Sunday, May 31, 2015

24 May 2015 Big Day at Church!

This week we had transfers. Elder Donaldson, my last compaion, unfortunately was sent down to Auckalnd to serve. My new companion is Elder Mahreza, and he is form Indonesia! I don't think that there is another missionary here in this mission form Indonesia which is pretty cool. He is a humcle Elder and very kind. He has been out for 5 months and has served in Auckland for those 5 months. It's a bit different for him, he is use to there being lights keeping the streets light and the surrounding area. We are often drving in the the country getting form place to place.

Reuben is doing well. his baptism is going to be this Friday. He asked me to perform the baptism... certianly a privledge and a honor. He asked simply because I was the one that had been around him the longest. Many people have been involved with teaching Reuben. Our Branch President, Elders Qourem Pres, and our Branch Mission Leader, and Brother Mills. He has some great friends that are part of the church and they have all been part of the conversion process. I am spoiled with the privledge of being te one that performes the baptism. Reuben didn't make it to church this week however. There have been some real big inconvienes that have popped up. Reuben has attended church many times in te past (His wife is member however LA), so he is familiar with it. He also has the right motivations behind it as well, and that is simply to come closer to the Lord. He understands the the importance of the promise that he is going to make with his Heavenly Father. It should all work out well though. I will call President Balli and seek further guidance.

DJ made it to church yesterday as well! He was happy to be there and he said that he would like to come to church every Sunday from now on. Now that is the commitment that is needed! He is progressing well and he has been reading the BoM with his older Sisters. Elder Mahreza and I have spoke with the parents, and they are happy for him to make his own choices, and wiill support them in whatever decision that he makes. Things are looking good for DJ and we look forwards to teaching him more.

Just to give you guys an idea of what it is like teaching DJ, being a little boy of about 11 years old, he often gets distracted. Asks silly quesitons that are a bit off subject. However with a bit of patience it is possible to help him understand. We start the lesson off by singing a hymn, and saying a prayer. His Sisters are present and are there to help him and learn as well. We may ask a few questions to see what DJ can remember form our last lesson. When teaching him we simply explain the principles that he needs to know and understand (We teach each the priciples found in PMG Chapter 3 for each lesson). Sometimes we can't get though them all because he or we get a bit distracted, but we love to end with a video that goes along witht the lesson to really help out with the understanding. We just downlod them onto a USB and plug them into the TV. Thats an indepth discription of what it is like to teach a lesson. We often try to do the same for each investigaotor, however, everone has different needs though.

Also at church we had a member come who had not been to church in many years. He is the Komata (leader manager) of the local Moari (a Moari building used for religous worship, and culture activities ) which is a big deal. He hadn't been to church in about 12 years. He also came with his wife, who is a former investigator. We had visited them the night before Sunday (we have visited them many times in the past to say hello and share a thought), and invited them to come to church because we had a linder longer afterwords. They didn't say they would. So I was shocked to see them at sacrament meeting and as well as many of the long hauling members in the branch because they had never seen him come before. Needless to say, it was a combined effort on all our parts as members and missionaries to help them get to church. Not to sure if they are here to stay, but we will certainly come say hello this week see what they thought and felt about there visit and encourage them to keep coming.

There is a lot that happened this week. However I just can't e-mails it all back home. :( 

Here are some pictures though, got a sweet senic picture in front of Mount Mangia (Mania) and then we also got a bad tire this week... It went oblong and it started to bump as we drove down the road... That was an adventure. Thanks you Boy Scouts, nothing to it if you know how!

Thats great what they did for Grandpa and I am happy for him. I hope to see him when I come home! Tell him I say hi and that I love him!

Elder Ward

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