Sunday, December 7, 2014

"Suite as..."

Today we are a bit tight for time, so I will do my best!

So investigator wise. Semati and Fernancis are currently in Samoa visiting family. They will not be back till the 16th. Jodie is still doing great. She came to church last week but had to go home because she wasn't feeling to well. Dallas unfortunately is dropped. We tried having come to a baptism that was happening in the District. However he flaked on us once again and wasn't home to be picked up for the baptism. He has done it with several activities now. I think however we will keep in touch. you never know.

SO some crazy news, President called me last night and said that I would be training next transfer! I am a bit nervous. You never know what a missionary will be like.... I think that is the only thing that I am scared of on my mission. Who is your next companion. Because it is really up to him as to how the transfer will go. I know that from experience simply put. Being a trainer though and introducing him to the field will be an interesting experience. Kind of a snapshot of what I was like just on the other side when I was being trained. I will be missing Elder Fougerouse, it has been great to serve with him for sure. I will miss him a great deal for sure. The most interesting thing is that I had the impression that I would be training, I was thinking a lot about it before the call came.  I told my self that it was just me wanting, or fantasizing but I got the call and was surprised!

For Thanks Giving we didn't really do anything. A few members talked about it but yah nothing really to notable. Didn't really feel like it. A bit sad I guess. :/ But that's ok because you I got my Christmas package! Yes!!! I got it yesterday from the Zone Leaders. So I don't know exactly when it got here, but that was pretty quick!

Looks like the Temple trip was amazing! must have been a great experience! The spider man was crack up! ah he is great!


We had trade offs this week! I was with Elder Ziegner from Germany. He is actually going home tomorrow on Tuesday. Pretty sad. I will miss him for sure. He is a great missionary! Maybe when I get back I will be able to go visit him since I will be so close!

Those poor flowers would eventually die. Elder Fougerouse thought they where pretty cute so I joined him. :D

Hey Love you all,

Elder Ward
And this flower was absolutely beautiful. It was in our backyard. This camera a does a great job of getting good photos of them.

So you got a picture of me with the Christmas package! I actually got it just before we wnet to church.
One of the Sisters Missionaries found this in the Library. She went ahead showed it to Elder Fougerouse..... Pretty crack up!

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