Sunday, November 2, 2014

The New Area

SOO much has happened in the past week. Leaving the area was not easy, not only that it was difficult to say good bye to some of the amazing members of the Ward. IN particular it was tough having to say good by to The Tua'aho Family, the family that fellow shipped Faa. They where so sad to hear that I was leaving the area. We got their e-mails and we are going to be keeping in touch for sure. I didn't get to say good by to Faa, he has been so busy with work. But he is doing well. He is reading the scriptures and really doing well though according to his Girl Friend Si-i. Said good bye to the Bishop of the ward as well. Didn't think that we had a good relationship because it was previously strained just a little bit by some other missionaries, but he gave me a hug which warmed my heart quite a bit. It also made Elder Fell feel a lot better about the area knowing that things where pretty good with the Bishop. We as missionaries work very closely with members. Times have changed, and really the best way to find someone that is interested in investigating the church is through members that have had a powerful influence on them as they live the gospel.

The new ward... Well needless to say it is AMAZING. there is a totally different spirit about missionary work here. I got to baptize someone on the mission! The previous missionary in the area and Elder Fougerous had taught a Less-Active families children. unfortunately the previous Elder that had a pretty good relationship with them was transferred. So I walked in and was able to baptize Jared. These children are amazing. Their parents are as well. Their mother(or Aunty for Mia the little girl) is a strong member now after being re-activated. Her partner is a humble man who has been coming to church recently. He is probably the next person to be baptized in the near future. He has been to church 2 times all ready, and stood up in priesthood and said that "He is here to stay". We have got some teaching ahead of us to do. The Bishop and the Aux leaders are on the ball with missionary work I was blown away with how involved they where. Now it is up to me (I am Senior Companion now) to catch the train and make sure that I can keep up with the Ward in the work that they are doing! It has been a bit of a whirl wind of new names and faces to keep track of, a new area book to work with and new investigators. I love my companion of course, we are getting along real well. His name I have mentioned before is Elder Fougerous, and he is from........ Tahiti! He is real cool, and has been out on the mission just a little bit longer than me. He speaks pretty good English. His native tongue is French and Tahitian. Pretty neat to have such a cool companion. He has been in the area for a while so I have been letting him show me area a bit.

Needless to say things are pretty good here. I am excited. It is certainly nice to be in a new area, but I do miss the people in my last area for sure. I wish I could tell you guys everyhting that has happened but it is simply not possible. There are some great missionaries in the Panmure Zone and some great things happening. I haven't moved to far geographically. I am actually pretty close to the other side of my first area Onehunga. Lots of people here in the Wuipuna Ward know people for my first ward. A few relatives live here as well form my first ward. New Zealand is a pretty small place. It is not unusual to think of it as a small world because we meet so many people that all ready know people that we have met before! 

I am happy that the family is doing well. Thank you for the e-mails as well. The carnival must have been a blast! 

Oh and just a side question, do you guys still got the tandem bicycle with you? I think I am going to give it the code name... "the Dating Machine". Hope that gives you guys a few chuckles.

You got a picture of the Baptism, Jared and Mia. I baptized Jared and Confirmed him. The picture of the cat is "Precious" she is just a big fat cat that the Tua'aho's own. She is the best. She would climb on our laps during the lesson and she would always want attention. Elder Rogers wasn't to keen because he was Allergic to cats! But they took that picture and sent it to me, so I figured I would send it home to you guys.

Love You All!

Elder Ward

Elder Fougerouse and I with Elder Johnston poking his head in.(Our Zone Leader)

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