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April 20, 2014

Well it's great to hear from you guys! This week unfortunately has
been a bit slow for us once again.

This week we taught a wonderful Samoan Lady named Betty. Our main
focus was explaining that the Book of Mormon is meant to build her
faith in Christ, and is also there to build her faith in the Bible.
However she is holding quite strong to her Bible, as being her only
source to refer to on Christ. She was brought up in the Assemble of
God Church, and has deep roots in that church. It is difficult to help
her understand why her church isn't necessarily true. We often get
here in New Zealand "Oh we all believe in one God, we all pray to one
God, so go teach the people that don't know God." This in particular
is a bit annoying because they really don't understand how far off
their church is. Betty sees all churches who worship Christ as being a
true church. We haven't been to successful in helping be more open to
what we have to share. Unfortunately here in New Zealand among the
Pacific Islanders, there is a bit more culture in religion than there
is just religion if that makes any sense.

We have found someone else to teach. Her name is Ria. She seems very
open to what we have to teach however her keeping commitments has been
a bit dodgy. We invited her to church and even called her in the
morning just before church to see if she was coming. She said she was,
but in the end she was a no show. Likely something just came up and
she was unable to make it. We will be following up with her soon.

Sis Vacapora, Puanga, Jone, and Teina are all solid investigators,
there are just a few big things holding them back. For Sis Vacopora,
and Sister Teina you have marriage, which is a bit out of our hands.
All we can really to do to help is encourage them, and let bishop know
whats going on. Brother Puanga, we have thoroughly explained, and
invited him to continue his spiritual conversion to the Book of
Mormon. He unfortunately isn't to keen on keeping his commitments
vicariously, so all we can do is continue to encourage him. He has had
all the lessons, knows all there is know about the church, has no
issues with Wow, he just simply doesn't feel the urge to be baptized,
however he attends church. Sister Jone is making good progress, the
challenge for her is getting past her grandmother in regards to
breaking family tradition and being baptized in a different churcch.
It is difficult to get appointments with her but we will be
persistent! Often times we have to communicate with Rima (her
daughter) , to set up times so we can meet with her... so thats a bit
of a hurdle in it's own way.

Nigel is making good progress. He is currently in 1 Nephi chapter 15
and he is really loving it. He is so awsome because he explains to us
why he appreciates the Book of Mormon. He says that it is needed to
unite all the faiths together. To really shine light on which church
is the true church. I had the biggest grin on my face when he
explained that to us! He is continuing to read it, and Elder Walker
and I are hoping to get him to come to church. He also has issues with
the Wow, but I know that if he comes to church and receives that
strong witness and recognizes the importance in it, he will be more
than happy to change for sure. The big concern is whether or not he is
going to be keen on coming to our service, as he isn't necessarily to
fond of organized religion.

Jermaine unfortunately is no longer on our schedule to be baptized.
His family is just not up to coming to church. So our main focus now
is to get the father active again, as the mother is coming around and
feels a desire to come back. She is a bit overwhelmed with taking care
of all the kids so it is very challenging for her

Other than that Elder Walker and I have been focusing on getting the
members moving and reaching out to those around them, we have been
giving them spiritual thoughts, and committing them to reach pray for
missionary opportunities.

Well Elder Walker unfortunately broke his ankle! We where biking up a
hill when he lost his momentum and put his put down to catch him self
when he rolled it on a curb! This was around at 6:30pm. I ran over to
Elder Walker to see if he was okay, and he was in a lot of pain. He
asked me to give him a blessing, which I did immediately, we then
called the mission presidents wife, and then had the Zone Leaders pick
us up and then take us to a quick care type place. They did not have
their X-ray technician on at the time considering it being Easter
weekend so he had it x-rayed the next day. Apparently it is chipped or
a small piece of bone was broken off. He seems to be doing fine now. I
have been helping out lots with getting around and cleaning up the
flat. We will be likely be getting a car soon do to his ankle so that
should be quite nice. Because I have my license and Elder Walker does
not, I will be the one driving so that is a bit crazy, especially with
driving on the wrong side of the road!

Myself I am doing fine. My testimony is growing everyday, and I am
almost done reading the BoM!

Sounds like things are going all right at home. Must be awesome having
Aunt Annette and Kelly there in Italy of all places! I never told you
guys this but the flight out of Palermo was absolutely gorgeous, most
scenic indeed! Oh, and when I flew out of Sydney I spotted the Opera
house form the plane which was pretty awesome as well.

I have pictures to send home, I just don't have time to send them. So
next P-day for sure!

Love Elder Ward

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