Sunday, January 25, 2015

Time Flies 11 Jan 2015

For this week a lot happened. 

So for this week Elder Schetzel and I worked pretty hard. WE visited a lot of LA Members, investigator wise we are falling short a bit unfortunately. There is some good news though. Jodie will be planning to have her wedding on March 7th. Unfortunately though, I will likely be gone before then and have moved on to a different area, unless the Lord sees fit to have me stay in this area for 6 months like Mt. Albert. All that matters is that she has a date and one day she will be baptized!

This week we had to stay in the flat for one day because a coconut totally wrecked Elder Schetzel and made him pretty sick. I spent the day updating records, and gathering names out of the area book to go visit in the near future. I also gave my bike a pretty thorough cleaning as well. Over a year of wear and tear and it is still holding up strong!

This week I also got to go to the mission home! It has been over a year, and they have since refurbished it actually. I went for a training that I was suppose to receive before training Elder Schetzel. A bit late, but I was grateful to be able to go and spend some time with the mission President in his home with a few other Elders and Sisters that where training in the mission as well. We had a great breakfast there. They had prepared Eggs and Waffles!!!! I haven't had waffles in over a year! I was pretty happy about that. But the training was enlightening and I was greatful for it. There are some things that could work on as a trainer. I don't think to many Elder's and Sisters get a chance to go to the mission home so it was a real treat! 

Well something that I have been doing in my personal studies is writing talks! They are great practice. They help you prepare to teach people and of course for future speaking opportunities as well. It's been pretty great. Just felt like mentioning that. reading the scriptures every day has been pretty awesome and I am learning lots every day!

For the pictures you have one of s going over the Harbor bridge to get to Presidents house, oh well we where actually driving back at this point. Took a picture, pretty cool!

and then me smiling with my clean bike gears and chain! 

Love you all and thanks for the e-mails!

Elder Ward

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