Sunday, May 31, 2015

17 May 2015 Alright!

Boy it sounds like things have been busy at home I must say. Thanks for your e-mails, I don't know if I will get around to responding to them. I hope to get a lot in a general e-mail.

For this week we had another lesson with DJ. He has been keeping up on his reading in the BoM. He is learning has the beginnings of a strong testimony. In his family, DJ has 2 older Sisters, Marama, and Mandy. Marama is YSA and Mandy is at the end of being in the YW program. So they are great for helping DJ with reading the Book of Mormon and also teaching him. At the moment, we do have a good relationship with their parents who are non-members. They relaxing after work with alcohol and smoking, but they are great people. So we are hoping to one day teach them. It may take a good amount of time for them to warm up. Many was baptized about a year and half after her older Sister. DJ, didn't make it to church unfortunately. He instead decided to go shopping... Our next lesson with him is going to be on Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy.

Reuben, we have been keeping in touch with. We should be seeing him this week on Tuesday. We are itching for it because it has been a while since we have seen him, and June is right around the corner as well. Big things should be happening as well.

We had a bit of a miracle happen for as well. It was late at night and Elder Donaldson and I didn't have to many people to see at this time. People here in NZ are not to keen on getting visits late at night, especially in the country areas. Despite not having anyone with an appointment, we did remember one family that we where hoping to work with in the near future. We decided to go say hello. Surprisingly the family was awake and all the kids where up. We where invited in surprisingly and we got to know the family a little bit. They have had missionaries over in the past, however the time was simply not right for them. The wife is a member, however due to some bad experiences, she is not active. The husband is not a member, however he has been around members all his life and has had interest in it. We showed a small clip of meet the Mormons, they thoroughly enjoyed the video, and now we are planning on having dinner with the family this week. Maybe the time is right now we will see and we will follow the spirit and do our best!

The new home looks exciting! I love the makeshift lift that the Italians have. Boy that must have been fun. Fixing it with packing tape? not dodgy at all. Haha.

Stuart the prom looks like it was awesome. Looks like your making good memories.

Eric it is awesome that your pinewood derby went so well. It's a pretty great car! I think that we have a total of about 4 now or so? The red rocket, the blue and white one that I made, the marshmallow toaster, and now Eric's car!

It is pretty awesome that you are getting good with the trumpet, I think that I may need to learn to play the piano when I get home. Keep working at it!

Dad thanks for your e-mail. It must be quite an experience with serving in South America. Thanks for the encouragement. It tough when you get to the later part of your mission, but I am determined to remain diligent and continue to improve.

Thanks for the wonderful e-mails!

Elder Ward

 This is a picture of our zone up here in Whangerei. Great Elders and Sisters.
A beautiful sunset.

Still eating like a king. Stuart don't let the missionaries in your mission keep you eating Ramen.

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