Sunday, January 25, 2015

Hot as here!!! 18 Jan 2015

Well this week was tough but it was rewarding I would have to say. The summer heat has really been beating down on us and my goodness it is hot! The humidity is not to fun either. The Sun is very intense here and will burn you to a crisp if you don't put on sunscreen. I have been pretty diligent lately. I will take 5 min before we head out for the day and grease up pretty thoroughly. It has certainly paid off, especially as I reapply it throughout the day. I will come into the flat and and not be burnt. My companion, well he doesn't really put it on so I get to see what I would look like if I where not to put it on. It works:D I have a testimony of it :D

Any ways we had 4 investigators come to church this week! I think that is the most I have had come to church on my mission! We had Jodie, Semati, Michael, and Kristen come to church. Jodie and Semati are pretty steady, they are just waiting for marriages to be worked out and then they can be baptized as soon as possible! Jodie's wedding is in Early March so I don't know if I will be able to see her get married and baptized. :( depends on if the Lord decides that I should stay in the Area for 6 months. Elder Schetzel and I are together for another transfer! So I will get to finish training him! I am certainly grateful for that.

Anyways let me tell you guys about Michael and Kristen. The sisters that worked in the area before it was turned over to Elder Schetzel and I where teaching them before they had to leave. They are a married couple who both have faith in Christ. They have 2 children and they are palangi as well (white in the islander languages). I include that detail because not very many white people that we come across are humble enough to except us as missionaries. Most of the time here in New Zealand we teach Islander people. It's a bit different I would have to say for various reasons. It was not until after the Holidays that we where able to set an appointment with them. Michael is a very humble man who really wants to know if the BoM is true. We had a wonderful lesson with them this past week. We had a member family (one of the only white families in the ward) come along and join us for the lesson as a fellowship and it truly went wonderful! We answered a few questions, they had, and we taught a bit about the Restoration. We also invited them to be baptized and Michael was happy to except but first he really needs to know if the BoM is true. Most importantly we got get to know them a little bit. We invited them to come to church as well during that lesson. It was great to see them come along to church, they stayed for the second hour as well for our Gospel Principles class we had on service. This week we are going to try and set a date with them to be baptized, but first we will teach them about the plan of Salvation. Looking forwards to it a lot!\

During the week my bicycle had a complete melt down. the rear gear shifting system broke and got all caught up in it's self. It was pretty bad. Because of it Elder Schetzel and I where hoofing it all week on foot. We still had a very effective week though as we just focused on the most important goals that we wanted to accomplish. I was happy that we where able to meet our goals for the week even though we where stuck on foot.

Anyways thank you guys for the e-mails, sounds like things are working out well for you guys. Sorry no pictures this week, didn't really take any.

Elder Ward

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