Sunday, March 2, 2014

February 9, 2014

Hello Family!
Its great to here from you guys. Italy look s beautiful! A lot better than when I was there. Anyways this week has been quite rough, but the end of it was real good. I got pretty homesick during the beginning of the week. I hadn't really been homesick all that much since I have been out and I thought that I was going to get out of it scott free but no...  It was tough but I just stayed focus and kept working and it has past and things are pretty good right now. Other than that I had lots of questions on my mind. Just questions and questions. It got quite frustrating. After studying and listening carefully to the leaders of the church in conference talks, I kind of came to the realization that I simply need to have faith. Simply just having more faith. After that, everything else didn't really seem to matter all that much, and I was able relax quite a bit. Anyways I have continued to read the book of Mormon, and as I read it just gets keeps getting more real to me. My gratitude for being able to know of our real purpose here on Earth has grown, it has put what I am doing now here on Earth in an Eternal perspective and makes me want to share what I know with those in Onehunga. It's a bit depressing when people simply don't want to know what we have to share, they are stuck in the mindset of worldly things period. I know Heavenly Father has a plan for each of his children so they can grow to their fullest and so I just keep doing my best and putting my trust in him. I have certainly learned a lot!
Well at the end of the week we had a baptism! That was a wonderful experience. We baptized a guy named Rob, Elder De Kock performed it. Rob's girlfriend is a member. Which is a bit questionable but we really made sure that Rob has a real testimony. It's is a good example as to how memebers are the key to missionary work. President Monson has said now is the time for members and missionaries, to join forces and both labor in missionary work. When a member is there to answer the questions of the investigator and help them understand certain aspects of the church it can really do wonders. Me and Elder De Kock have also really been trying to get the Ward involved to. We gave talks in Sacrament meeting about missionary work not to long ago, and now we are going to families homes inviting them to pray and ask Heavenly Father who is ready to learn of the gospel and receive it. So hopefully some miracles come of that!

 I wish I could right more! Love you all and keep the e-mails coming. I try to respond to all them well but it is hard to!

Love you guys so much -Elder Ward

Picture of me and Elder De kock at the Baptism.\

The one of the park is a Stake Rugby activity it was really cool!

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