Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Work Proceeds

Hello Mom!,
One of the many ways our Heavenly Father Blesses the lives of his children is through Families! I know that to be true! It is great to hear that you guys got my letters. I will look into sending a package back to you so that you guys can enjoy a bit of New Zealand. Hopefully it doesn't cost to much, but it should worth it no matter. The tandem Bicycle sounds like so much fun. It would be great to have one of those on a mission!! haha but ya you guys are not allowed to sell until I come back.

Things have been going great here. There is a guy named Mace, he is 19, and has a partner, who is pregnant with someone elses baby. Probably before they met of course. Anyways he is looking forwards to helping his partner raise the child, and actually wanted to have it baptized. Which is really touching, and shows you how sincere he is. but we had to kindly explain that babies are perfect when they are born and that we only baptize when they turn 8 years old. His partner is actually a less active member, and she is looking to get back into he church, and hopefully getting married in the temple. So It has been a wonderful experience showing with him the Book of Mormon, and then also talking about how he can still bless his baby after it is born with the Priesthood.  He is amazing, and his partner has all ready taught him so much about the church! Pray for him and that he may continue to have a burning desire to learn more of the church and its wonderful blessings!

Oh had we did have a baptism! A less active member brought her grandson the ward mission leader with the desire for him to be baptized. He is 11 and he had all ready had the lessons, to me and Elder De Kock went over the lessons and we where blessed to be able to witness and help with baptism on the 19th. I don't have pictures, but my companion does so I will have to get them from him.

I have sent some pics, One of me and my companion, after we had gotten our hair cut by a fellow named monga, hes going to be going on a mission soon!

And then there is one of a plate of food that was given to us by the members.

and of course I got to go through the NZ Temple!

Anyways so much to talk about so little time. 

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  1. I'm very jealous that Elder Ward is in the mission field because that's where I wanted to be right now. The jealously is intensified knowing that he is in NZ. Wow what an opportunity for him to give service and to grow in the gospel. Way to go, Elder!!!!