Sunday, April 13, 2014

April 6, 2014

Well this week has been pretty good. I do have to say I think that I have experienced probably one of my lowest lows so far on my mission. And that I will likely ever have, however I do say so cautiously. 

I have been showing Elder Walker around the area a bit. He has had the opportunity to meet a lot of our investigators who really aren't making to much progress. He has given me some really good advice when it comes to teaching people, but also where we should be really focusing our efforts as missionaries. We have been finding lots of less active families who have unbaptized children. Not only do we want to baptize these children, but most importantly, bring the family back into activity. Us as missionaries work through the Ward council meeting to find families that are currently active in the church, and then have a FHE with them to help them feel more welcome, and also feel the spirit, in being with family and bonding with one another.

Rob has been doing all right. We where actually teaching a fellow who is heavily addicted to smoking, and drugs and trying to help him gain the motivation to stop the terrible habit. His name is Ben. While we where teaching Ben, Rob actually came and delivered some pizza that Ben had ordered! It was quite a blessing, I haven't seen him for a while, but I was able to invite him to church, and ask him how he was doing. Being in a rush, he quickly said that he would come if things worked out for him. Next Sunday we saw him at Church with his girl friend Taylor. He attended Elders quorum also. So I'm hoping and praying that he continues to warm up to the church. His parents unfortunately where not to keen on him being baptized. We found that out when we went to his house, and asked for his signature on the baptismal paper about a month ago. Not realizing that he had previously acknowledged that he did not want home teachers to come to his home for some reason, we came around and unfortunately met his Father. Rob came to the door not to pleased and basically told us to go "take a walk".  Elder De Kock and I then realized that we had made a pretty big mistake. Fortunately Rob called us later that evening and apologized for being a bit rude. We also apologized for not really taking initiative in our thinking and calling first to see if we could get his signature. But in all honesty, I don't know Rob to well, neither does he know me. Elder De Kock and Elder Cray the Elders before me really got to teach him and get acquainted with him. However I am always more than happy to see him, and always try to make him feel loved and appreciated in the church. He is slowly warming o the culture, and is getting involved with the YSA.

So the big low of my mission has to do with Eddie..... Eddie is soon preparing to head off to live in the United States, away form the New Zealand winter. Elder Walker and I decided that it was time to really see what his deal is. We met with Eddie, and we could see that he was quickly losing interest in our conversation, and really just wanted get away from us missionaries. Before things winded down and we separated, I busted out a scripture. The scripture, that I had planned to share with him, was selected the previous day. We where in a meeting with President and Sister Lekias and discussing our goal to read the book of Mormon in 90 days ( also had interviews with him). Sister Lekias was asking us questions about BoM we where kind of having a bit of a competition within our district. We actually came across this scripture while participating, and I felt like it was perfect for him, it really seemed to hit home and I felt as if it was right. It was Mosiah 18:8-10. Alma at this point in the Book of Mormon is explaining to his people that if you are willing to mourn , and help your fellow beings, then what do you have against being baptized. It was interesting because within our conversation just before I shared he was talking about how he helps people and serves others. I thought that this would really be perfect. After I finished it I looked up, and there was anger in his face. He immediately said something to this extent "That's it! I am tired of these people, It is not me it is the people in the people!" he then walked up the steps opened his door turned around, I then said "Eddie I didn't mean it that way, let me explain", Eddie then responded, "NO! and don't ever come back!" he then slammed the door. I was crushed, I didn't think that he could ever be so wroth with anyone before. I thought we had a pretty good friendship going. I can't recall the exact words he used, I think he said a few other things, but from what I remember, and can conclude from that crushing experience is that he has quite a bit of pride, and likely has some deeper issues maybe with word of wisdom that he is not willing to divulge to anyone. I teared up a bit, Elder Walker was great, he said that I did the right thing. I Invited him to be baptized, that is all I did, and he turned it down. I didn't leave at that though, I don't like to leave anything on a sour note. I wrote a note, apologizing, and explaining what I meant by the scripture. I also thanked him for sharing so much about his experiences in life in the note, and thanked him for letting me know of his testimony of the church. Anyways, I got back up and continued to work hard and moved forwards, so things are good!


Elder Ward

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