Sunday, April 12, 2015

April 5, 2015 - Great things, change is happening!‏

Well I will start off with the grand news and let you guys know that Jodie was finally baptized! Our former Bishop that was just released baptized her because he was the one that performed there marriage making even more special meaningful. I am grateful for the chance that I had to teach her and help her gain a testimony! The baptismal service was simple and it went well. There was a lot of planning done by Elder Hann and Myself. It has been 6 months since the first time we made contact with them! It has been a long but special!

Elder Hann is going home... He will be flying out of NZ Tuesday at 12:00am. I have loved this transfer with him. It has been a real treat to serve with an Elder like him. He has helped me become more personable in the teaching that I do.  WE have a pretty interesting relationship and we certainly are going to be missing each other. I was thinking that I could go visit him in Scottland after the mission because travel in the EU is so cheap. We will have to see but it would be worth it to see him and more of Europe. I will be with my District Leader and his Companion till transfers when I get my new companion. I think that I will staying in the area. That will mean 71\2 months! But it has been totally worth it! I love it here, and to be honest I know the memebrs so well that it feels like home. I almost could imagine leaving this ward. Maybe that's a bad thing and will make things difficult haha.

I am excited for General conference for sure. We will be watching it this weekend.

For this week though we didn't see to much progress from our investigators, like , Chris and Nia, and Selenah. We are still keeping in touch with Jeremy. There daughter is still full of energy. The Chemo is hard on her though. Everyone was quite busy with the Easter weekend. Still though the area is doing wonderful. When Elder Hann first came into the area he said that he felt like he was in Candy Land since he had just come from a relatively slow area. It has been good and I am looking forwards to the next few months!

Thanks so much and love you all!

Elder Ward
 Me... Over enthuesed about fixing my bike. I bought new tires and tubes. My tires where worn bald and the tubes where old and getting holes a lot! We had to call the district leader because we where pretty much stranded.‏
 We got a picture with Jodie and her husband Lorenzo. He is pretty photogenic! This was after the baptism. they where just beginning to clean up the refreshments.

A large portion of the ward that we serve in. We helped them clean up the chapel today and they then played a bit of sport. It conviently was a farewell party for Elder Hann. Got a great picture!

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