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20 July 2015 Interviews

This week was a busy week. Went on trade-offs with some missionaries that live about an hour south of this main little town that we serve in. We had a pretty good time and we enjoyed it quite a bit. Lots of traveling though. Ended up taking their cell phone after we traded back and we drove all the way down and all the back up to give them there cell phone. 2 hours of driving makes you tired as! Also went on a trade off with our Elder Adams one of our Zone Leaders. it was his Birthday that day so it was even more of a treat! His family got real creative and sent him a video through the Bishops ward that he was currently serving in and he watched it. He really loved it and enjoyed it. Every day they have to drive about 45min into their area everyday to and from. They work way out into the country so it is a really neat area. Sometimes they where rubber boots when they proselyte because it is so wet and muddy! I got to where some a on a trade off which was pretty awesome. I got a picture too....

On Friday we had interviews with President Balli. Everyone was so excited for it. It is an opportunity to have a simple one on one with him and you. Ask questions, and express concerns. He asked me about how I was doing serving as a District Leader, as he was concerned about how stressed I was. I learned on my mission that I tend to stress way to much. I was happy to tell him that I have adjusted well and that I really enjoy serving as a District Leader. We had a wonderful chat and we really enjoyed it. One thing that all the Elders and Sisters love about President Balli is how much love that he has for us as missionaries. He really cares about how we are doing and what our concerns are. Instead of only doing 15min interviews, he will gladly go over time with us. Showing love is something that he wants us to show to everyone that we meet. Investigators, our companions, and members.

That evening after our interview with President Balli, we went to a Ward activity. They had a wicked dance. Lots of people came as well. Including our investigators that we are working with. Luke and Niya, and Marlene and her daughter Tayla. It was pretty great. We stood outside simply because it was a bit wordily and took pictures as people came in. Everyone had a great time! It was amazing to see Luke and Niya getting into it as well. They really enjoyed it.

This week though investigator wise we had some great things happen. For this area we had Luke, and Niya come to church which is awesome! They need to be baptized and they are so ready for it, however they feel as if they need to prepare a bit more. They are ready though that is the thing! We are doing our best to build their desire to be baptized so they can be motivated take care of getting married. Marlene is also LA that has recently come back to church. She talked with Bishop Pita about having her daughter baptized and we now have a baptism coming up on the 2nd of August! Missionaries have been visiting that family for a very long time and Elder Lene and I are now blessed to assist in finishing the lessons and helping her with the final preparations for baptism. 

It looks like everyone on the their scouting excursions had a fantastic time! I liked the e-mails this week Mother having 2 this week was a real treat. I am glad that you where able to have so much help with getting around. Eric has certainly gotten bigger... It's crazy. I loved what Madelyn shared about her camping experience as well. Loved the pictures to as well

You got a picture of me in "Gum Boots" as they call it here in NZ. That was so cool!

And then you have the Cultural Hall all decked out with projectors and lights.
Love You all lots!

 A gorgeous picture of NZ once again. :)
 This is what NZ police cars look like. Colorful Lolly pops.

 Bishop Pita was constantly telling people that he was the Incredible Hulk not Shrek... Thor is our first counselor in our ward. His name is Brother Kruger
 Luke and Niya, they had a blast at the dance. We kind of took the picture in the middle of an activity they where doing, still turned out nice.
And then you have Marlene ( The one in the red without the face paint) and Tayla The girl in the black towards the lower left. It was great to see them there for sure!

Elder Ward

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