Sunday, August 30, 2015

24 August 2015 - A good week of hard work

This was our first full week of covering both Denby and the Hikurange Wards together. We have certainly been busy for sure! My goodness I do enjoy how much work we have to do. We taught a lot more than we usually do and we where visiting a lot of the members in Hikurangi Ward. Elder Hixon is an awesome missonary. He has really come prepared for his mission. I have learned a lot for him as well. I guess many people would think that having so much experience in the field that I would simply know everything, there is about missionary work. However though you could say that us missionaries that have been out longer get stuck in these old traditions, however having a fresh perspective of many situations really helps with the work for sure! 

Some details about the week though, John and Annie, I am pretty sure that I have told you guys about him have been doing okay. They came to church like they have been for the past few months as well. We found out that the temple trip that was planned was meant to be for the relief society Sisters... we then realized that John could not make it to the Temple trip for sure. 

I will tell you guys an appointment we had with them this week. It was in the evening and we came to have a lesson with them and teach them about the Book of Mormon and share with them a video on our usb. Annie loves videos, and we often use them at homes to teach lessons, and also members homes for spiritual thoughts. However we soon realized that John didn't look to happy for some reason, and he also seemed a bit colder to us as well. We asked him what was wrong as we were a bit concerned. He explained that one of the ladies that was suppose to come and cook dinner for them just called a few minutes before we arrived to let them know that she could not come make them dinner that night. John was upset at the short notice. Almost immediately I felt inspired to ask and see if we could help him with making dinner. I think that he was a bit surprised at this offer, however we made a plan to share the thought, and then go to the kitchen to make dinner. We proceeded with the lesson. Afterwards we helped John make 2 humble sandwiches with butter and nutella. It was not much of a dinner from what I saw, however though it was amazing to see how grateful he was for the help even though it was minimal in my perspective. I know it was the Spirit that prompted us to help with dinner. It was not a strong emotional feeling, it was simply the right thing to do. I feel at times people get caught up in having strong spiritual experiences to know exactly what their Father in Heaven wants them to do, but it was as simple as trying to do a kind act that bless others. I love the section in PMG chapter 4 that teaches about the spirit. Especially Moroni 7:13, 16-17. 

John though still has some concerns. He does not want to give up tea, he feels like it really isn't to harmful, and also he still likes to pay attention to what they teach in the Jehovah Witness church. He has even mentioned that even after he is baptized he would still like to attend that church... Which is a bit of a red flag. Anyways we are focusing on the basics with him. We want to help him feel the spirit more so he can make the changes himself, not have us try to persuade him.

Luke and Niya, as well as Meriana, didn't make it to church, they have been sick lately, and they are struggling a bit progressing. I love it when investigators ask sincere questions. Luke asked us a question, "Why is it that Joseph Smith had to go through all the persecution and ultimately be killed when he did so much good?" Now we could have answered the question of the spot right there, however we had all ready had a bit of a lesson with him so, we told him"We will research it and then come back to you with an answer for you" We have done that but now we are waiting for Thursday to come so we can teach them. The last appointment fell through because they where not feeling to well, so this week we hope to teach a really powerful lesson! They have been getting taught for a while by missionaries, but they are getting there slowly. A few bumps here and there, but we know that they can do it!

Something that my companion and I have been doing is inviting members to pick their favorite Mormon message and post it on their face book page or whatever social media they use, and tell everyone why they find it meaningful. So I was thinking that I could invite you guys as my family to do so. Doing so may arouse some curiosity in others, and help them a long their path.

For example, this is mine:

The reason that I love this one so much is simple because it helps us better understand what it is like to gain and strengthen a testimony. I feel like I can relate to this guy quite well. We cant expect God to reveal himself to us. He does expect us to work seeking him, and have faith in the things that he commands us to do, he in turn will only bless us, which will lead us to greater faith and level of commitment.

There we are so that is a bit about the week and how things are going for us! Loving it here in Whangarie! Got a mean hang time shot of us! And then a bit of a flash back to Elder Rogers and I. The whole mission came down for the transfer meeting, and we really did love it! Got to see a lot of my old companions, and had to get a picture with Elder Rogers. He is serving as a Zone Leader now. It was just so cool to see each other again! He is on his last transfer now.. :( it goes by so quick the mission. I also so that Preston Manely is home form his mission to now! That is exciting and I am happy for him! There simply is no end to a mission, I have been told many times it continues to go on and it must!

Elder Ward

Thanks so much for the pictures as well and e-mails I do enjoy them. I guess at times it can be hard to try and remember all that has happened during the week! 

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