Sunday, January 25, 2015

The weekly e-mail home! 4 Jan 2015

Once again it comes time to sit at the computer and send and e-mail home. This week for Elder Schetzel and I we have been busy. It has been a bit tough with some of the investigators that we have been working with, but yet we are still having good things happen. The holidays here in NZ can really make the work tough because everyone is going to the beach and busy with family and traveling. 

Needless to say we had a pretty great miracle. Elder Schetzel and I where biking back from one half of our area. Our ward use to be doubled covered but (I can't remember if I mentioned this our not but our ward use to be doubled covered and we covered the South part called Panama, but the Sisters who covered the North part called Mt.Wellington and where pulled out because one got sick and the other was need else where. Also the mission is beginning to shrink a bit because there aren't as many missionaries coming out now due to that big "18" surge.) now we are covering both which is a pretty big job. :D But I like more leg room for sure. Anyways, we had 5 min before 9pm and I was leading us back to the flat and we where almost home. If we have 5 min left in our day we use it, we go find someone to talk to. As I was riding I had the thought come to my head to go see Jodie, she has been very busy however she has been coming to church when she can. I didn't tell Elder Schetzel, I was just going to turn and go down her driveway because she was near by, but surprisingly Elder Schetzel called out, "Hey lets go see Jodie!" I replied , "That's what was on my mind as well" Clearly the spirit working with both of us. We knocked, and she opened the door and said "I was hoping you Elders would come by today I was thinking about you guys!" That even further confirmed that it was the spirit. We had a wonderful catch up chat. She told us that she and Lorenzon her Partner talked with Bishop and are making arrangements for the marriage very soon! She didn't tell us when but soon for sure! She explained to us that they where thinking of waiting for the baptism and marraige and putting it off a bit at first, but they both felt a change of heart and decided to get it done! It was great! I was stunned when she said that. To many surprises, it is truly amazing to see evidence of the spirit working in peoples' lives. He is pouring out his spirit upon the people and preparing them for us, as the scriptures say(Alma 16:16)! So I am excited, and I hope and pray things continue to go well. New Zealand is a small world, I have met several families and people that know other people in my past areas, and it is always fun to make those connections. However it is even that way with Australia. One Sister missionary named Sister Molli from Australia was in my District when I first came to the mission. She has since gone home now, and it turns out that she was cousins with Jodie to, so I was a bit shocked when we made that connection. They will be coming out for the wedding and Baptism as well. It truly is a miracle that Jodie is moving forwards so strong!

That's the big one for the week. Other than that Elder Shetzel and I have been teaching recent converts the lessons, as well as visiting members and working with who ever is not busy. One fella in particular is named Tio, missionaries have known about them for years, and they have never gotten anywhere because he hasn't been to interested. Because he has been off work though we have been able to sit down with him and just read the Book of Mormon, because it seemed to be the only way to get him moving in any direction at all. He has been enjoying it, as well as learning a lot. We are hoping that this will build up into a desire to take the lessons, which is what we usually start out with, but simply reading with him and explaining the scriptures to him has been a great experience. We are hoping to keep him moving!

Elder Schetzel and I had horse again this week! It was so good. We had it at Bishops house and he cooked it a different way which I liked much more rather than the curry. They cooked it in Coconut cream and with a bit of onion. It's a tough meat but they pull it to make it easier to eat. It was Elder Schetzel's first time, and he really liked it!

I am glad you guys are okay. When I read Mothers e-mail I could almost imagine what it was like. She good at narrating dramatic events. Thanks goodness you guys are ok. Our Father in Heaven does look out for us indeed! Answered prayers... Hopefully the BMW can be fixed up, it's probably my favorite car ever, competing strongly with the Merecedes >:D

Elder Schetzel and I eat like Kings! We cooked chicken Tacos, yes it is possible to cook them in less than 30min. It takes some good planning when it comes to grocery shopping.

I found this guy early in the morning of when I was grabbing clothes from my laundry. I saw a dark shady figure lurking the across laundry with various legs. I immediately went for the little mustard jar that I got form my last hickory farms and caught him. Boy was he a big guy! I let him go after we showed some other Elders During P-Day. Not to sure what kind or anything like that, but he was big!

Love you all and thanks for your e-mails,

Elder Ward

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