Sunday, April 13, 2014

March 30, 2014

Hello Family!

It is great to hear form you guys. Love the pictures. Must be neat to
see more of Italy for sure.

Well we had transfers this week, Elder De Kock, was moved to an area
called Panmera, and they brought in a British Elder named Elder
Walker. He has been on his mission for just over a year, and it is
really great to have a companion who has so much experience. He knows
what to do when it comes to certain situations, and has really been
able to wake the Ward up when it comes to missionary work. Something
that really got people's attention was when he said "you can be active
in the church, but you also need to be sure that you are active in the
gospel!" Elder De Kock and I could see the spiritual sleepiness in the
ward, but we know that it is not our job to tell people how they
should be carrying out their callings. But just by simply bearing his
testimony and telling the Ward that we are hear serving in their ward
to serve them, and to help them teach their friends and family  the
gospel. It truly is up to the members to use the missionaries for what
they can do!

Elder Walker is a great guy, he can do some pretty funny voice overs
of some popular characters on TV. Even with some of Apostles to! He is
a pretty big crack up. I look forwards to learning lots form him.

Well we are teaching a fellow named Nigel. He has faith in Christ,
however he doesn't be believe in any particular religious
denomination. Mainly because he can see the faults in them and how
they are corrupt. We shared with him the Book of Mormon, and he
actually said that he would read it cover to cover, because he is
'"pedantic like that". Hopefully he reads it with an open heart,
searching to see if it is truth. We are looking forwards to seeing him
today after actually so it's pretty exciting for sure.

Sorry for the short e-mail. We are kind of short n time. I really
would like to share more. But certainly next week!!

-Love Elder Ward

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