Sunday, March 1, 2015

22 Feb 2015 Well my little siblings....

Thanks so much for the e-mails this week, I did enjoy them very much. 

I will quickly go over our investigators, Jodie is still preparing well for baptism. The marriage is just around the corner now. I am a bit excited but the stress is high for her! Still preparing for baptism the week after. Our relief society President Sister Langi is a great fellowship for her.

Sadly Toru is no longer set for baptism. He doesn't have his priorities straight at the moment. He signed up for going to college, and college is actually a pretty big deal for islanders. It considered to be a great honor to have a college level education. So that has become his focus for now. He said "Maybe in a few months". That's certainly not my expectation, but we will keep working with him having the members around so he can feel the spirit. We will continue to fellowship him with members. 

I don't think that I have explained what fellow-shipping is, but it is the most effective way to help an investigator progress. usually what we do is set up an appointment with someone in advanced. We then consider the members that we could ask to come out with us and then ask one to be there with us for the appointment. It is always great to have them there because they often share experiences that are priceless or mean so much to the investigator themselves. The member is then there also to be friends with the investigator. This is usually how we try and get it to work as missionaries. 

There is maybe one other investigator that we have at the moment. Her name is Sharny. I don't think that I have mentioned her before. But we originally contacted her when we approaching a group of flats and we saw her and she invited us over to talk with her. She has been through a very difficult and abusive relationship. It has been quite traumatizing for her. As missionaries there was not much we could do for her, but we have one faithful sister in the Ward who is working hard to be a friend and support her in anyway possible. There has been a bit of a change in Sharny, but still a long way to go. She came to church yesterday and seemed to like it. We taught her a little bit about the gospel of Jesus Christ. After church she came up to us a thanked us sincerely for the day which was a bit of a surprise. She hasn't liked us teaching all that much to be honest. She can be a bit rude at times, and even act like a child to a certain extent. Still amazing to see the progress that she has made though! 

For now that is about it for our investigators. Brother Semati is still the same, waiting of the marriage papers...

Elder Hann and I get along real well. He is quite a sensible person and has lot's mission experience. He has had some tough experiences, but they have made him stronger.

Thanks for the e-mails, love you guys lots!

Elder Ward

Love the pictures! The clouds where amazing during lunch time so I took a picture!

That other one is borther Naeata or ward mission leader!

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