Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Letter from Elder Ward 12/30/2013

Hello Mom!
It is great to finally hear from you guys! I think it has been something like 2 weeks since I have heard anything from you guys. Well the MTC has been good. I have had lots of ups and downs. I kind of had to rebuild my testimony for a bit and strengthen my own a bit better, as I relised that I kind of needed to strenthen mine so it could be up to par with missionary work. I think once I finally get out into the feild it wont be hard for me to get lost in the work, and the sky will be the limit form there. I hope my eyes will be more open to the miracles that are happening around me. But tommorow I leave the MTC, and get assigned with my trainer companion. I dont know who he is or where I will be in Auckland till tommorow. I think that they will let me e-mail, again when I arrive in the feild.
It is very saddening to hear of Grandma. I will miss her so much. I remember going over to Grandma and Grandpas house when I was little, and always loving it. Those are cherished memories for me, and I will certainly miss her dearly. I am thankful for the comfort that the gospel gives, it's comforting to know that she is with family now. And I do pray for Grandpa that he can be comforted. I do miss him very dearly, and cherish all the memories that we have made together as family.
I will contiinue to serve my mission of course as that is what they would certainly want me to do. Serve the Lord to my fullest ability.
Lots of Loves,
Elder Ward

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