Sunday, August 16, 2015

10 August 2015 - An Interesting Dinner Appointment

Yes we did have an interesting dinner appointment. It was a bit unexpected for sure. It was late in the evening and Elder Lene and I where driving along the rode trying to find someone to visit late at night. It can be a bit of a struggle because people go to bed early in the winter here. When we see someone one the side of the rode we will often try to stop and have a chat with them. We usually try to swing around the corner so they don't see us get of the car, because it is a bit awkward when they to guys get out of a car dressed in nice clothes and come up to them and try talking with them calmly. Anyways there was a guy walk his dog late at night and I swung around a corner. He was an older man, maybe 50's 60's white ear piercing We walked around and said hello. 

The first thing he said was "Are, are you Mormons?" I responded saying "Yes, that is our nickname"... That caught him off guard a bit. I explained what the real name was. He then partially objected by saying "oh I don't think you want to talk to me because I am gay. I apologize". I was a bit shocked by him saying this. He tried to break free a bit but I said "You don't need to be sorry, we are not here to make you feel frowned upon"  We explained that we respected him, and of course we have differing beliefs. He then asked us if we get fed, and explained that he knows some members of the church, and that they mentioned how we are fed by them often. He asked if we sometimes don't get fed, and we stated that we don't get few every night. He then almost insisted that he provide us with a wonderful meal and come over to have dinner with him. I have never been put in a situation like this before, but I saw nothing wrong with it. We accepted and then made the appointment for the next day. I did call our mission President to let him know and see if he had any concern, and he was fine with it and just encouraged us to be cautious as with any other visit. 

We came the next day and we had a wonderful stir fry chicken and veggie dinner. He explained his beliefs and that he is a Buddhist, and that he does not want to be converted, however though he could not help himself in asking questions about all the things happening in the world and how there needs to be some more good people. Inquiring also about a few of our views on certain subjects as our purpose here on Earth and what happens after we die. So yah we did try converting him in the end you could say with out him knowing. He is a mean cook though for sure. Said he would love to have us back and cook us a mean roast chicken dinner. Hopefully we may be able to soften his heart and teach him a few of the lessons formally. At the moment we don't have anything scheduled with him.

So much did happen this week though. I think that I may have a difficult time recalling all that happened. Something that I have been doing is video journal entries. I have been able to keep a good journal for most of my mission, however I find video journals a bit more fun. Wish I could send some home, however though can't really do that with e-mail...

Another miracle this week was contacting a Less Active Family just at the right time. I don't think it was a coincident that we came by just at the right time. We where simply missionaries looking for more families to work with, following our plans, and then also being obedient as well. We knocked on the door not to sure what to expect. The Brother that we where looking for answered the door. He at first said that another time would be best, however though, he then said to us oh just come in for a short visit. Turns out that the his wifes mother just passed away from cancer, and the whole family on her side was basically there. Most them are members, but they are simply not active int the church. We got to meet everyone and just simply had an open conversation with them. eventually it came back to the gospel and Elder Lene and I shared some scriptures form the Book of Mormon, as well as some words from the pamphlets that we use to teach people. They really did appreciate it and the spirit was strong for sure. We left with a Kara Kia or a prayer... We will be returning for sure because the Fathers son, is 17 and he has developed some interest in the church, and the Father is a humble man and he wants his son to learn. He of course needs to step up to and learn himself.

Well lasts P-day we did something pretty fun. We went Caving! I got some pictures. Needless to say it was pretty fantastic. I got some cool pictures that I will send in a separate e-mail.

I went on a trade off with Elder Mahreza back in Bream Bay. Nothing like the good times! I got a chance to go on splits with Ruben! He holds the Aaronic Priesthood now. We went out to go see some LA members and he ended up coming with me. We had a great visit. It was amazing to see what he thought of the visit. He is certainly in tuned with the spirit and he had the same thoughts I had about the visit. He is a great man and he is still coming to church. Once again it wasn't me that converted him. It was the spirit and testimonies of the members. I got a picture of us all together with the Wassel Family as well. Brother Wassell went out for visits as well and we spent the what time we had left with them and had a spiritual thought and a few laughs.

Also got to try a new Sea food called pipis (Pipies) they are smalle little clams almost. Not as big as mussles, or oysters, a nice snack, not to strong either. You just boil them to cook them. A member got these for the Elders down in Bream Bay and they shared with us.

Missionaries often speak of these caves that have served up here in Whangarei. This was one of my coolest P-days for sure. I loved it. I have more but I will send a few to you guys. If you turned off the lights you could see the glow worms in the ceiling! That was really neat! I did manage to get a picture of the glowing though!

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