Sunday, June 22, 2014

June 15, 2014

So you guys remember how I was telling you about he rain last week
right? Well while I was typing that later form last week it was
raining out side. It rained for the rest of the day, and then all of
Tuesday! Elder Rogers and I where out biking in the rain all day long.
IT wasn't a torrential downpour, but it was certainly enough to get us
pretty wet and cold. But that's not what missionary work is about

For this week we had an opportunity to teach Fa. His girlfriend is
actually a member, and her family is quite strong in the gospel. Fa
has been to church quite a few times, usually he comes about once a
month as work permits. Elder Rogers and I where able to sit down with
him and the family of girl friend (who is kinda Less Active) in the
evening. We first started off with getting to know and understand his
religious back ground. He hasn't really been to church all that much
growing up nor has a good understanding of what the Bible talks about
either. We soon got to ask what he hoping to get from us missionaries
teaching him about our church, he responded with "The Mormon Church
just seems like a real good church, and I think I would like to learn
more". Which is perfect. It was one of the first lessons where we
where able to teach and do the very best we could. Fa listened, asked
a few simple questions, his future Father and Mother in Law where able
to bear testimony of what we taught, the spirit was strong in the
room. We then told Fa of the first vision and Joesph Smiths
experience, and then I asked him how he felt, he said that it felt
right, and that he thinks it did happen. I questioned him further to
further understand how he felt, like peaceful, gentleness, and
meekness, and he said "yes" that is how he felt. In our district
meetings, we have all been encouraged to pray with our investigators
to know if Joseph Smith was a prophet of God, so we then asked him if
he would pray to his Father in Heaven and ask if Joseph Smith was
Prophet of God. Everyone in the room knelt as Fa prayed, the spirit
was very strong, a few tears where given on the Father in Laws part
based on what Elder Rogers noticed. Fa prayed, and did a wonderful
job, however during the prayer he forgot to ask that simple and direct
question! Is Joseph Smith a Prophet of God? I wasn't sure neither was
Elder Rogers sure if we should have him do it again, but we moved
forwards, and finished the lesson. It was uplifting for everyone in
the room, and we committed Fah to further reading of the Book of
Mormon, and in particular to knowing whether Joesph Smith was a
Prophet of God or not. We look forwards to teaching Fa in the future.
He is going to be awesome! Probably one my favorite lessons so far in
the mission. When ever I have the opportunity with my companion to sit
down and simply just teach someone, and have them ask sincerer
questions, it really makes you feel great! That was probably the
highlight of my week for sure.

This week we also went on trade off with the Zone Leaders. I
personally love going on trade-offs, because you get to work with a
different Elder who has had quite a bit of experience, so it is simply
a great opportunity to learn. Elder Rogers and I worked hard in
finding new people to teach while street contacting. We got a few new
Potential investigators from that so we are looking forwards to
contacting them in the future. We met one fella from Zimbabwe Africa,
or maybe it was Ethiopia, not to sure but Christian Orthodox is very
prominent over in those areas of the world. He had some wonderful
questions for us, and he gladly accepted a copy of the BoM. We sure
hope that we can get a hold of him again. It can be a challenge to
contact people. A lot of our investigators such as Lee have been
interested, but never are there for appointments so we can teach them.
We have had to move on to finding new people to teach as well.

Nari however her life is a bit torn up at the moment and it can be
hard for her to meet up with up at us. We will continue to reach out
to her in love and share the gospel with her as she continually seeks
peace in this life. Apparently she just kicked her partner out of the
house this week she told us (We haven't been able to explain the Law
of Chastity yet though), which is good, certainly brings her close to
baptism, however it can be tough on the family for sure. Elder Rogers
and I where a bit worried about that because this is often the hold up
that prevents people from progressing like they should, this in
particular was a huge problem back in Onehunga with some of our
investigators. I think that for Nari it will be amazing to see the
blessings come as she continues to a line her life with Gods will. Our
next challenge will be the Word of Wisdom, as we do think that she
smokes, but considering how sincere she is in learning I think she
won't have a problem with giving up that habit.

So it has a been a good week , as usual we a continually praying for
strength and guidance in the work. Lot's of progress to be made.
Something that I learned and also liked in personal studies this week
was in Alma 21:1-12. Aaron goes to teach some wicked people who have
strayed form the original teachings. I found it interesting how after
Aaron had opened the scriptures and taught the people, and saw that
the people where hard hearted and would not hearken, he simply
departed. We often have to do this as missionaries, however when I
read this was surprised to find an example of it in the Book of
Mormon. Even Book of Mormon Missionaries where not successful in all
there en-devours. So I thought I would share that with you guys.I
think I may share something every time I e-mail to share what I am
learning about.

Transfers are this week, so there is a chance I could be leaving the
area, however I think that Elder Rogers is more likely to leave. Or we
could both stay. Should be awesome no matter what happens!

I saw this beautiful bird up in the tree the other day I snapped a
quick pic of it so you guys could see also!

and then of course Elder rogers and I having a good dinner at the
flat, We often cook up some pretty good food on the mission, sometimes
you have get a bit creative, I think that day in particular we had
beef stroganoff (bear with me) thanks to Elder Rogers! Frozen Veggies
have become a great friend of mine, especially when it comes to making
fried rice.


  1. Dear Elder Ward:
    It has been a few weeks since I have written to you. We have been so super busy here with our work. I never dreamed it could get this busy for a senior couple. We are committed six nights a week as of the end of August. The Chaplain ask us to start a new Genealogy Class starting the end of August on Friday nights and that has us committed every night except Sat. We teach English here in Motta at our apartment to the Italians and they love it, so do we. We facilitate Italian Classes on Base Tuesday nights and now we start Genealogy Classes on Friday nights next month but we got the library with 16 computers so that is a miracle it's self. We have Fm Hm Ev every Monday night for 8 to 12 people depending on who is here at the time. They are single or deployed without family. I go to Protestant Woman's Bible Study on Thursdays because it is mandatory on our Military Mission to reinforce that we are Christian and befriend the Community. I adore the women and we have become great friends. They even let me teach a lesson one week!!! Can you believe it??? Well, that takes up 5 nights a week. During the days we visit the Branch, do volunteer projects with the Chaplains regularly, Go to District Meeting in Catania, Run Missionaries and members around needing anything, going to Seracusa, Ragusa, Modica, Gela, Giarre and other cities the President calls us to go serve in where he needs us. We get a lot of special assignments. We have some members who won't go to Catania that only will go to Sigonella or the other way around even in one family!!! We have a mother who goes to Catania and a son who will only come to Sigonella but they both activated after 40 years so we are thrilled. The mother has cancer now and is going to die and we are heart broken. She is 82 and I call her my Angel Agatha. She always says Joya Joya Joya because she is back in the gospel again and loves the Lord so much. We had her well for a couple of months and then Cancer hit. It has been devastating for me. You would love these people. They have all been activated in the passed 6 months!! We are so excited and they are doing soooo well!! I can't wait for you to come home and meet them. NOW for Gannon, he is 19 years old and he walked into church one day and ask us where we had been during the week as he had been looking for us in the NEX! He said he wanted to be Baptized and go on a mission in one year!!!! He started taking missionary lessons the following week in our house and will be baptized a week from saturday. Oh, we have Samuel and Doc who have been deployed here for 6 months and Sam had been inactive for a year and a half only because he didn't know where to go to church. He joined the church in Boot Camp. He didn't even remember what he learned and joined for but remained true to it. Well, in 5 months he passed the Sacrement, said his first prayer in class and meeting and is being made an Elder when he gets back to his ward in the states!!! Doc, Nate Miller Who has 3 little girls found out he is having a little boy will make it home in time for his son to be born. Now for the exciting news.....we are going over Saturday to help Stuart for his Eagle project!! We are so proud of him!!! This is such a big accomplishment for him. Your dad teases him about being so slow but he is doing it and that is the big thing. We love your brother so much. I give him a big hug and kiss at the Commissary and he even lets me!!! That is a big deal for the poor kid. I am almost 70 and everyone there knows me at the bagging dept. They all love us so maybe that helps. :) We try to get into his lane so we can tip him instead of others. I loved your great experiences on your mission. I look so forward to your sharing them with us. We will pray for Fa and family. Pray for everyone here in the Branch. We pray for you every week. May the Lord Bless you in all you do. Yours in the Gospel and Missionary Work. Sister Sherri Clark

  2. Dear Elder Ward:
    I wrote you a long letter about everyone and everything going on that I thought was interesting and the post was to long so you got some short version as I deleted much of it. I hope it makes sense at all. I wish you could have read it as I wrote it, dog gone it. Well, know that I tried anyway. I hope you have a great week and know you are loved by Sister Clark. WE pray for you each week and I think you are one of my Stippling Warriors doing great battle in New Zealand. I hope you have a great week and everything goes just perfectly but knowing the life of a missionary it will be hard but great. It sounds like you and your companion turn out some pretty good food! Good for you!! Lots of love, Sister Clark