Sunday, June 22, 2014

June 8, 2014

Well another week of the mission has flown by. It bugs me a bit. I am
getting a bit worried about the mission going by quick. Just trying to
make each day as fruitful as possible, and uplifting as possible for
me and my companion. I am still surprised at the fact that I have been
out for nearer half a year. the mission can be a bit repetitive
sometimes, and I think often times it can be difficult to separate the
memories of all the days you have spent in an area which is why it
seems to go by so quick. Thank goodness I am keeping a journal. It's
nice to be able to go through it and remember all the experiences that
have happened in the past whether it is just meeting with people or
teaching amazing lessons.

So this week was actually really good. Elder Rogers and I where
blessed quite immensely.

So I mentioned a Lady named Nari last week. We had set up a time to
meet with her this past week to teach her a bit more. We had set the
appointment for the morning. Elder Rogers and I showed up and
unfortunately she was not home. We where a bit disappointed because we
where worried that we where going to have to play a game of chase the
investigator! We rode away from the house. We where a little ways down
the street when Elder Rogers spotted a car drive by and thought he saw
her in it. That was enough for me to turn around and go see if it was
her. We pulled into her drive way to find her walking into her house.
She was happy to see us, and explained that she was just a bit busy
with the kids that morning, and also shopping. Our Ward Mission Leader
was there with us so we where able to go inside and teach her the
Restoration. She loved it! She said that it mad sense, and hoped that
this was what she needed to bring her out of the all the confusion
among the other churches. We committed her to read, and most
importantly pray to know if what we taught was true. We then extended
an invitation for her to be baptized which which gladly accepted, and
told us that she would certainly be baptized into a church that she
new was true. That was very exciting, to finally be teaching someone
who is sincerely looking for the true church. What a privilege to be
there to help her learn about the restored gospel. We invited her to
church this Sunday. We had an opportunity to teach her again on
Saturday before church. She had some pretty deep concerns as to why
life is so hard for her. Her partner is Atheist, and doesn't support
her in her efforts to follow God and raise the children in a Christian
manner, and often times this results in arguments and stress in the
family. She has made some Ultimatums to him however. We aren't to sure
what they are but we hope that they mean progress. She can't be
baptized if she does not either get married or split up form her
partner. Unfortunately this Sunday she hasn't made it to church... We
where very disappointing but we do understand that life is difficult
for her at this moment especially with a distressed family. We haven't
been able to see her since, but we have left notes for her with her
partner. We are excited for her!

Although Nari didn't come to church, we where surprised to find young
Indian man at church. Turns out he had been their since 11:00am and
our services start at 1:00pm. We where shocked, and we got to know him
and his background. Turns out that he was christian, and has been to
many christian churches just looking for one he liked. It was awesome,
after the sacrament meeting we where able to teach him a bit with a
few of our recent converts after. We where able to share a bit of the
Plan of Salvation with him. He says that he really enjoyed it and we
are going to teach him before church next Sunday so we can give him a
good understanding of the church. We have an awesome Ward Missionary
named Brother Lal. He is fantastic. He is from Fiji, and converted
when he was 18 years of age. Fijians often have a strong Indian
background. So they clicked right away. Having him as a fellowship at
church was really awesome and we are really blessed to have some
amazing blessings come our way this week.

So with Lee and Samantha, we have set up appointments with them this
week to see them. They have both been having some pretty crazy
schedules, including everything form doctors appointments, to work
schedules changing. So we are looking forwards to teaching them this
week as well.

So much more happened in the week, there is simply no way I could tell
you guys about everything that goes on, everything from running into
drunk guys teaching drunk doctrine, to people who are stoned out of
their minds. Oh boy lots to look forwards to this coming week!

yes it is winter now. I like it quite a bit. For the past year I have
been in the heat now I get a bit of a break! But it does frost at
night sometimes here. But it really doesn't get to cold. The jacket
that you originally sent me with mom works pretty good even with rainy
whether. It does rain here a bit. Often times it will down pour for
about 5 min then stop. Half hour later it will just pour buckets for 5
min again. But really hasn't rained as much as I thought would... yet.

So I finally got a picture of Elder Rogers and I. We get along well
and both work hard!
The tree is a lemon tree. In New Zealand you can walk down the side
walks and have apples hanging over your head that you can pick and
eat! but there are lots of fruit trees, everything form peaches,
oranges, grapefruit, fijawas (these are real good), lemons, apples,
bananas(It's a bit cold here for them though), and a few more also.

Well hey good luck to Stuart hope he enjoys going back to Cali for a
bit! Hope the Kids enjoy being free form school!

Love you all

-Elder Ward

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