Monday, January 13, 2014

Jan 13, 2014

Sounds like things are going ok for you guys. Well I would like to send pictures but there isn't an SD card slot on this computer so I cant transfer the photos. I will probably try to buy an adapter next P-day so I can send some home to you guys. To be honest I havn't taken to many because I have been so busy with the mission! There really isn't enough time to stop take the camera out of the bag and then take the picture and then keep on riding! Ah ok well I will try to take some when I can for sure! The area reminds me of Henderson NV, yes the houses are kind of similar, a bit run down maybe, but a whole lot greener!

Well me and Elder De Kock have lots of investigators. The trouble has been not being able to see them at their appointments! about 80% of the time they are not home. So we can end up spending a whole day just riding around just trying to catch people in their homes. But needless to say we do have a few progressing investigators. Ya its been good out here in the field. We haven't baptized anyone yet. We have met a lot of people on the streets, that say they wouldn't mind having us come by, but then the challenge is actually seeing them at their house. We have "set" a few younger boys for baptism. "Setting" is where you basically ask the investigator to be baptized at the first lesson... Ya it seems a bit much. But it is what the mission president wants us to do. But most importantly it gives something for the investigator to work for, if they are truly motivated. The problem with the 3 boys that we currently have set is.. That they are boys, so they are often busy, and they all ready have a catholic background, so they don't really feel the need to find a new religion,or  have religion in their life at all. Also ya, we are just really working on trying to meet up with them again, and get them truly excited about it. So thats a little taste of missionary work. Even though they are boys, we are still putting our best foot forwards because they are important to Heavenly Father to!

 I have improved alot with my teaching, and just being able to draw people to want to know more about the gospel. Thats something about missionary work, you cant just start reciting paragraphs form PMG. You teach to their spiritual needs, and make them want more. Then you can have the spirit their to help them to understand and know that it is true. So ya no baptisms yet, but it will happen! The people are very friendly here.  

Got to go take care, lots of love!

-Elder Ward

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