Sunday, June 21, 2015

14 June 2015 Meet the Mormons

Elder Mahreza and I have been passing out to flyers to those that we meet on the streets, and inviting like mad to make sure that we have a good turn out. I have attached a picture of one of the posters that we put up in the little town of Waipu and also Ruakaka. There have been serveral people that have had a warm response to our invitation. A few have turned it down, not liking the fact that it is about "Religion". All well there loss unfortunatly. I was thinking to myself the other day about how you said that many of the people on the base don't even except us as Christians, despite explaining, reasoning, and expounding. Maybe the Branch could organize an event and invite friends and co-workers to it so they can have an enjoyable time and also maybe have a few myths shut out. 
Even if a few people only come, they would still generate a lot of conversation others, and share what they learned from the video. We are also having the relief Society bring warm soup and bread so people have an enjoyable snack to keep them warm and cozy.

Reuben was able to make it to church this past Sunday. He was given the Aaronic Priesthood! There is now another priesthood holder in the Bream Bay Branch! Many of the members are excited about that. Reason being is because it simply means growth. There are many Sisters attend which is wonderful. But with out Priesthood holders to hold leadership postitions, the Branch cannot really move forwards. Reuben is happy to be a memeber. I was so privledged as a missionary to be part of his conversion process. It was not me, nor previous missionaries who converted him, it was simply the Branch and the strength that is in it.. The Lord of course played the biggest role of all!

DJ is doing all right. Unfortunatly progress has slowed due to some ripples in the family. DJ has 2 older Sisters who are members. You have Marama, and Mandy. Mandy is a recent convert since march, and Marama is a convert of about 2 years. Mandy at the moment is struggling a little bit and we want to make sure that she stays on the right path. You could look at it as we need to make sure Mandy is strong before we can then baptise DJ. Or at least that would be best and preferable. DJ is close and we are still seeing him.

Other than that we do have a few other people that we are seeing, and doing our best with helping them to get to the point where they are progressing.

We hiked the peak of a local Mountain called Mount Mania. It had a stunning view of our area. That beach you see all along the coast is part of our area that we cover. I don't think I run out of beautiful things to take pcitures of here in NZ!

Love you all!

Elder Ward

 We visited a lady that has loved reading the pamphlets and this is the view right next to her home... The water was perfectly still and was a perfect reflection of the pink sky!

 A picture of me at the Zone Leaders flat in the morning. I was a bit sick so I rested while they prepped for the big feed. Today we are having an "umu" (oomoo) or "hangi" (haungy). It is an under ground oven where cook the food by heating rocks to red hot and then putting them in the ground and then the food on top with wet blankets to trap the heat and steam the food.  

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