Sunday, October 12, 2014

Family Letter

I don't really know how to start off this letter for the week other than by acknowledging it. haha. Anyways we have seemed to have lost all of our progressing investigators. Faa, Howard and Caroline (as mentioned last week) Yes Faa we no longer consider progressing because we simply have not been able to see him! even our weekly appointments are no longer happening on a regular basis. it has probably been about 3 weeks since we had a lesson with him. He is still working really hard on the word of wisdom, but until he can come to church, he can't get baptized, so that is probably the biggest hurdle. 

Howard we had a really great chat with Saturday Morning. We really uplifted him and we where able to help him feel the spirit. Whenever we are with him he says "I real want to go to church!" but once we leave, he returns to his world of taking care of his family and work and then he becomes tired and the motivation to go to church is gone. We popped by his place just before church to make sure that he was up and ready to go, like he wanted us to, but he unfortunate didn't come for some reason. :( Elder Fell and I aren't to sure of what we should do. Just keep loving and encouraging him. Maybe it just isn't quite the right time our it's going to take a bit longer than I think. We will keep seeing him though for sure.

We have found a few people though this week. There is a guy named Michael that we talked to as he sat on his porch, he himself is 7th day Adventist, but he does have family who are members. He was interested and expressed a desire to learn and investigate the Book of Mormon thoroughly. We got high hopes for him, got to do our best with teaching and making sure that he feels the spirit. 

We met another really kind family who has invited us over for the week, they are Pentecostal, which is a bit of a worry because they often times love to bash. And you can never bash when you have different interpretations of the same Bible. But they as well (including all the people here in New Zealand) have family that are members of the church. They said that they have a copy of the Book of Mormon so I think they are going to have some really good questions about it. We are going to need the spirit in the lesson for sure. 

So alot of our training for us missionaries lately has been on Family History. The church is providing familys with "My Family" booklets that we fill out and we can then use to show people what family history is all about. I think it is great because I have met some amazing people that are really interested in this sort of thing. It gives us an opportunity to teach them about temples and the importance of them and the significant role that they play in our lives. So I have been filling mine out. I have logged on to and have filled out most of the dates and names for everyone. Except for those like the Children of Grandma and Grandpa.. Those names and dates are not entered. As well as on Dads side. It isn't super necessary information, its just that even just the names would be great. I can remember most of my Aunts and Uncles however I want to be sure that it is right. As well as for pictures, there aren't any pictures for Grandma unfortunately and some are in a format that I am unable to printout here at the print shops. So I wondering if you guys  could maybe enter that information in, or just send me the names. And then could you send me the pictures (It just needs to be the face or the picture form the portrait view of the individual) in a jpeg image format. you may have to ask Stuart about that. They are the ones that can be printed off at the photo shops. I know its a lot, I may need to further clarify what I need. So all the images of my Grandparents, and great grandparents,  in a j peg format. you can get the images off the website they just need to be in a jpeg format. some are not I think and I can't convert them because I can't scroll through google and get converting software. and then the names of the children on Dads parents side, and Moms parents side. I don't expect it all by next week, see what you can do and if works out that would be great!

Things have been better with Elder Fell and I. Not perfect, but better. We had a chance to talk with president this week, and helped my companion out quite a bit. Since then things have been better and improving. I have been felling a bit stressed lately with the area and what not. 7 months without baptizing anyone, it feels normal now to not baptize, because I haven't had happen for a while. I don't like it, but I am doing my best to remain postive and give everyone a chance to feel the Saviors love. 

Yesterday I had a chance to help a Lady out. She has talked with missionaries before. Not super interested but she is Christian. She tolf how her partner drinks a lot and savors the fact that he does not follow God as his parents did who are Pastures. It was interesting, but I was able to bear testimony that the Savior knows how she feels, and cares for her. She was smiling by the time we ended the short conversation. That was probably the highlight of my week. I really enjoyed it, and I could feel the spirit when I talked with her for sure. That's my goal for everyone that I talk with just let them walk away feeling better about themselves and God. I love it when people do that for me. :D

Anyways, a bit of a shorter e-mail this week. I am looking forwards to general conference this week. Missionary Christmas! Ahhhhhh! I will probably be talking about it a lot next e-mail.

Got a picture of Elder Fell and I in there! Camera is back up in running.

Take Care,
Elder Ward

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