Sunday, October 26, 2014


Well I built up this week quite a bit in the last letter that I sent home to you guys. unfortunately Frankie didn't work out. She wanted us to meet her outside of the area which doesn't really work to well for us at all. We may try to have missionaries in that are try and visit her, but for some reason doing it at home or at the chapel just simply does not work for her. That was a bit of a disappointment. Also as well as Michael. We have not had any contact with him. People work to much here in NZ!

We had interviews with President this week. I got to got into the City! Pretty cool stuff. I didn't see anything to cool but, The chapel was neat. I think it was the first chapel built in NZ form what I have heard. I was able to talk with President Balli for a little bit. he gave me some wonderful council in various things. I was feeling a bit depressed having not had any success in the Mt. Albert. Area, he also notified me that I would be transferring out of the area. It has been 6 months of tough work. Needles to say missionary work isn't just about the baptisms only. I have made some wonderful friends with the members here, and as well as the recent converts to. I hope to keep in touch with them after the mission as well. Hopefully I will be able to get pictures so that you guys can see some of the people that I have been working with. I know that I have helped the members and that the recent converts that I have met are still going strong. 

It's not like we haven't been teaching anyone either. Faa is progressing slowly but steadily, and Howard as well has slowed quite a bit but yet he is still doing well, he is also stuck in that mud hole of work. I guess you could say that I have planted the seeds. Faa was suppose to come to church this Sunday, but unfortunately work jumped in the way so he was unable to make it. I hope I get to see him before I leave the area. Once again people really work way to much here in this area of NZ. He is doing awesome though. He has been reading on his own, and has been praying as well. His Word of Wisdom has been coming along slowly but surely, according to his Girly friend Si-i. I am pleased about that. I have also kept a very diligent area book. Some missionaries don't really touch it, but I know that having a good area book really helps missionaries who are coming in to the area to get an idea of what has happened in the past, and what there is to do. I know that it can be great finding tool for the future missionaries. Especially those people who may not be quite ready but in the future will be.

I have no idea where I am going. I won't know untill Wednesday, so it is exiting but I am dreading it a bit because I am so use to the area. It feels like home. I am great friends with Land Lady who is a devout Catholic and loves having the missionaries stay in her lower flat. It's going to be like starting all over again. I guess you could say this will be my first big transfer of my mission. I have only been transferred once and that was within the same Zone. I often talked with the Elders Serving in my first area to see how things where going with a few of the people that I knew. There is a chance I could go back to my old area! you never know. Recently a lot of missionaries have been moving back to there old areas or near. So you never know. I have got an adventure ahead of me for sure.

Sorry for the short e-mail I am a bit short on time. We are going to the Auckland Museum Lots of picture taking for sure! Take care and don't have to much fun exploring Europe. You guys have been everywhere my goodness.

Elder Ward

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