Sunday, January 4, 2015

Well all right!

So things are going great in the field. My companion is Elder Schetzel, he is form Sandy, Utah. 18 years old and he is ready to serve the Lord! I am excited to train him and it has really been a blessing to be called as a trainer. I hope to give Elder Schetzel the best start on his mission. He is very Motivated to be obedient and do his best! I have been enjoying it personally for sure. I have learned so much form him and I really look forwards to giving him as much wisdom as I can.

We have the temple trip tomorrow! we are all excited and I look forwards to it as well. It has been pretty much a year since I have been in the temple. It will be my 3rd session ever... I have learned a lot since I have been on my mission for a year now.... Yes my year mark is coming up now! I am dreading it a bit. Time is really going by way to quick. I feel as if I am still a new missionary, and I still have so much more to Master on my Mission as I talk with people and teach them.

Another surprising thing that happened this week was having the Sisters move out of our ward... Elder Schetzel and I now cover both sides of the Ward now so there is a lot to do and to plan for my goodness! The Sisters where working with a girl named Selina, she wants to be baptized, however her partner is a pretty big slacker because he does not really want to get married. The bishop of the Ward apparently knows him, and he also has sad that he will take care of him. Our investigators, Semati, and Fernacis should be coming home form Samoa this week and we can get the Ball rolling again! Jodie unfortunately has stopped the lessons until they come back so they can take them together. She is also incredibly busy with work, so we haven't seen her as much this week really. So there is a lot to look forwards to this week!

This week we had an opportunity to use the priesthood. We actually visited a member who is a returned missionary. He has been back for 4 years. He served in Australia. As we where wrapping up the visit and had given him so cards to pass along to friends he had a thought come into his mind to ask for a blessing. He asked me to give it. What a privilege and a wonderful experience. We gave him a blessing of comfort and council. As he felt he really needed one to strengthen him He seemed a bit happier at church the next day.

So a bit limited on time this week. E-mailing has become a bit difficult because we are doing it at a library and don't have a consecutive 2 hours as usual. Sorry about last week. And thanks so much for the Birthday Present and the Christmas Package! I really loved all the goodies and the Christmas Tree!

Love you all got to go!

-Elder ward

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