Sunday, February 8, 2015

All goodtime for a great e-mail!!

So sorry about the past few weeks I think. The e-mails haven't been to great to be honest.

Last week I mentioned that we where working with a boy named Liam. He has been speaking with missionaries for quite a while. Elder Schetzel and started talking with him because he was coming to church with his older cousin every so often. He is a really nice boy and he has had a really tough life growing ufp. he has been surrounded by drugs and violence. We shared with Liam the story of Alma the younger, a really powerful story about repentance and changing. He really liked it and we where happy to teach him and help him out. We set him with a Baptismal date to work towards as he did mention that he has a WoW problem that he is trying to work out. However I was a bit nervous because I have known about Liam since I have come into the area, and according to his cousin he has some big wow issues. Unfortunately since then we haven't been able to see him and really try to help help him out. Next time we see him though, we want to go play Frisbee with him so we can get a bit closer with him. Yes I have bought a Frisbee out here:D

Jodie, is doing great! She is set to baptized on the 14th of March. Her wedding being on the 7th. I don't know if I will be in the area then, we have transfers coming up and it is up in the air at the moment. Still though all I desire is that she does get baptized on that day. :) We had a member with us during our last lesson. Well the RS president and we had a wonderful lesson with her on fasting and how important it is. Sister Langi was a convert to the church. Bringing members who are converts to the church to lessons is always the best because they bear with them really powerful testimonies! Jodie is doing great she is coming to church and doing well. 

Brother Semati and his family is doing well also. Still coming to church. Just waiting on the marriage papers. Not to sure if I will be around to see him get baptized but that's ok! We are doing our best to keep him strong until then. Jared and the little girl that Elder Fougerous and I baptized are still doing well, and it is great to see them whenever we go by!

Michael and Kristen I think that I have mentioned them in previous e-mails, are doing all right. Our last lesson was interesting. Kristen is very smart (They are white, we usually teach Islander people), and all ready being a Christian family, they posed some interesting questions to us about the Godhead and also some things concerning the Plan of Salvation. We are doing our best but ultimately what they have to do is find out for themselves if the BoM is true. We should be seeing them tonight. Elder Schetzel and I have planned to talk a bit about the great apostasy tonight to give them a better understanding of the purpose of the BOM. So that is their main concern the BoM.

Abraham is a 1 year old young man that we have been working with for a while. Here in the Waipuna ward they have a sports night every Tuesday. We invited Abraham  to come along and he really enjoyed it! He told us the people there have a real good vibe about them and he wanted to come to church. Yesterday we arranged a ride for him and he was able to make it! He said that we could set up an appointment later in the week to meet with him. We are excited to see the progress in Abraham and we are hoping for a great lesson this week! We also invited a less active young man named Eric to come along to the sports night. He really enjoyed that and has opened up to coming to church as well. Unfortunately his mum is a bit against him(she is LA going through a hard time) for some reason. But still we now have him on a challenge to read the BoM in 90 days! We are grateful for the progress that we have made with those 2 young men.

Zane is LA, and we have been working with him for a while. I have known him since I have come into the area. Elder Schetzel and I simply sat down with him and started reading the BoM with him. Boy was it great! We explain things as we read with him to help him understand and make it a bit more digestible. He has had a few friends with him that read along with us to that are not members, and they seem to really enjoy! One friend in particular really is liking the the BoM so now we are trying to teach him as well. It has been pretty cool being able to do that with the m. It is a bit of a scripture study class.

There is a lot more that I could talk about however those are the main people that we have been working with lately Elder Schetzel and I have been busy for sure lately!

Overall in the ward great things have been happening the area! Our ward is so strong in hastening the work of Salvation, and I am grateful to be helping the members of the ward with there missionary efforts. We had Stake conference recently and it was all about moving the work forwards! Every Thursday night the ward, well of the Pacific Island area have rescue nights where members of the ward come together and visit people who have not been to church in a while. This past week we had a great turn out and the Ward members where excited to be there!

Jelly is a crack up I look forwards to meeting him for sure! Love how he messes with the clock!

Sounds like thinks are going good at home!

Elder Ward

 And Madelyn I like the stickers you sent. Like the stickman I can't have them hanging on my badge but, I stuck him on the back. Missionaries do that a lot around here, putting stickers on the backs of their badges.

 We played Monopoly for P-day. Takes a long time but it is great fun with the District for sure. We had a good time. We had to play the fast version to even get close to done. I went to jail the first 3 times in a row so I ended up going out and watched for the rest of the time which was fine with me.
You have a picture taken of a intersection we stopped at. We where driving home from a meeting at the chapel. Thought I would take a picture how everything is set up being on the left side.
 I loved the little pipe cleaner me! Thanks for sending him. unfortunately I can't walk around with him in my pocket all day, however certainly have him on my desk!
 We had root beer floats. boy where those good! It has been over a year. Our flat was a bit messy, so I debated sending this. But it is clean now though! It was very nice though I would have to say. You have to buy the rootbeer form a foreign food section in the store. a bit expensive but worth it. 
 That is Octopus! yes I ate it and it was pretty good. I would have to say that it was a bit salty though. Pretty chewy, surprisingly it doesn't have a ea food taste really. Still had the little suckers on it, but I popped it in the hath and it was all good. :D
Made a beast of a sandwhich. Had avocado on hand and all the fixins. boy was it good! Subway skills are still in use!

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