Sunday, May 25, 2014

May 4, 2014

Hello Everyone!

Things have been going all right this week. The missionary work I
guess you could say has picked up a bit this week. We found 2 new
people to teach this coming week. Hopefully they will be solid
investigators and we will be able to keep them in the teaching pool.
One fella is a New Zealander Kiwi (Palangi(white)). He has a belief in
Christ and is interested in hearing about what we have to teach. I
have heard that previous missionaries have had a pretty good bash with
him all ready. All we can really do for him as missionaries is to have
him read the BoM and pray about it. However sometimes you do have to
explain a bit to really spark their interest in it so they will pick
it up with enough desire to even read. But that is exactly what the
first lesson is for. To give people the background, and also help them
understand what it can mean to them when they find that it is true.

Another fella we bumped into was recently married. He has lots of
family back in the States who are members, he being form the states
himself. He has talked with them a a lot about the church. He hasn't
ever in particular had time to talk with the missionaries, so we are
looking forwards to invite him to read the Book of Mormon. He himself
attends a church called "Life Church", a Christen church of course who
has some pretty big youth programs.

Sis Vacapora is making wonderful progress. The only problem for her is
the marriage status. It is being worked out for right now. As of Now
we have taught her all the lessons, and she all ready is keeping the
Wow, and keeping her commitment to read the BoM. She could be baptized
very soon, even within the coming week if things get worked out quick

We had an awesome moment we had was yesterday evening. We got a Rawo
Tongan (Cook Island) BoM for Sister Jone. Sister Jone her first
language being Rawo Tongan, reads best in her Native language. It has
taken a while for us to get it, but now that she finally has it she
has committed to reading it and studying it. I believe I have talked
about her in previous e-mails. But anyways when we dropped it off to
her in at her home we had the Son in Law (Brother Alberton) of Sister
Vacapora, who is a strong convert member and also a Cook Islander,
came along with us to deliver it with us. He was able to read Moroni's
promise to Siter Jone in the back in Rawo Tongan BoM for her. Without
even asking her what it meant she told us "we need to ask God himself
if it is true, and we will know by the spirit if it is" Oh boy I had
the biggest grin on my face, I didn't understand a word of what was
being said, however I knew the same scripture with same meaning and
spirit, was shared at that moment. We are very excited for Sister
Jone, we have set up a time to see her this coming Wednesday.

We also had a good lesson with Nigel this week. We had a recent
convert named Henry come out with us to see him, Nigel and Henry
clicked pretty well. We talked more about the Book of Mormon, and bore
more testimony about it. I think Nigel is really starting to get into
reading it. He is in Chapter 19 of First Nephi if I remember
correctly. We are hoping that his testimony of the Book of Mormon will
grow and make him want to take action on what he now know s to be
true. We have also taught the Plan of Salvation to him. It was a lot
to take in. It is always a lot to take in for people who are only use
to the "Heaven or Hell".

Anyways I am excited for being able to call you guys! um the phone
cars and what not I think are going to be a bit tricky. And it could
be a bit expensive if I have to call you guys on the cell. It should
be ok though. The best place to call of course would be on a land
line, however I don't think I will be able to get the number in time
for the call. I will likely be calling around 7am, 8am ish form here,
so that will be about 7pm, 8pm for you guys. I would be able to check
my e-mails that day however, that would be later around 12 or so. I
have all the numbers taken down, so I will certainly try and call on
the cells, and then if you have the flat number I can try and call
back on that. Should be all god though. If I cannot get a hold of you
guys on the cell, then I will have to wait for e-mails, so I can get
the flat number or communicate further with you guys on it. Thanks so
much though!

Also this week is transfers, I could be moving to a different area.
Considering that I have remained in my first area for so long I think
I have a pretty good chance of getting transferred. This should affect
the calling at all so things should be all right. I am kind of hoping
that I get to stay, I have enjoyed being with Elder Walker, and their
are lot's of people that I would like to continue to teach.

Take Care love you guys lots. This is the only e-mail that I am able
to send home this week.

-Love Elder Ward

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