Sunday, March 23, 2014

March 17, 2014

Hello Family!

It is great to hear from all of you. 

So this week was good, but also a bit tough. We taught restoration to a fellow named Sam, he has been tricky to schedule a time to see him and his family. It was the usual "Ah maybe come by Friday and see how things are going for the weekend" type thing. It just never worked out. We knocked one day and said " Do you have time now for a quick lesson?" He reluctantly said yes, and I think he just wanted us to get out of his hair. But when we held up the picture of Joseph and the First Vision, and told him of his account boy did it just hit him hard. Ever since then his whole continence has changed, and he has been happy to see us. There was a young man who played professional rugby, who left on his mission, he returned not to long ago, and apparently on TV they had a little special on him returning from it. Sam got to see that not to long after the lesson, and we he told us about, Elder De Kock and I had the biggest grins. It was amazing to see how it changed him and how excited he was about it! Unfortunately it has been difficult to see him in the past few days. Here in new Zealand, the Father and the Mother often do shifts, or one works during the day, and the other works during the night. This makes it quite challenging to get the families together, none the less just simply speaking with someone! We will probably be seeing him later today for sure. 

Niko, the staunch Catholic fellow I told you guys about actually attended the last hour of church on the 9th. He actually called us and let us know that he would like to come attend! It was pretty awesome, he got to see the attend the Elders Quorum, and see the Priesthood body of the Ward practice a hymn for Ward Conference. It wasn't exactly Sacrament meeting, but we are hoping that he can make it and see Sacrament Meeting. We have continued to come to his home and discuss many of the doctrines of the churches with him and answer some of his questions about it. Niko has gone around with many faiths and spoke with them about what they believe in and where their doctrine comes from. And he has come to the conclusion that they are all wrong.... But Elder De Kock and I think that he sees something in the Book of Mormon. He sees something in the Church that his does not have. And that is why we think is searching so diligently because he has questions on his mind! It will take time but I think he will one day pray about the Book of Mormon!

Love you all I love your e-mails!

-Elder Ward

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