Monday, February 3, 2014

February 3, 2014

Well allright, sorry for the last e-mail, it was short and not very much info was in it. But anyways, this past week has been very busy. Me and Elder De Kock have been doing our best with teaching lessons, and keeping Progressing investigators progressing! Mace, as I mentioned in the last e-mail has been a tough one. He has changed, however he is having a difficult time trying to leave behind his old ways completely. We have really encouraged him to read and pray about the Book of Mormon,so he can gain a testimony about it. Because I know that if he gets a testimony of the Book of Mormon, the rest will fall into place, he will then have that complete desire to really change for the better. So I guess if you guys could pray for Mace that would be wonderful! and also Rob. He is really good guy. His girl friend is a member, and he has started taking the lessons. He is progressing very well, and is excited to learn more. We are hoping that he gains a very strong testimony of the BoM for sure. We also met Dora a few weeks ago. Me and Elder De Kock actually had the wrong address, however she answered the door and we where persistent in being able to share a message with her later, she accepted. Pretty amazing miracle! Anyways, we where unable to contact her for about 2 weeks. When we finally were able to, we shared the message of the restoration and her face just lit up! She had known about the Mormon Church but never really knew what it was all about! So that was a good experience for me to see someone feel the spirit in the lesson. But we are still trying to set up another time to come by and share more!
Anyways, I have been doing good here in New Zealand. I have had some difficult people to talk to on the streets. It's tough having people bash against your church. I pray for my testimony to built up every day, because it can be discouraging. I am still putting my best effort into into the work though! Mom if you could send me those pics again I would grateful! They didn't come through quite right, and where degraded quality. Thanks for the package also! I look forwards to receiving it! I will try to send some stuff home also. They have some cool chocolate here! Love you all so much please pray for me and the investigators. I pray for you guys always as well! Take Care!

-Love Elder Ward!

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