or extremely). I don't know.
So that is some awesome news. He is walking around just fine now. We
still have a car though. I must say that driving on the wrong side of
the road is a bit difficult.I have had a few scary moments, but no
accidents. I have got the hang of it now though for sure. You really
have to let go of old habits, it's like learning to drive all over

Well for this week things have been a bit slow again. We have been
seeing members, encouraging and offering to help them with their
missionary efforts. Some of our slower progressing investigators have
been making progress though! We are now teaching Sister Vacapora,
lessons. She has been making a big effort to be baptized. She is even
willing to stay at her daughters home (Sister Alberton a recent
convert, lives just down the road) for the night so they can be inline
with the Law of Chasity so that she can be baptized. She her self has
all ready made an effort to quit smoking, and has all ready stopped
smoking for the past month, so that's all ready taken care of ! She
could be baptized within coming weekend if she her self is able to be
inline with Law of Chasity. Which is very exciting. It will be a
baptism that many past missionaries will be elated to hear about as
they have wanted to do the same. They be pleased to hear that things
are going well with Brother, and Sister Albertons Family, and Sister
Albertons mother. The father is still a bit of a challenge, he will
hopefully have his heart softened so that he may be able to one day
take the lessons. Yesterday we taught Sister Alberton the restoration.
She enjoyed it, and Sister Alberton her daughter is going to be there
every step of the way to assist her mother in understanding the Book
of Mormon, and finding out if it is true her self!

She was pretty much the highlight of the week for us, other than that
we have been contacting potential investigators, and really
encouraging, and being bold with our other investigators that aren't
moving to quickly such as Brother Puanga, We also met with a lady
named Teina whos partner is a member, however just as Sister Vacapora
has issues her husband and with older marriages, so does Sister Teinas
husband! We got to meet up with them yesterday, and really explained
why Sister Teina needs to be baptized and why things need to resolved
quickly. It was a good lesson, and we are hoping for some good
blessings to come for them! because it is very important for these
people to understand why it is so important to be baptized!

Well Elder Walker and I biked up on tree hill, a fantastic view point
of Auckland, I got a really good shot of the tower!

Elder Walker and I for one dinner made double patty burgers just for fun to!

Take care I and I look forwards to being able to call! I am doing just
fine here, and loving it!

Love Elder Ward

April 20, 2014

Well it's great to hear from you guys! This week unfortunately has
been a bit slow for us once again.

This week we taught a wonderful Samoan Lady named Betty. Our main
focus was explaining that the Book of Mormon is meant to build her
faith in Christ, and is also there to build her faith in the Bible.
However she is holding quite strong to her Bible, as being her only
source to refer to on Christ. She was brought up in the Assemble of
God Church, and has deep roots in that church. It is difficult to help
her understand why her church isn't necessarily true. We often get
here in New Zealand "Oh we all believe in one God, we all pray to one
God, so go teach the people that don't know God." This in particular
is a bit annoying because they really don't understand how far off
their church is. Betty sees all churches who worship Christ as being a
true church. We haven't been to successful in helping be more open to
what we have to share. Unfortunately here in New Zealand among the
Pacific Islanders, there is a bit more culture in religion than there
is just religion if that makes any sense.

We have found someone else to teach. Her name is Ria. She seems very
open to what we have to teach however her keeping commitments has been
a bit dodgy. We invited her to church and even called her in the
morning just before church to see if she was coming. She said she was,
but in the end she was a no show. Likely something just came up and
she was unable to make it. We will be following up with her soon.

Sis Vacapora, Puanga, Jone, and Teina are all solid investigators,
there are just a few big things holding them back. For Sis Vacopora,
and Sister Teina you have marriage, which is a bit out of our hands.
All we can really to do to help is encourage them, and let bishop know
whats going on. Brother Puanga, we have thoroughly explained, and
invited him to continue his spiritual conversion to the Book of
Mormon. He unfortunately isn't to keen on keeping his commitments
vicariously, so all we can do is continue to encourage him. He has had
all the lessons, knows all there is know about the church, has no
issues with Wow, he just simply doesn't feel the urge to be baptized,
however he attends church. Sister Jone is making good progress, the
challenge for her is getting past her grandmother in regards to
breaking family tradition and being baptized in a different churcch.
It is difficult to get appointments with her but we will be
persistent! Often times we have to communicate with Rima (her
daughter) , to set up times so we can meet with her... so thats a bit
of a hurdle in it's own way.

Nigel is making good progress. He is currently in 1 Nephi chapter 15
and he is really loving it. He is so awsome because he explains to us
why he appreciates the Book of Mormon. He says that it is needed to
unite all the faiths together. To really shine light on which church
is the true church. I had the biggest grin on my face when he
explained that to us! He is continuing to read it, and Elder Walker
and I are hoping to get him to come to church. He also has issues with
the Wow, but I know that if he comes to church and receives that
strong witness and recognizes the importance in it, he will be more
than happy to change for sure. The big concern is whether or not he is
going to be keen on coming to our service, as he isn't necessarily to
fond of organized religion.

Jermaine unfortunately is no longer on our schedule to be baptized.
His family is just not up to coming to church. So our main focus now
is to get the father active again, as the mother is coming around and
feels a desire to come back. She is a bit overwhelmed with taking care
of all the kids so it is very challenging for her

Other than that Elder Walker and I have been focusing on getting the
members moving and reaching out to those around them, we have been
giving them spiritual thoughts, and committing them to reach pray for
missionary opportunities.

Well Elder Walker unfortunately broke his ankle! We where biking up a
hill when he lost his momentum and put his put down to catch him self
when he rolled it on a curb! This was around at 6:30pm. I ran over to
Elder Walker to see if he was okay, and he was in a lot of pain. He
asked me to give him a blessing, which I did immediately, we then
called the mission presidents wife, and then had the Zone Leaders pick
us up and then take us to a quick care type place. They did not have
their X-ray technician on at the time considering it being Easter
weekend so he had it x-rayed the next day. Apparently it is chipped or
a small piece of bone was broken off. He seems to be doing fine now. I
have been helping out lots with getting around and cleaning up the
flat. We will be likely be getting a car soon do to his ankle so that
should be quite nice. Because I have my license and Elder Walker does
not, I will be the one driving so that is a bit crazy, especially with
driving on the wrong side of the road!

Myself I am doing fine. My testimony is growing everyday, and I am
almost done reading the BoM!

Sounds like things are going all right at home. Must be awesome having
Aunt Annette and Kelly there in Italy of all places! I never told you
guys this but the flight out of Palermo was absolutely gorgeous, most
scenic indeed! Oh, and when I flew out of Sydney I spotted the Opera
house form the plane which was pretty awesome as well.

I have pictures to send home, I just don't have time to send them. So
next P-day for sure!

Love Elder Ward

April 13, 2014

So I guess last weeks e-mail wasn't to much fun to read for you guys.
It is unfortunate for Eddie. I hope he does all right in the future.
I have certainly moved on knowing that I have done my best. I do
continue to pray for him.

Elder Walker is a fantastic Elder. He does some pretty good voice
overs of some of the General Authorities. He even does a Bane
impression from batman, and the midget Boss form the Incredibles. He
is pretty hysterical. This week has been a bit slow. Elder Walker and
I have been dropping a lot of our investigators, because they are just
simply not willing to keep the commitments nor change. We often commit
them to read the book of Mormon and they will say "Ya I'll do that",
however when we follow up we often get the "Oh I have just been real
busy lately". I get's pretty old, but we always, testify to them about
what they are missing out on, and what they need to do if they want to
really gain that desire to change for the better. We have been really
focusing on seeing the families in their homes and encouraging them to
reach out just to one person that could be interested. Missionary work
really comes down to the members reaching out to their friends that
see the how the gospel works in members lives. Being on a mission
really puts into perspective how tough it can be to find knew people
to teach who are sincerely trying to find out the truthfulness of the
message. I know that when I come home off my mission, I will put a lot
more effort into helping out the local missionaries with finding
people to teach. In fact Elder Walker looked through our area book and
saw that nearly all the baptisms that where recorded in it had some
sort member behind it also helping the missionaries.

So we are currently teaching a fellow named Nigel. I think that I have
mentioned him in a few past e-mails. But hes seems pretty kean on
reading the Book of Mormon. He has even told us that "he wants it to
be true". SO we are pretty excited for him. I think that the only
challenge for him will be coming to church, and maybe a Wow issue. He
has faith in Christ, it's just that he doesn't necessarily agree with
organized religion. He has seen, as have many other people, the faults
of other churches in that they often disagree with what there pasture
is often preaching, and how they in a sense control the congregation.
I hope that he can see something different in our church. In how we
pay tithes, and in how we teach. Something that I explained to him was
that we teach only according to the inspired interpretation of
inspired doctrine. Or in other words we teach according to how God
sees's it, not how we see the scriptures.

Sis Vacapora I think I have mentioned in previous e-mails, is pushing
to work out marriage requirements. She all ready wants to be baptized
in the church just as her daughter Sis Alberton, and her son Gabriel
have been. Gabriel was the first to be baptized by the missionaries.
Before he was living a not so happy life, but he has a strong
testimony of how the gospel has really blessed his life. The same with
Sister Alblerton (Sister Vacapora's daughter) and Brother Alberton.
They where baptized and gained a testimony of the gospel , and now
they are the most active members in sharing the gospel with others! It
really does amazes me to see the spirit so strong in their family. In
seeing the blessings come to Borther and Siter Albertons family,
Sister Vacapora also want's the same for her self, and the rest for
her family. Sister Vacapora's husband however is part of a Methodist
church that he is really holding on to. The Bishop has challenged him
to come to our church, and he will go to his methodist church in
return. (:D Sister Vacapora , and Brother Vacapora are not
married,(there are often faulty relationships through out all of New
Zealand. It's quite sad. Their are lots of broken families with single
mothers on their own.) So once that is straightened out and then
Brother Vacaporas Father's heart is softened things should work out
for her!

Other than that we have had to drop Niko. He is willing to sincerely
pray about the Book of Mormon. He unfortunately wants a perfect
knowledge of it right off the bat. He is not to willing to think
through the idea that Catholic church no longer has the power and
Authority. It's almost as if he reasons that the world is flat,
however he is not willing to allow us to take him on a boat to view
the curvature of the Earth. He will explain many doctrines in his
church with reasoning, such as with baptism by sprinkling. For example
when Peter baptized 3,000 people, his reason is that it would be
physically impossible for Peter to do such a thing, however we reason
that it may not have been just Peter baptizing, and that it may have
been over a period of time that he baptized All those people. He is
not willing to accept that our explanation could be correct, and that
his could be wrong. So in doing so we have had to stop seeing him and
spend or time and efforts else where.

Other than that we do have a few other investigators such as Puanga.
who comes to church, however isn't willing to take a deep dive into
the Book of Mormon and really receive that strong spiritual testimony
of it. But his countenance has changed a bit. He is a bit happier to
see us, and we are hoping to continue to teach and resolve his
concerns about the need to be baptized immediately.

Well here in New Zealand we view General conference a week after it is
broadcast-ed. So I got to see all of this last weekend. I absolutely
loved it. There where some great talks in there. I took heaps of
notes, and I really built continued to build up my testimony of the
church, and made me want to share what we have with everyone. I guess
you could say that I loved all the talks. To be honest General
conference felt quite short this time around. We missionaries like to
refer to it as Christmas, because we are sitting listening to awesome
talks. It's the only movie we are allowed to watch, so it is pretty
sweet. It's a nice break form being out on a bike all day long( which
is awesome to of course).

Well Stuart sound like he is making so good money. I think I would
only make about 800 a month working a Subway, so that's a pretty sweet
job. He should have a enough money for his mission in no time.

So glad to have e-mails form each of you guys. I do miss Marie. It's
hard for me think that it has been 2 years. Mom if you could send me a
picture of her that would great! I have forgot to mention that a lot.
I am so grateful for the Plan of Slavation. It really does bring peace
because of it.

I hope that you guys received that package that I sent to you guys let
me know if it has come!

Love you all so much

-Elder Ward