Sunday, March 22, 2015

15 March 2015 - 28th it is then....

Well Jodie did not get baptized. Bad news first I suppose. but we have set a date for the 28th. Many reasons came into play. Jodie simply was not prepared for the 14th of March. It has simply been to long since we have been able to sit down with here and teach her. We sat down and went over the baptismal interview questions, and we decided, and Jodie agreed that there is no need to rush and have her be baptized and be unprepared. We would try for the 21st, but that is the stake temp[le day so none of the ward members would be there for the baptism. :S and that would be now good. The evening is available however Jodie has a wedding that she would like to attend. In the end, the main reason we put it on the 28th is simply because she is still working on the WoW. She has improved since we began to teach her, however it is still there. I even called the misison President and talked to him about it to seek more council as well. I love our mission President. They are always great men. True repentance is best shown over a period of time. and that extra time is there just to make sure that she is prepared as she can be. :D

Other than that this week has been a bit tough. Elder Hann got sick with a little bug so that slowed us down during the week. A few of our investigators dropped. It is sad, but it happens Sometimes people are just simply not committing to what we teach about so in the end we have to drop them. Of course we will go back and see how they are doing and see if they are ready. I won't mention names because I haven't really mentioned them before in e-mails. Just sharing and aspect of the work.

Oh! we had something wonderful happen this week. Selenah, I think I told you guys about here in previous e-mails a while back. We made contact with her and it was great! We knocked on the door and her partner opened the door and explained to us that she was not home at the time. Then she pulled up in her car not a even 30 seconds afterwards. It was great. We had a good lesson with her on Friday and we had some good wonderful Tongan members come with us to lesson to fellowship her. We played a small game and Selenah really appreciated it because it had been a while since she had learned something about the gospel. She didn't make it to church that Sunday. Apparently it was to early. (9am that's really early for NZanders by the way). So that is a bit about how the work is going. 

The Edmonds are doing ok, we tried going by the family this week but it was a bit crazy, the Father did not really want to talk to us at the time. I will do my best!

Sorry! I got the package a long time ago! I just forgot to tell you guys. I have all ready eaten the 2 chocolate hearts... I didn't think I would but I could not help my self. And the shirt... It was puzzling. I though it said something or it was a pattern. We walked out the flat and then I thought of the Plan of Salvation, and I said out loud "Oh! that's it!" I then told my companion because he didn't know either. I really like the shirt thanks! Also I will thank everyone in the next e-mail for all the letters. I have the names written out, I just don't have enough time!

That is nerve racking with Dad leaving. I will be praying of course. Sounds like Mother is doing better with the classes. Stuart is doing awesome now that he has his Eagle! And Madelyn and Eric are doing well in School, and Jelly is being a "Derp" as usual . I guess we can simply count our blessings. :D

Got some snazy pictures of me. Need to take more of me and my companion. Haven't been taking a lot lately.

Elder Ward

 Well this butterfly was in the grass not doing to well. We where done talking with one of our potential investigators and I had to go over and pick him up. got the conversation going a bit more. I am pretty sure he was in the last stages of his life. His wings where not in good condition. Really amazing how big it was!

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