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May 11, 2014

Well it was great to hear from you guys. Sounds like you are having an
awesome time time England, and that life is going all good! Elder
Walker was an awesome companion we got along quite well. He was from
the South Western part of England a place called Waymouth. He had
heaps of cool stories to tell. He said that really the only cool place
to see was London itself, If I remember correctly you guys said that
you where going to see York Town also, I didn't ask him how that was
though. Either way I bet England is a blast. It was awesome getting to
hear you guys on the phone and getting hear how things are going.

So yes I have a new companion form Bountiful Utah! His name is Elder
Rogers, and hasn't actually been out to much longer than me. We are
quite excited to work in the Mt Alberton area. I Elder Rogers has all
ready been in the area for 6 weeks, and so he is showing me around a
little bit. I haven't met to many of the investigators yet. But there
is lots of potential for sure the area. The members are very friendly
and show lots of concern for the work that we do in this area. So this
transfer I will seeking some good ways to help out, and get the
members motivated!

I certainly will be missing Onehunga. After spending 4 1/2 months
there I got to know the members well and meet some amazing recent
converts such as the Alberton Family who is now preparing to enter the
Temple next February. It was a real privilege to get to know and
continue to teach them, while also teaching Sister Albertons mother. I
don't think I will be able to see them get sealed as I just continued
to fellowship them, but I can't wait to here news from Elder Walker as
to how things are going back in Onehunga. I will try to keep you guys
updated as well.

I think I will try to send lots of pictures home this week. The one
with Elder Walker and I, also has a brother named Brother Fotualie,
and Brother Steve. Steve is a recent convert that I was able to get to
know. When I first came in he was still having issues with smoking.
This picture was taken the night before I left, and now he has gone
about 3 months solid with out smoking! So we are glad see that he is
continuing to progress in the gospel, and continue to become more
entitled to the Lords blessings. I hope he continues to stay strong.
Brother Fotualie, has fellow shipped Steve. He lives neat by and has
helped Steve with rides to church, and by simply being someone to go
see give encouragement to stay strong in keeping the word of wisdom!

I have been keeping a journal so far during my mission, I have to say
looking back it I have certainly come a long way! I really enjoy
reading some of the experiences that I have had. After the phone call
today, I went ahead and wrote in my journal all that we had talked
about so I read back on it later in the mission, for of course
remembering it, and looking to it for motivation.

Zone conference is coming up this week on Thursday, we will be having
Elder Pearson of the Area 70 coming to visit. It should be awesome, we
have to write kind of a written report answering the question "what am
I doing to become a more effective servant of the Lord?" I have
already got most of it written out, now I just have to refine it and
then make 2 written copies of it. At zone Conferences we get lunch, to
and have an opportunity to speak with the other missionaries. Should
be good!

Happy Mothers Day again Mom! You have done so much for me and I am
very grateful for all that you have done for the family. I don't think
that I could really thank you enough for all that you do and have done
for me!

Elder Walker was historical, after stopped using his moon boot he put
it on his head for a celebration moment!

And then of course you have picture of Steve who is the white fello,
and brother Fotualie who is Samoan.

oh I forgot you have brother Gabriel who is in the shirt an tie who
comes out with us to help teach people! he is a recent convert him
self about 2 years. It is amazing to see how he has turned his life
around, and how strong he is in the gospel.

The one picture of the sheep is at Cornwall park, or One tree hill,
very green, the sky is a bit to bright but its real nice!

This is the city early in the morning, we went for a bike ride for our
early morning exercise, I think this is probably the coolest one yet.

I did forget to mention on experience this week I had. We met up with
a fellow named Michael. He knows his bible inside and out. We had met
him before about a week earlier and planed to come see him later on.
When we met with him and we sat down to begin teaching right off the
bat I noticed some folded printer paper underneath his chair.... Yes
it was anit-mormon material in all it's glory. Elder Walker has seen
it all before, so a lot of what he had we where able to back down
right away, however, the thing about anti-mormon material is that it
prevents people from progressing. Right there Michael had really
stopped himself from being able to progress in anyway. The material
told only half the truth and then lied the rest of the way. He was
unable to realize that the goal of anti-mormon material was to simple
put him off of learning more about the gospel as quick as possible.
For my self, being the first time I have ever encountered it, I was
fine. Much of the material it contained I have all ready heard,
however I could see what the author's true intentions to i simply
discourage anyone, and everyone from looking and investigating the
restored gospel for themselves to know if it is true, by asking God
himself. I don't think Elder Walker will continue to teach him if he
doesn't put it down, as so because he is not willing to keep
commitments, and not willing to be taught by the missionaries. He is
only willing to try and disprove. No one can progress when they do

So the first is a picture of Auckland, with One Tree Hill where I have
taken a lot of my pictures. It's a real neat photo, and the sunrise is
really neat also.

You guys probably know why I took a picture with a trampoline, a tire
swing, and 2 tree houses in it. :D

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