Sunday, August 23, 2015

17 August 2015 - Big Changes

Well with transfers coming I was hoping that I would stay with my current companion Elder Lene. I have had a lot of companions on my mission so far. Interestingly enough I have had 11 so far. I wonder sometimes if I did something wrong... But nah I will look at it as I did something right. I have learned a lot form each of my companions. I have served with so many different nationalities and personalities as well. It has been good for me as an individual learning how to get a long with each one. Elder Lene and I were pretty good for each other. At times he was a bit lazy you could. Keeping the flat clean was a bit of a challenge. I didn't want to hound him to help me, that can cause more tension, nor did I want to do all the work. So simply did my best here and there and set an example of just trying to keep it clean. He did help out though, it wasn't just him, he did step up and assist. Also with just our personalities, Elder Lene could make everyone laugh, and everyone wants to be around him. I am pretty sure that much of everyone back at home knows that I am quite at times and tend to be a bit serous at times. Well maybe not in the house... Those opposite personalities made it challenging at times, but some of the best and greatest experiences came from it as well. 

Needless to say we had a mission wide transfer meeting. The whole mission came together, and we had a big meeting. It was great driving down to Auckland. I do enjoy driving and especially in NZ. The roads can be a bit windy at times. I also got to tow a trailer behind our car as well. Never have done before, but it was pretty easy. Backing it up was a bit challenging, but once you figure out how it works it is not too hard. More importantly though, Elder Lene was transferred, he was assigned to serve as a District Leader as well. He was not to happy about it. He wanted to stay in the area. I wanted him to say because I do having my companions with me for more than a month and a half! It's ok though, we may not like the changes that are made, but is inspiration form the Lord that President Balli receives to help the work move forwards in the mighty NZAM. 

I am training though once again. :) I was surprised to find out for sure. Didn't think of it simply because it just wasn't on the agenda in my mind. I am humbled to train Elder Hixon. He is from Simi Valley in Southern California. Not to far away form Temecula. He is 18 years old, and boy he is a prepared missionary. His stake had some really intense mission prep classes. I have been impressed with how prepared he is. We taught a lesson to Luke and Mereana, and Elder Hixon was not nervous, nor was there a lack of words of what to say for him. He simply says what he has learned and it contributes to the lesson perfectly.I don't think I was as prepared as him! I envy it a bit however though. Something that I have been working on is finding joy in the success of others. I tend to compare a lot, especially myself to others to try and gage how I am doing. This does not work.... Our Father in Heaven has his own plan for us. We each have our own unique circumstances as well, that give us advantages and disadvantages. Learning this in my mission has been a great lesson learned. The best thing to do is put confidence in your self that you are doing your best to fulfill what the Lord asks you to do. Simple, and that has helped me feel a lot happier about himself. Enough about me Elder Hixon is a great Elder I hope to show him all the ropes I know and help him gain as much traction as he can now so he will be able to to accomplish all that the Lord has in store for him. Prayer, has become an important part in finding peace within myself, and in having confidence in the activities and lessons that we are teaching as missionaries. It has been an important part of my mission for sure, lately it has become a great source of strength as I serve as a District Leader, and trainer. I love it, we had some choice lessons for sure already.

Another surprise was taking on another area. We now cover 2 wards! :S The Sisters in the neighboring ward were moved out and now we are covering it to. Needless to say we have our work cut out for us. Too much work actually. I don't think that we will ever not be busy here. Elder Lene and I were creating a lot of work in Denby ward, but now we are going to be very busy with Hikurangi Ward as well. 

In Hikurangi Ward though the Sisters where working with a couple named John and Annie. They are an interesting situation for sure. John is an older man, he is a bit slow mentally. Annie is someone that is confined to a wheel chair. I don't know how to spell it, but she has, Multiple Sclerosis, which is a nervous system disease. She is there mentally but can speak just a few words, and move her arm for a trying hand shake. Annie is an active member of the church, and John was a flat mate, but eventually the fell in love. They now want to get married and John wants to get baptized. So we are working with the Ward in trying to work that out. It is a challenging situation, but they do have a real desire, and Annie is an angel form heaven. She has such great heart. We had a lesson lately, and we do feel that John could may need a stronger testimony, so we have committed them to read together and also pray. There is a temple trip soon as well. So we are hoping that John will go with her, and enjoy the experience.

Also Ruben is still doing well. He is still coming to church. Sister Carpenter and her Daughter Tayla are doing well also, we have been teaching them the recent convert lessons.

There is nothing like serving a mission. It is such a privilege. My time may coming to an end, however I do intend to do my very best. I keep telling everyone that I have "Heaps of time", but not a lot to waste, I think to myself. 

Thanks for the e-mails this week I really loved them!

Elder Ward

I do have a picture from my companions camera. :)

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