Sunday, May 25, 2014

April 27, 2014

Hello Family!

It's great to hear from you guys. Wow Mothers Day has come very
quickly! My goodness. Well I have sent you guys a copy of the e-mail
that I have received. I think that I will be calling on Monday rather
than Sunday. Monday for us will be Sunday for you guys, because of the
time difference. I don't have any phone numbers unfortunately. I
think that it is going to have to be either Mom or Dad's cell. But yes
I will be purchasing a phone card to call you from my flat, or where I
am staying at, So the only the things that I will need are phone
numbers and area codes so I can call from here!

Well turns that Elder Walkers ankle isn't broken! Ah so that's some
good news. When we went to do a follow up on his ankle the doctor
walked in after looking at the x-ray that had been previously taken
and stated that it was not broken. I guess the previous doctor that
first looked at it was a bit inaccurate (or extremely). I don't know.
So that is some awesome news. He is walking around just fine now. We
still have a car though. I must say that driving on the wrong side of
the road is a bit difficult.I have had a few scary moments, but no
accidents. I have got the hang of it now though for sure. You really
have to let go of old habits, it's like learning to drive all over

Well for this week things have been a bit slow again. We have been
seeing members, encouraging and offering to help them with their
missionary efforts. Some of our slower progressing investigators have
been making progress though! We are now teaching Sister Vacapora,
lessons. She has been making a big effort to be baptized. She is even
willing to stay at her daughters home (Sister Alberton a recent
convert, lives just down the road) for the night so they can be inline
with the Law of Chasity so that she can be baptized. She her self has
all ready made an effort to quit smoking, and has all ready stopped
smoking for the past month, so that's all ready taken care of ! She
could be baptized within coming weekend if she her self is able to be
inline with Law of Chasity. Which is very exciting. It will be a
baptism that many past missionaries will be elated to hear about as
they have wanted to do the same. They be pleased to hear that things
are going well with Brother, and Sister Albertons Family, and Sister
Albertons mother. The father is still a bit of a challenge, he will
hopefully have his heart softened so that he may be able to one day
take the lessons. Yesterday we taught Sister Alberton the restoration.
She enjoyed it, and Sister Alberton her daughter is going to be there
every step of the way to assist her mother in understanding the Book
of Mormon, and finding out if it is true her self!

She was pretty much the highlight of the week for us, other than that
we have been contacting potential investigators, and really
encouraging, and being bold with our other investigators that aren't
moving to quickly such as Brother Puanga, We also met with a lady
named Teina whos partner is a member, however just as Sister Vacapora
has issues her husband and with older marriages, so does Sister Teinas
husband! We got to meet up with them yesterday, and really explained
why Sister Teina needs to be baptized and why things need to resolved
quickly. It was a good lesson, and we are hoping for some good
blessings to come for them! because it is very important for these
people to understand why it is so important to be baptized!

Well Elder Walker and I biked up on tree hill, a fantastic view point
of Auckland, I got a really good shot of the tower!

Elder Walker and I for one dinner made double patty burgers just for fun to!

Take care I and I look forwards to being able to call! I am doing just
fine here, and loving it!

Love Elder Ward

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