Monday, February 3, 2014

January 26, 2014

Well all right. We have been quite busy with this P-day so I don't have much time! So I will only be sending home this e-mail for today. But I have read all of your e-mails, so I will try to respond to kind of everything, next week I will do better!
Any ways, today has been a good week. As usual. There is a guy named Mace, and he is a fantastic guy. He has really taken all the lessons to heart, and has great faith in the church. He needs to pray about the Book of Mormon, and really gain a testimony that it is true. He doesn't always like to pray, but we know that he will be really committed, once he gains prays! He has a few issues with the word of wisdom, so we have been able to give him a blessing, and he feels wants to make changes, so I am sure that the Lord will bless him with strength. 

Oh dear I am sorry for the short e-mail, next week I will be able to give a much better report!

Things are good here though!

Love you all, 
Elder Ward

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