Sunday, May 17, 2015

3 May 2015 - Reuben is still doing good...

This week was a good one for sure. Ruben is donig great. We taught him the Plan of Salvation, and also the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He loved both of those lessons. He also asked about tithing and wanted to know more about it. Missionaries just simply love it when investigators ask questions. We then know that they are seeking for a deeper and better understanding. We also know exatly what their concern/ what they would like to know. For the 2 lessons we had a our Branch President with us. His name is Prsident Aschcroft. He is form England originally and boy is it great to have him come out with us to teach. We started with a song and a prayer, and then went on in teaching him about the Plan of Salvation. Ruben all ready is familar with the church, so it wasn't difficult for him to get a grasp on it. (When we teach people that they have a loving Heavenly Father, and that they lived before this life, sometimes a blue screen comes over their minds.) We taught simply, and it was greatt to have President Ashcroft there to bear testimony about the Plan of Salvation and the principles that are within it. Teaching him the Gospel of Jesus Christ was wonderful as well. We had our Elders Qourem President with us President Lynton. He is a convert of about 4 years, and it would amaze you to hear about his background. He grew with a pretty rough back ground, but needles to say, he is now a memeber who is sealed in the temple with his wife and children. He is the only member that comes with a pretty sweet Gotye to church as well. :)- Ruben is busy with work right now. Here in the small town that we live in, most of every one works at either the Port, The Oil Refinery, or the wood Mill. Ruben works at the Refinery, and at the moment they are doing some Heavy maitenence work on it while it is shut down. He is current working 12 hour shifts for 10 days right now. Ruben did tell us that things would finally clear up enough for around June. So he will be a wonderful addition to Bream Bay Branch in June sometime. 

That's the latest on the area atm. There are some smaller things happening on the side but unfortunatly to much to relay right now.

So I am looking forwars to calls. It is a shame that Dad won't be there... but none the less it should be great! I will likely call on Mothers Phone. I think that I have been calling in the morning for me, so the earlier the better because it will be late for you guys. I will call 7 o'clock or so. I will call Monday here so it should be Sunday there. 

Last P-day we went a saw a waterfall in town. Needless to say it was very nice. I took a few pics. By the way the camera I have is probably the best camera I could have got for my mission, it just works great!

So I love you all, Take it easy and send some pics of the home.

Elder Ward

Elder Deardon is in our District, he pulls the best faces!

And the other one isn't funny but just a good pic of the falls. 

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