Sunday, June 1, 2014

May 25, 2014

Awesome! I am so glad that the package finally arrived! I was saddened
that it go through, but I am elated that you guys got it. I wanted to
share the chocolate with you guys cause I thought that was some of the
neatest chocolate I have ever had! And the necklaces I got from the
MTC. I think it was the Tahitian Elders that passed them out. So ya
they are pretty cool, glad that worked out.

Well this week has been tough. We have had a hard time finding people
to teach and getting our current investigators to progress. It fells
like like they are not going anywhere at times and I get pretty
frustrated. It can be a bit discouraging and it often leads me to feel
a bit depressed, like I am not doing enough, not spiritual enough ,and
simply good enough to find successes in the work. Elder Pearson made
it clear that we can't let ourselves get discouraged in the work. And
I know that this is a good area to work in. There have been some
amazing recent converts in the area that I have met that are nothing
but joy to visit an support. I know missionaries often think of areas
as bad or good areas, but I know that is not the case, it's about
attitude and dedication. I have often refereed back to Preach My
Gospel for encouragement, and to get my ideas straight in my head. It
certainly helps! On top of that we got 3 flat tires this week! Indane,
we whre able to get them fixed up though so hopefully that will be all
we get for this year! Oh and then the other day I bit the dust on the
way to church! It was pretty funny. I was wearing my nice dress shoes
and they have some tough soles. My left foot slipped of the pedal as I
was coming over the top of crank and rubbed up against the front tire
and got stuck in the fork of the bike (pretty silly) . Over the handle
bars I went! I wasn't going to fast, I caught myself on the way down,
so I was able to get right up laugh it off and look a the drivers
smiling as they drove by, and keep biking.

Soooooo our investigators, Samantha, we haven't been able to see this
week. Her daughter is really into softball and baseball, and so they
are often really busy. So unfortunately at the moment we don't really
know how they are doing. However Elder Rogers and I do know that we
are going to talk to her about our Father in Heaven. She can't pray
and receive an answer with out a correct understanding of who our
Father in Heaven is. It's very important.

Brother Mathew is doing allright. He is reading a bit from the Book of
Mormon. He still doesn't seem to interested, but he is reading. We are
going to visit him in the evening and we are going to be focusing on
the Restoration to realy put things in perspective as to why the Book
of Mormon is soooo important. Sister Fran his partner is unfortunately
slowing down a bit on her reading so we still continue to encourage
her so she can receive a stronger and stronger testimony of it for
sure. WE are also going to be giving him a strong invite to chruch. He
can put in a application to go so we will be encouraging him to do so
for sure.

Benhilda, is our only progressing investigator technically. She is
reading for the Book of Mormon. it is a bit difficult for her to
understand however we are helping her come to know what it could mean
to her. She seems to like it, and we are planning on sharing the Plan
of Salvation next with her, along with her along with a bit more back
ground to the Book of Mormon so she can gain better understanding of
it. However so unfortunate sad new is that she will be moving soon :(
So we will have to be sure to forwards her new address to the
missionaries in her new area.

We met with Brother Grey Shepard again! Boy was it interesting. He was
glad to meet us again and have us come in to his home. (He is middle
aged white man) I think their main purpose for inviting us in was to
talk about the prophecies that are contained within revelations. Which
I think I mentioned before that I really don't care about at this
moment. He wanted to show us some DVD's on them and what not, but we
got the opportunity to sit down and he let Elder Rogers and I talk to
him for about 30 min about the ancient church, Christ's ministry, the
Apostasy, and we didn't quite have enough time to get into the
Restoration. It was awesome, Elder Rogers and I really taught well and
to their understanding. We mentioned a bit about how the Bible
prophecies of the Book of Mormon, surprisingly they said "Oh well we
don't have a problem with that" or the Book of Mormon. We didn't have
enough time to really get into the Book of Mormon, but we will be
extending a strong invitation for them to read for our next visit.
Brother Grey Shepard and his son Chris are a bit interesting. They
both believe in Christ, and they have some interesting stories to tell
about family healing's and what not. So not to sure of what to really
think about them.

We are continuing to find people and talk with people on the streets,
however it can be tough, people are often quite arrogant, and

Anyways Elder Rogers and I have been really thinking of how we can
work with the Ward. We have been visiting a lot of the members and
getting to know them. We had dinner yesterday at the Tonga Families
house. They have an interesting rule.... If we are not full and there
is still food on the table... "The church isn't true".... At one point
they asked us Elders if we where done eating and I responded "No, the
church isn't true yet", they had a pretty big crack up over that. But
ya the are very wonderful people plenty of food to eat, I think I ate
to much that night jeez. :S I have had to cut down a bit on what I eat
a dinners often times, because it is simply to much, and I don't need
the weight! We are also trying to make friends with the current bishop
because apparently, missionaries in the past have gotten along to well
for certain reasons. It says in PMG that we need to have an attitude
of "How can help?"
, and just try to to show as much love as we can.

Also mom if you could help me know where I stand financially. Like how
much money I have spent on the debit card I have, how much you guys
have spent or set aside for me that would be great!

Thanks for the pictures, I love pictures, sorry about not sending any
home :( For sure next week I will have some good ones to send home.
And it is sad to hear about sunny, the birds where lots of fun that's
for sure. And if you get another get only one! that's my vote... Oh I
will send one picture home it is of these crazy looking purple birds!
I saw them and I had to snap a quick photo cause I had never seen
anything like them before. I still see them around the neighborhood

You guys take care love you all so much,

Elder Ward
It was hard to get a good picture of the birds they moved quick!

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