Sunday, July 19, 2015

13 July 2015 Trade-offs!

This week was a busy one as usual. As a District leader I went on trade-offs with the Elders that are serving in the Bream Bay area. It was good to be back! A few of the members we saw were a bit surprised to see me back! They thought that I was gone for good! Still though it is neat to be able to go back and help those Elders with the area. Just for some information, trade-offs are when 2 missionary companionship's switch their companions so they can learn something new. They are fun and helps out a lot with becoming a better missionary. Sometimes we get stuck in the same ruts. Teaching things the same way over and over. Trade-offs helps learn new ways to teach things and work in the area when comes to finding new investigators.

I taught District Meeting this week as well. I wasn't too nervous or anything. It went pretty well and we learned a lot. Well I learned a lot! Things went all right. It was my first time so what could I expect? We had a bit of fun and we did do some role plays with each other. Next time I do though I will be a bit more prepared, and have a better idea of what to do. It's great being a District Leader, and I am going to do my best to help these Elders and Sisters in the district!

In Denby Ward we had 4 investigators come to church. We had Luke and Niya come with Niya's younger Sister as well. They have been taught by missionaries for a very long time. They have been doing so well. It has been 3 weeks since they last smoked and they have been coming to church consistently for the past while now... That's all that I know! Anyways after sacrament meeting we had a lesson with them. Elder Lene and I originally planned to teach about the commandments. We went off teaching about the scriptures and how we can study form them. It is interesting to hear from a non-members perspective what they think of the scriptures and how they feel. Often times very intimidated seeing members flip through scriptures like experts and expound complex wording as well. It was great though. We showed them how to cross-reference, and dig deeper to understand the scriptures as well. They were so happy to learn about it. One example was cross referencing the 10 commandments in the Book of Mosiah and Exodus. We read through them as well and they then asked a question about the Sabbath day and working on it. We had a great discussion with them on it and learned lots! We could have just plowed on and taught about all the commandments and so on, but I am so glad that we followed the spirit in that lesson and answered their sincere question. Their own personal inquiry made it so much valuable to them as well! 

That was probably the best teaching highlight of the week for us.

Things are going well in the mission. It does get harder as time goes on. Sometimes as an older missionary in the field you can be stuck in your old ways and not want to change, but it is always important to change, especially when you get no results. Always still learning on the mission, you never will know everything you need to know about missionary work.

Love You All lots! Pictures are of some beautiful land next to their home in Bream Bay. This was just before dinner.  And then the other is frost. That is about as cold as it gets here in NZ. The flats here have no insulation so they very cold. That's all right though. We bundle up next to the heater. :)

Elder Ward

A Beautiful morning sunrise. A view form our flat!

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