Sunday, October 5, 2014

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This week I would have to say was a bit rough. Elder Fell is a bit different than what I am use to. You could say that he gets annoyed very easily at the littlest things that I I don't even mean to do. Which annoys me in return... Needless to say I often try to have very open discussions to really break up the issues so we can work it out and move on with out any contention in the companionship. Things haven't been all terrible, we have had a few funny moments for sure. I have been praying quite fervently because it hasn't been easy! I have seen them get answered though have we have been able to work through things.

But it wasn't necessarily the contention that made the week rough, it was more of the lack of people to see! Caroline... don't know what happened to her. She doesn't answer her door nor her phone. So we are saddened by that. We think that it may have been some family issues. Not to sure. what happened.

Howard has been struggling a little bit. At the moment there has just been a lot going on with family and he has just been very busy with work! So he has often relied on smoking to keep him awake while driving. He gets little sleep, and his life style isn't to supportive of him trying to get in line with the gospel. So we are still seeing him. He has read through 1 Nephi which is awesome! We encouraged him to keep reading and working on getting things adjusted so he can attend church consistently. Other than that he is doing well, it may just take sometime for him to finally be ready.

I went on a trade off with a Samoan Elder who has been out for 3 months. Loved every minute of it. He is form the Island of Samoa, they always have great stories! But being a young Elder I had a bit of a look back into what I was like in the past. Pretty cool. I loved him, he was full of energy and just loved the work, kept up with me just fine on the Bike and we just had a great time serving! His name was Elder Tonumeipia, hope I get to go on another one with him soon.

This week we spent a lot of time talking with people on the streets and did end up knocking a few doors. It was just inevitable. It was either that, or riding around the area knocking on doors of people who weren't to interested that we knew would not be home. We simply did our best. We are encouraging the members to do some work. Invite there friends, and family, we have given them commitments to hand out pass along cards to there friends when a missionary moment comes up. Hopefully some good stuff happens!

All right so for general conference here we watch it a week late because of the time awkwardness. Because when general conference is given, if we where to watch it live it would end up being on Monday because we are a day ahead! So you guys will have to tell about it and how it was. I certainly be paying close attention. I remember the first one that I went, I felt like it was so short! This was because I came "seeking" I was looking for answers to my questions and for further enlightenment. Kind of the same idea with having 3 questions in mind. However certainly though having specific questions is probably best, you will then in turn have have a specific answers. Including finding answers to questions that you didn't even have.

I was unable to tell you guys of a baptism of an 8 year old that we had in our Ward. We tried getting a few of our investigators there but unfortunately it did not work out to well. I was invited to give a talk on Faith, Repentance and as well as baptism. Which was a real privilege. She was excited and it was great to be at a baptism. It has been over 7 months I think, so it has been a real challenge I have to say.  It was pretty cool because this family name is Winitana, and brother Winitana is actually brother with Poara Winitana. Who has a Mormon Message. Turns out that his brother came so I got to meet him and as well as took a picture with him after the baptism, because I couldn't really help myself, not usually a fan person, but I mean ya he was a real nice guy and it was pretty cool. Anyways the Baptism was great and I really enjoyed it. I took a picture with the mother and London the little girl baptized as well. So that was a really great experience attending a baptism and as well as speaking at one.  The pictures where not taken with my camera, I am still getting the memory fixed, a member is working it out but he is a very busy guy and so I don't want to rush him or be pushy, it is all almost worked out so I should have my camera by next week for sure. His Mormon message

P-day last week was pretty fun. Well, at first it was a bit of a dud because it had been raining a lot and the fields where muddy as could be. Our district came to a park and we sat around and had a chat ate some snacks and what not. A few of the  sisters and missionaries came in there onsies, or the full suit pajama jumpers. Ya... they have become a bit of a fad around here in NZ and of course among the missionaries. I don't have one. I have been tempted to join the party, but they are like $30, and I am trying not to spend to much money out here, as I feel like I have all ready spent a lot. Making wise purchases. Often when I buy something I consider if I really need and whether I will be able to take it home with me or not. On P-days we will sometimes walk though the mall to get various things, like getting a watch fixed, and they will have kiosks and they will have poke-mon, movie characters and what not. So they are a bit of a craze. So a few missionaries where in there onsies and we where all standing around and asked ourselves, "why not go for the mud?" So we started playing touch (Touch football, same as Rugbie just no tackle) in the mud, and some of the Elders and Sisters played in their onsies. Our Zone Leaders showed up later on and they are both very tall missionaries, one of them had a giraffe onsie I thought it was histarical. My district leader is a real cool big Samoan Elder, he had a pikachu onsie which was fantastic. We where all sliding and getting dirty, it was pretty great stress relieving for sure. We where all dirty as could be, but it was totally worth it.

Hope you guys enjoyed the stories, cool things are happening, not as much spiritual experiences or great teaching experiences, but none the less a great e-mail about the mission I think!

Thanks for the advice Dad, being bold is something that is often talked about in the mission, and not being shy and timid. It can be really hard with asking people to change when has been there life style for their whole life! But none the less they are changing for the Lord not us! I think for temperature it gets up to about 90 degrees Fahrenheit, not to hot but humid as! and December/ Jan would probably be the hottest parts of the year.

Thank you guys so much, I loved the e-mails this week. Take care and love you all!

Elder Ward

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