Sunday, April 19, 2015


Boom! Just like that after Elder Hann was picked up last Tuesday Morn, I received a call that I was to be transferred :( Boy was it hard going around seeing family's and saying good by to them. Some of which I knew very well. Brother Semati's family was probably the hardest of all because we have worked with them so much. They said that they would even come visit me before I went home where ever I was. Sister Gaui, brother Semati's partner, was very sad, and even began to shed some tears. My heart was softened, and I gave them words of encouragement to keep moving forwards. They are a great family and I will certainly miss them! I also said good by to Jeremy and his wonderful daughter. They where sad to see me go, and so was I. We took a picture of course. I will keep in touch with the m as well. I did leave my testimony of the plan of Salvation with him. We tried to see everyone, but that simply was not possible. I was with my District Leader and his companion for the day as well that was lots of fun for sure. I would not have minded staying in the area for another 6 weeks in which would total 7 1/2 months, but the Lord saw fit other wise. I left the area book as up to date as possible for the next Elders to come in because being double shifted into an unknown area is hard!

Where did I go to??? Whangeria! Pronounced Fan-gah-ray. I am now out of Auckland City and I am up North serving in the country side. I love it out here! It is so scenic and pretty. Lot's of live stock. We have a car and I am the one driving making it even more fun! My new companion is Elder Donaldson for Australia, he has been in the area for 6 months all ready. He has been showing me around. The members are great here as well. I haven't met to many of them however. I arrived here on Thursday and Elder Donaldson was sick so we stayed in the flat for the rest of Thursday, and most of Friday. Friday Evening we drove up to the main town with some other Elders that caught a ride with us and stayed the night at our District Leaders place. That was fun staying a flat with 6 Elders. We stayed there for all of General conference and I loved it! We drove back after the last session on Sunday. WE serve in a Branch called Bream Bay Branch. We live in a town called Ruakaka the chapel that we attend is actually a house! They rent a house and have sacrament meeting in a garage. It is actually quite a nice house. All the meetings happen in it.

I only have met one of the investigators here, so I can't really give a thorough report on that. But one thing for sure is that I do miss Waipuna ward and all the wonderful people that I served and taught with there. I will be keeping in touch with them for sure.

Now for the most disappointing part of this e-mail... I don't have pictures. I left my camera back at the District leaders flat... I will have it next week for sure. Sorry about that. If there was an e-mail I would like to have pictures for it would be this one!

I had a great Easters, we didn't really get anything, but we did eat dinner with the newly called Bishop Ikimaus home. We also had a great lesson with one of our investgators.

Love You All!

Elder Ward

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