Sunday, May 3, 2015

26 April 2015 - Pictures!!!! Ahhhh!!

Oh boy so I am going to be sending a lot of pics. For this week we had some good things happen with our investigator Ruben. He wanted to learn more about President Thomas S Monson, so Elder Donaldson and I setup an appointment and met him at the local meeting house. We played a video of President Thomas S. Monson at General conference. He loved and he was amazed at the simplicity and clearness of his message. He really enjoyed the message. I think as members at times we can forget the reality of having a modern day Prophet. Ruben really enjoyed it and he is certainly preparing himself for baptism. Lot's of good things happening but I will upload the pictures now!

Also, phone calls area on the 10th! So I figured that I would likely call in the morning here, or late for you guys as usual. I don't know if that will be a bit difficult with the move as well. So send me phone numbers and what nots so I can contact you guys. This is my last phone call of the mission... It has gone by quick, still lot's of time to work though, I don't want to slow down!

It sounds like Stuart had fun with Battling the Marines with nerf guns, that sounds like buckets of fun! The mission is coming up soon and now the wisdom teeth are out! It is getting close! Exciting for sure!

Elder Ward

 Elder Donaldson is form Melbourne Australia, he is a great Elder, we get along wuite well. He has been on his mission longer than me.
 These are pictures in our flat I thought they where crack up. The minion one especially!
 This is Waipu River, it is great driving through the Country side and driving over it! 

I had to take a picture with the fence. I think they do this on purpose in some way, because it is simply not on every fence. But this moss is going nuts. It is a living fence you say if you want to make it really corny. I thought Auckland was green, but out here in the country it is really green and lush!
We rent a large home in the area where everyone meets for church. We have sacrament in the garage and we then use the various rooms for classes. I think you would have received and e-mail form one of the Sisters in the Branch Mother. She went ahead and took a picture with the her Ipad and asked for your e-mail. so I hope that it got to you! I had to tell her the e-mail of the top of my head.
 a bit of a map of our area.
on the drive to the North. It took about 2 hours, very beautiful! 

We live in a small village called Rukaka, if the wind is really blowing it gets the waves going! We can hear the ocean from our flat! The waves where really nice, reminded me of the beach in Cali, those where good times! We did not go on the beach. We are not allowed to. Oh how I wish we could go for runs on it in the morning!
The one with the rainbow is my favorite by far. It worked out so perfectly. The rainbow and the area. This is Bream Bay hence "Bream Bay Branch". We where driving a long a road that runs a long the bay and we had to immortalize the scenery.                                                      

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