Sunday, August 2, 2015

26 July 2015 Lots of Preparation!

This week has had it's various challenges. One challenge a missionary can face is spending time with members. Members can really help missionaries out when it comes to teaching them, fellow shipping them, and also helping Less-Actives come back form church. Sometimes members want us to stay for longer, and have a chat, about life and it's many events. However though we may be able to better things by going out and visiting others. Needless to say even members can take offense to this as well. It's a hard challenge to missionary work that I think that applies to many different missions in the world. Ultimately the members just love us and want to bless us which is fine and we are so grateful as missionaries for that. They do deserve sometime for sure. Just something I wanted to share with you guys that may give you a deeper understanding of what missionary work can really be like.

On a brighter side, the diligent work of missionaries previous to myself and my current companion has yielded a baptism for us to assist in. Marlene and Tayla are going for the baptism this Saturday and they are excited for it! We are also. Tayla is excited for it and we are teaching the lessons that she hasn't quite had yet. Last time we where at her home we taught the WoW, and Tithing. It really was great to see her understanding increase. Her mother Marlene loves it to because she is enjoying refreshing on the things that she once was so familiar with. Her confidence grows as she asks questions to deepen her understanding. The spirit is strong in those lessons because so much learning is happening. 

Luke and Niya are doing all right. They are progressing slowly and Luke is having a challenging time with giving up smoking. It has been a part of him so long and trying to give it up is really challenging. We taught him the WoW officially when we went to go visit them after church. We also gave look a Priesthood blessing so he could get through the withdrawal symptoms. We are going to try and read the BoM with him throughout the week to give that spiritual strength that he needs to keep at. 

Thats about it for the week. We are working hard! Lots of challenges, but ultimately these challenges bring us to our knees so we can seek for guidance.  

Thanks for all your e-mails. 

Love you lots!

Elder Ward

 A selfie of myself. My hair just looked real good that's all.
A picture of our Zone!

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