Sunday, April 26, 2015

19 April 2015 - Bream Bay Branch

Sorry but this is going to be another dissapointing e-mail without pictures. The computers at this library stink. The usb function it is faulty as. 

This was the first week I got to attend sacra,ent at the branch. We have church in a rented house. It is actually quite nice really. I have taken a picture but the computers... There are about 30 people that attend regularly and we have sacrament meeting in the garage. It is pretty cool. 

Investigator wise though we do have a few great potentials. Ruben is a Moari fella who has had lots of contact witht the church in the past. Elder Donaldson and his previous companion have been all ready working with thim. He is a bit busy with work but Ruben understands the importance of this commitment and is looking forwards to it. In one of our last visits he said that he would start coming to church regularly now. He is so humble, and we are looking forwards to having him baptized this coming trasfer, maybe even at the beach! That would be a neat experience for sure. We have a few other potentials that we are working with, but we will see this week. 

The work here up north is a bit slow compared to Auckland City. Boy am I enjoying the scenery though. Once I get on a computer that works properly I will send heaps and heaps of pictures. The farm land is so beutiful up here. It is very green, and I always hald to remind myself how beutiful it really is around here! Lots of Cattle, and of course sheep. Some fun roads to drive on as well. I am well use to fricing on the other side of the road now. I think that it is going to be a bit wierd coming back. I have been told that once you drive on both sides, it is easy to switch form then on.

Well work is moving forwards and I am glad to be part of it. I have been wanting to send an letter home for ages, but e-mail seems to really undermine it. I will though. I will try for a package sometime soon.

Ok well thanks for the e-mails, despite all the sad news with Jelly and Eric and his DS. Hopefully things perk up!

Love you all!


Elder Ward

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