Sunday, March 16, 2014

March 10, 2014

Well this week went by quick. As of right now the mission is really flying by. Which makes me a bit nervous, because I know that it really pics up as time goes on!! But I am really enjoying the mission. I think that I have really improved with talking with people. I often ask them to tell me what they know of Christ, and how their belief has blessed their life. It really opens them up and I can then teach them more about what he has done for all of us! Elder De Kock and I have really been blessed to be able to come into peoples homes and have the opportunity to teach the restoration. When we show them a picture of the first vision, and then recount his words, you can just see their face just light up! So we have a few new investigators that we are excited to follow up on to see how they are doing with their studies in the book of Mormon. Anyways I think I am goping to try and send home lots of pictures this week.

Rob is a very good fellow. His girl friend is a Mormon. And I think that she was the main reason he got baptized. We did ask him to bear his testimony as to see how strong it was, and he did seem serious about it. Missionaries taught him previously and Elder De Kock and I helped him the rest of the way. He has been coming to church, so thats good. It has been on and off. But I will continue to support him for sure and get contact info for the future! He is slowly breaking into the ward and Elders Quorum, so we hope that he willl soon feel wanted there.

Thanks so much I love your e-mails!

Love, Elder Ward


  1. Great job Elder Ward! You don't know me but I'm a missionary in your Sigonella Branch. I love New Zealand and have been there twice, once with my mom for a month and a year and a half ago with my husband on a cruise. I'm so proud of the work you are doing. We love your family here and it's great to be with them each week. I look forward to meeting you upon your return. May The Lord's choicest blessings be with you and your companion.
    Sister Sherri Clark

  2. Dear Elder Ward:
    I hope you have had a great week teaching the Gospel. We have had a great week here. We have a new investigator taking lessons in our apartment and that is a miracle since we are assigned to Sigonella but she lives here in Motta by our apartment. Her name is Francesca and she works on Base. Do you have anyone there we can pray for? Let us know because all of our Missionary prayers help each other as we proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I loved you statement about asking people what they know of him and how he has blessed their lives. Thank you I will remember to do that even to our less actives by helping them remember back to when they felt him blessing their lives.
    How do you like the neat pies???? My favorite is steak and cheese! Yum!!! I love Pavlova too! I love the food over there as it is just fresh garden food and down home cooking.
    Your mom has been a great source of strength to me here, you are lucky to have had her to direct and teach you.
    All of our young Missionaries over here don't seem to realize how much they miss their mom's and the things they did until they are away on their missions. My mom has passed on and I sure wish I had her to talk to about the things that happen on our mission. What town are you serving in? When will you get transferred? Our Missionaries just got word of their transfers today. Well, please don't think you have or should take one minute to answer this email, it was just fun to write to you and ask the questions I would if you were here. I hope you have a great Sabbath tomorrow. I hope I get the pleasure of meeting you one day. Have a great week. We pray for you every day and know you are a great servant of the Lord. Thank you for you service and sacrifice. We send our love to you from here all the way over to New Zealand.
    Sister Clark