Sunday, June 1, 2014

Handwritten letter dated March 2, 2014

Chase sent us a package and it took a REALLY long time to get to us.  He included two large bars of special Cadbury chocolate.  The chocolate had jelly beans, chocolate candies, AND pop rocks in it.  It was really fun to get and even more fun to eat.  He also sent 2 shell necklaces for Eric and Madelyn to share.  He received them from a Tongan elder in the MTC.  The last item, and by far the most entertaining was a hand written letter from him!

Here it is:

Dear Family, 
I hope all is well in Italy!  I have been trying to send something in the mail for a while now.  I think from this point onwards, I will send home a letter home every week.  Maybe with some neat things so you guys can enjoy New Zealand also.  i can't guarantee that I will have something worthwhile sending halfway around the world!  In the letters home I think I may include some funny stories, but also some deep feelings/spiritual things.

So far I have only wrecked on my bike once.  Well there have been a few stumbles here and there, but those are not even close to being as serious.  So one day me and Elder De Kock were riding over to an older fellow's house.  His name is Jack.  Depending on where we come from, we may take certain paths.  So the path we were on was kind of past a pork and runs in front of a community center.  There are two small steps that we ride down.  What I like to do was get some good speed and then kind of jump down them..  Well I decided that I would get some good speed going and really get a good jump in!  I simply went to fast and after I wend down the steps I was unable to turn and stay on the path because going to fast.  So being unable to turn I ran smack into a telephone pole!  I hit and kind of hugged the pole with the left side of my chest, then bounced off, and landed on my back.  I was fine surprisingly, and my clothes were still clean, so I was all good!  I just straightened out my handle bars.  I rode away, with a laughing companion (I was laughing myself), and having learned that I shouldn't be trying to push my luck on the bike!  Thank goodness I was okay because it would have been a real shame if I had gotten hurt and had to come home!

So I hop maybe you guys enjoyed that story and got a  laugh or two out of it.

So far on my mission, my faith in the Church has really increased.  My knowledge of the Book of Mormon has increased in huge portions.  You could say that I am getting the testimony that is going to carry me though the rest of my life. But also developing the habits to maintain a strong testimony.  It is important that we are always building up our testimonies.  Once we say that we can never lose our testimony, that is when we stop building, and cease to feed ourselves spiritually that is when we can lose it.

(Mar 9, 2014)  Something that has been a challenge for em e is teaching to peoples understanding.  Sometimes when i teach I will throw out big words like "apostasy", "dispensations", or even "prophets".j  Many people don't even know what a prophet is or does!  So yes I have been learning how to teach to peoples understanding..  it is a challenge.  Sometimes people don't even understand Christ and what he did for us, and they claim they are Christian.  But that ok because I like when I teach them about Christ and they then walk away with a better understanding of their Savior!  Well I have been writing this letter over the course of a week.  It is quite challenging to find time to write a letter, or even in your journal!

(March 10, 2014)  So today is Monday and I am going to try and mail this letter with some gifts for you guys!  There are of course 2 necklaces that were given to me in the MTC.  I hope that they make it safely and haven't been smashed up.  They came from the Tahishian Elders, and they are quite nice looking.  Hopefully Eric and Madelyn will be able to manage well with sharing them.  then there are 2 bars of chocolate that I think you guys will really like.  I was quite surprised when I had some myself.  I love the jelly beans.  If you let it melt in your mouth, you'll then start to hear the pop rocks going off!  The chocolate here is a bit different than American Hersheys,.  I must say that Cadbury is a good brand.  I hop you guys enjoy it, and that the package gets there safely!

Elder Ward

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