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31 August 2015 - New Investigators

For this week Elder Hixon and I where busy covering both wards again as usual. In the Hikurangi Ward, the one that I am not as familiar with, we where able to get 3 new investigators! woooo! They are unbaptized children that belong to Less Active members that want to begin making that journey back to church. Often times when children of LA members are taught they begin to within themselves feel the spirit again and have a desire to return to church. One family in particular the Sisters had all ready been working with. I can't remember her name! :( Maori names can be a bit challenging to remember at times! Like, Rawiri, Mahuika, Merehana. It can a be a bit confusing. What is great though is that they are easy to pronounce if understand the sounds that they make. Anyways, they are both younger girls, one is 8 and the other is 10 years old. We are going to be visiting them this week to begin the formal teaching, and begin to work with the LA members as well. 1 is officially aNew, but one is going to be a New Investigator.

One new investigator that I was not present for due to me being on a trade off with our Zone Leaders, is a care taker to a recent converts daughter is mentally disabled. Apparently it was a great lesson, many good questions where asked and having a member with us was great to. The testimony that a member bears is powerful and when it comes from them it is much more meaningful than a missionary. The new investigators name is Bree, and we should be seeing her tonight for a fantastic visit!

Yesterday night Elder Hixon and I where struggling to find people to go visit. It was a wet evening. Not as cold as it has usually been lately because we are moving into the beautiful and humid summer time. Everyone was pretty hunkered down though because of school the next day. We looked in our planners and we went to a LA home that we had previously been to. I may have e-mailed you guys about our previous visit. We met the LA's partner, and we were going to begin teaching her.However, she moved to a more southern area in Whangerie, we tried to refer her to the missionaries down there, however though they didn't have to much luck with contacting her. We went back last night, and met with them again, we also met another young lady named "Winnie" who said that she had some questions for us the last time where there. Elder Hixon and answered some of the questions that she had, and of course taught her the principles that are in PMG chapter 3 (You are going to need to be familiar with these ones Stuart :D). She was certainly edified , and she was ecstatic to receive a Book of Mormon. We gave her a simple commitment to just simply read the Introduction of the Book of Mormon. We set a return appointment and we are now planning to teach her the Plan of Salvation on Saturday! 

Luke came to church this week. Boy it was great to see him. as well as his partners Sister Mereana. We had a really good lesson with them this week. It had been a while since we had been able to sit down with the family because, last weeks appointment didn't work out, and they have been to crook (sick) to go to church. We are glad that we still have them in our teaching pool. We where getting a bit worried! we are going to teaching about how the Book of Mormon is used to answer questions that they have. It was funny however, because Luke had been sick, he couldn't really hear all that well. When "Amen" was said during the opening prayer, we all looked at still folding his arms and bowing his head! He looked up up and was a bit surprised, it was a crack up!

Lots, of fun things have happened this week. The Zone Leaders got their car stuck we drove them out to there area so they could be there when the tow truck pulls it out, he ended up using a winch just to pull it out form the side. It was a bit stressful for them because it was in a pretty precarious position! I will send a picture. 

Elder Hixon is doing great! I loved being his companion. It is great training because you can explain to them what it means to be obedient and show them. sometimes... I have had companions in the past that I have served previously and they don't really want to commit to it, and neither can you force them to. Elder hixon is so willing as well, he is very motivated to be obedient.

This week we also went out to a really far area called Patowa North. We where looking for a Less Active that was out there, however he didn't give us specific enough directions, so we contacted for about an hour and then moved on to better things. Absolutely beautiful though!

We also visit and Active family that lives on a house boat.I sent a picture before of it,  now that they are in our area, we can visit them for dinner. They are the Smith family, and they are wonder full! It is a 3 hulled boat, and they have everything that they need to go out and sail the seas. They don't go out in the winters, but summer time they do take it for a spin! Sister smith made a wonderful shrimp and curry dish for us. I got a video around the ship, unfortunately I can't send it though. :/ That evening we also had an awesome visit with a LA brother that lived near the Smiths. It had been forever since missionaries had visited. He was so humbled to have us there. His family is having difficulties. He and his wife are split up at the moment. We taught a lesson on the priesthood. We did a visual with a bowl of water and some black pepper sprinkled on top. you then touch the water with a little bit of dish soap on your finger and the pepper moves away, and it does not stick to your finger. When you don't use the soap however the pepper sticks to the finger so you could say that with out the priesthood, baptism could not be performed properly. You do it first without the soap though. They loved it. We shared our testimonies, and we could tell that Brother Edwards was touched it was a great visit!

Thanks for all your e-mails, I do look forwards to that zip-line. A bit of a shame that the internet got fried on Dads boat. That those boats looked like heaps of fun! I remember I was quite competitive when I was in scouts... a bit to much maybe haha. Madelyn your glasses look so good to! Congrats on the call to Mother! I think it will be awesome for you!

There you are there is little bit about my week!

Love you all lots,
Elder Ward

 Pretty Crack up, the hill was really muddy and slippery so they just high centered long ways!

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