Sunday, September 13, 2015

7 September 2015 Serving is the best!

This week has been quite a busy one for sure! I wish that I could relay all that happened to you guys, but due to time, I will have to share some of the choice moments as usual. We had an awesome District meeting this week. All the Elders came up from their areas to be there. In the District that I serve, their are 2 other companionships. So for a total of 6 Elders. It was great to be there with them. IN a District Meeting we, well I like to start with a game... Just to liven up everyone and also be able to spend just a bit of time together, as we don't often get to be together for on P-days. Just for the first 10min and then we get started into spirit of the meeting with a song and with a prayer. We have a spiritual thought, recite the mission vision and then we go into sharing with each other how we did in our areas, by reporting the number of lessons that we taught, new investigators that we found, how many people that we talked to, and many other Key Indicators. We then have a training. Which I prepare based on what our mission President wants us to learn and focus on. This past week we talked about our purpose. We studied it together, each different sections, and then shared with each other summarized versions of what it is about. Much better than sitting there and reading all together. This way we are also able to share personal experiences that we have had on our missions that relate to the subject being discussed. We end the meeting by extending a commitment to the Elders to try and work on that week such as focusing on our purpose, or praying more fervently, or doing something that we feel we need to improve on. It is a good way to improve and progress in our missions. We close with a song and a prayer. Then we may go out to lunch with one of the companionships in the District. Just wanted to share with you guys bit of a insight, in another part of missionaries life. I love District Meetings!

For this week though we started off by doing service for some an Elderly Elder and Sister in our ward. They are serving missions, however though they are serving in the area that they live in. We went way up into the Hills of Whangarei where they live. They have a stunning view! But they needed some help taking care of a lawn that they where unable to reach. They had all the gear set-up for us and we got busy quick. I do have to mention the weed wacker. It just had a metal disc instead of the plastic that is used usually. I found this particularly fascinating as I am one that loves working with tools and naturally gravitated towards it. It worked pretty well though I would have to say. Basically an open skill saw, just slicing through thick grass like butter. Anyways Elder and Sister Lillie where very grateful to receive the service and we where happy that we where able to provide service for some members of our ward. Elder Lillie also has been diagnosed with lung cancer recently, which is part of the reason as to why they are not able to take care of their property like they use to. Despite the news, they are still some of the happiest and most positive people you would ever meet! I loved being able to do some service.

This week another awesome experience was teaching the children of a Less-Active mother. The Sisters had been working with her for a while, and we where pleased that she set up an appointment with us so willingly. The day of the appointment though we where unable to find a male within her Ward to come with us to visit her due to young mens requiring a lot of the active priesthood. Disappointing I called to tell her that we where simply not going to be able to go inside. She responded saying that she expects us to come and that we needed to get some responsible priesthood holder over there so we could come in because the kids had set the table for us and everything. I knew she meant business, so I called for so members in the other ward that we serve in. Thankfully one of our favorite members was able to come out with us and we did have a wonderful visit with the Sister and her 3 daughters. Another Less Active family came as well to join us for the evening because the Sister figured some one had better come eat the soup she prepared! So we had quite a few people under the same roof! After we ate we where able to lead everyone to sit down and we opened with a song and a prayer. We had an awesome lesson with some object lesson about the priesthood, and we talked about the importance of baptism. Her daughters where very interested and wanted to learn more. We now have a return appointment and we are excited to work with the mother and the daughters and teach them the Restored Gospel.

Luke, Niya, and Meriana have been progressing slowly as well. They all came to church this week and it was so exciting! They have been facing a lot of illness and challenges lately. It has prevented them form being able to come to church for 3 weeks or so. We felt like we where losing them a bit, however, we remained diligent and just simply taught and shared with them meaningful doctrine. The biggest hang up for them is marriage. Still trying to help them jump through that hurtle. We hope that deepening there love for their gospel and increasing their understanding will motivate them to jump through the hurdle rather than us pushing them through it. Because you can't really force them to jump. :/ :D

Anyways Elder Hixon is doing good, he is an awesome missionary. I think that is all I will write for this week!\

Love you all Heaps!
Elder Ward

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