Sunday, February 22, 2015

Where do I start for the week? 16 February 2015

Ok, so I have no idea really to start for the week to be honest. I had some really great experiences that I simply won't be able to send back in this e-mail. I will do my best.

Well for this week we had something unfortunate happen. Toru didn't come to church. we went to go pick him up in the morning however though he was not home nor answering his phone! That was a bit of a disappointment, however we are going to try and contact him today. 

Oh! yes so to my surprise, I have stayed in the area and Elder Schetzel moved up to a Northern part of NZ. My new companion is Elder Hann is form Scotland! He is such a cool Elder. The sad thing is that he will be going home this transfer. So in missionary language I will be "killing him". He has had a bit of a tough mission. But he is experienced and has great wisdom indeed. We get along well and we can talk for ages about things.

Jodie and Brother Semati are doing well, it is so great to see them! The wedding is coming up soon and everyone is getting excited! They are coming to church, and progressing well. Hopefully the marriage papers come for brother Semati real soon. We are not to sure when though unfortunately. keep praying though!

Toru we had some great lessons this week with Elder Hann. just not to sure about what happened with church that is all. So we will be praying for toru for sure.

So p-day is on Tuesday this week because we had a wonderful training this week with a member of the Quorum of the 70. Elder Nielson! It was a wonderful training that gave me a lot of insight. These training's are pretty intense for sure. We start at 9am and they go till 4pm. We focused a lot on teaching people and how we can invite the spirit to be with us We have lunch at 12 and those are always fun especially when it comes to talking with old companions and seeing that Elders that are currently serving in your old areas, Like Onehunga. I have been trying to get in touch with Rob, a fella that Elder De Kock and I baptized at the beginning of my mission to see how he is doing. I haven't had any luck though unfortunately. I will keep trying for sure. 

Something I have learned is that we must "love ourselves" before we can "Love our neighbor" It is an interesting scripture when you look at it that way for sure.

Needless to say our mission is also being spoiled with a visit from President Bednar! So exciting, Elder Bednar is one of my favorite Apostles. What a treat within 2 weeks having 2 General Authorities come. We will be combining with the Hamilton mission as well for that visit. Anyways lots of things to look forwards to!

Love you all!

Elder Ward

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